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Cruising Along

Time is ticking away until the closing date on the farm.  Inspections have been done, and buyer requests for remediation have been submitted to the sellers.  In theory, this could still fall through, but if it does, I won’t be … Continue reading

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Got It!

Lepplady called it right.  We got the farm we wanted.  Haven’t closed yet, but we have a contract on it, signed by both parties.  These darn things are 13 pages long, now, with several of them taking up quite a … Continue reading

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Funny to Me, Anyway, and UPS

Ever since my father died, mom’s been obsessing about her own mortality.  So, every time we make the haul over there to see her, she trots out old picture albums.  It’s pretty cool to see pics of her and dad … Continue reading

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OT: Various and Sundry

Blackberry season is in full swing.  As is always the case this time of year, the biggest, best, juiciest ones are hidden amid the brambles, so I always emerge with scratches all over my hands and halfway up my forearms … Continue reading

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