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Fenton, or Jesus Christ

We have a couple of these roaming around our yard.   I can run off the does, but I’m not going to tangle with a buck that outweighs me by 200%.  Although my dog wants to chase them for a … Continue reading

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Almost Thanksgiving

Granted, Canadians have already had their Thanksgiving, but ours is less than a week away.  Preparations are already happening, chez Rusty.  We picked up most of the provisions last weekend, but I made a “fill-in” grocery run today for the … Continue reading

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Al, Peter, and Chair Dance Lady

This time, Peter White was playing with Al Stewart.  Those two go all the way back to Abbey Road Studios, so it was a completely different dynamic than when we saw Mr. Stewart playing live last time with Dave Nachmanoff. … Continue reading

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It’s Quiet …

… in Nickyland.  Maybe he’s stuck hitching rides to the library to get online. I’ve used the peace and quiet to catch up on posting orchid photos here.  There are nine new entries worth of mostly species orchids, along with … Continue reading

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I Caved

  It looks slightly interstellar, but it really means I need to clean my keyboard.

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