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OT: Tidewater Virginia

What a great trip this was.  Dummy here kept leaving the camera in the motel room or the vehicle whenever we ventured into Colonial Williamsburg, but I remembered to bring it to Yorktown and Historic Jamestowne (the archaeological digs, not … Continue reading

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Twitter Twat

If only he was a sane guy … FWIW, how can anyone not like Willie and Brian?  If you even have to sit back for three seconds to ponder that, you’re more unworthy than I am.

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Best Live Concerts?

In theory, I could reach back into the ’70s (Bread in London, anyone), but the ones I’ve seen within the past five years bring it.  Bottle Rockets are on my road trip pop-it-in-the-dash must have. Wishbone Ash was not disappointing … Continue reading

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OT: Wow, Friggin’ Wow

There’s not much happening in Nickyland, other than some of his nonsensical tweets, with fantastic replies from Troy Lockport.  He’s back in FB jail for another month, so there hasn’t been anything to report lately. Here’s the real subject of … Continue reading

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