17 thoughts on “Bwahahaha

  1. Unfortunately, no. I found that posted on TODP in the “ALL THINGS PACIONE” thread.

    I can’t seem to free myself of the mental image of Pacione splish-splashing around in his inflatable kiddie pool with it.

  2. I’m starting to suspect that water and anything like soap, shampoo, or toothpaste are kryptonite to Nicky. So, if he ever gets in your face (which is a completely absurd idea, I know), all you have to do is spray him with water, and you’ve defeated him!

  3. It’s unlikely, Sphinx. I have written really awful Nicky parodies and “Adventures of,” just for the laughs, and all I’ve ever gotten were either comments saying they were amusing, or stunned silence.

    The stunned silence was probably from folks who thought “Oh god — another wannabe.” The odd thing is that I probably could make more money from it than Nicky or Dagstine, if I were so inclined. Not that Dagstine’s multi-year take from writing would cover my household grocery bill for a month, mind you . . .

    I want a rubber ducky, dammit! It would look so cute floating around in my cat’s water bowl.

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