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Spare Guts

I harvested my first spear of asparagus this morning.  Whee!  Several more are on their way.  For those of you who don’t grow the stuff, it’s perennial, and when it gets a move on, it really gets a move on. … Continue reading

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They take your money, but they don’t talk back! No news on the Nicky front, but I have plenty on my orchid blog.  I have a good two or three pages worth of new entries, with pictures.  It’s no skin … Continue reading

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Creation Books

Hat tip:  Marc Hoo boy, does “James Williamson” sound like a junior version of David Boyer, except smarter.  This guy had the wherewithal to move to Bangkok, whereas Boyer still lives with his mommy in Vincennes, Indiana, as far as … Continue reading

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Grammy Shirley

This poor woman has been shuffled around from hospital to hospice to hospital, and basically been passed around like a hot potato from living facility to living facility.  Evidently, she’s in a new place, as of yesterday, and Nicky, along … Continue reading

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Dog Park

I think I finally understand why fencing in a three acre section of one of the parks around here has taken years, and costs so much.  It was supposed to have been built and opened last year.  Ground has still … Continue reading

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Deni Tickets

YES!!!  I scored tickets to see Deni Bonet live.  She’s just as hilarious in person as she is on her website.  Her pipes aren’t quite as good as Stephanie Germanotta’s, but she makes up for it with her blue violin, … Continue reading

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Where is Nicky?  He’s been offline for at least five weeks.  This is not normal for him. His granny is in some sort of hospice care.  W/o her, Nicky will be on his own.  Nobody else in that family gives … Continue reading

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