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News Announcement

I bought the domain name after Janrae let it expire.  It’s mine for three years. What shall I do with it?  A couple of suggestions I’ve heard are use it to post slash fiction, and to track all his … Continue reading

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TODP Bores Pacione

I’m laughing because he can’t possibly be serious. This nugget is from his Blogspot: I got to find a new set of assholes to rail off on, I have to not rip on The Other Dark Place but it was … Continue reading

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The interview answers are here. Make what you will of them.

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Pacione Interviews Philbin

Read the Philbin interview by Pacione here, on Associated Content. Why is it that Mr. Pacione admires psycho-erotic imagery in writing, but refuses to use it in his own?  Here’s a gem: Philbin says he is not really that big … Continue reading

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Ten Questions for Mr. Pacione

When did you first discover your talent for writing? How did you break into the horror genre? How many hours a day do you spend writing? Why do anthologies? On average, how many submissions do you receive per anthology? What … Continue reading

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Respectful Interview

This morning brings two new screeds from Mr. Pacione, both posted on his Blogspot. In general, they consist of his usual whining about being mistreated by the world. I find this line to be particularly amusing: I challenge every jouranlist … Continue reading

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Mr. Pacione’s latest Blogspot entry is meandering, repetitious, and largely incoherent. Here are a few highlights: Listen dickhole, you’re contributing to them wanting to harass me even more. I can find no evidence that Mr. Paffenroth did anything to Mr. … Continue reading

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Write vs. Right

Today brings not one, but two new entries on Mr. Pacione’s Blogspot. For the most part, he attempts to generate interest in his tell-all memoir. Ms. SanGiovanni, Ms. Peake, Mr. Lovell, and Flemco get personal mentions. Two lines stand out … Continue reading

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Mr. Pacione is back on InsaneJournal. He never lost that journal the way he did his Greatest Journal and DeadJournal. After a two year absence, Pacione vows to use that blog to keep his entries professional. . . . but … Continue reading

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Declining Skills

An example of Mr. Pacione’s early writing is from Carnival of Carpathia, written in December, 2000. That as I would remain in the sleeping bag; shielding myself from the snows that would fall at midnight — the dream that would … Continue reading

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