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Boyer Threatens Yuku with E-Lawyers

Hat tip:  B The thread he was complaining about was the one started by Jeff Strand.  Oddly enough, Boyer fired off an email to B and a few others, crowing about his victory, even though none of them started the … Continue reading

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More Food Pr0n

I didn’t list the recipes.  The pita bread one is straight out of Beard on Bread, except that I only made half the recipe.  The apple custard thing, I completely made up as I went along, but I do know … Continue reading

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Now Tin Foil Dave’s Threatening Me

The boy must be attracted by my charm; he just can’t stay away from this blog. Tin Foil Dave says: February 1, 2011 at 7:51 pm (Edit) True, but you are allowing these miscreants to post their negative comments here, … Continue reading

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Who’s Behind This Joke?

Any guesses on which genius set up this blog: The person apparently showed up on Nikita’s blog to leave a comment, allegedly soliciting a list of people that Nicky would like to see featured on the Cyberbullies Suck … Continue reading

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