Eagles or Vikings?

Eagles or Vikings?  I don’t have a dog in this race; I’m a Giants fan.  I don’t hate the Eagles the way I do the Broad St. Bullies, but during the regular season, I’ll only root for them if they’re not playing the Giants.  The Giants sucked the wind right out of the clouds this season, almost as badly as the Browns, so I have to pick another team to root for, post-season.

Half my family still lives in MN; it’s the Vikings for them.  My other half is as ambivalent as I am.  Neither of us cared enough to watch the games during the regular season.  But, if there is some “Hail Mary” play that wins the game, the way the Vikings beat the Saints, we don’t want to miss it.

We have the tortilla chips.  All I need to do now to prepare for the game is make the quacamole and queso, just in case it’s a close game instead of a blowout.  If it goes into overtime, we can break into our tin of leftover peppermint bark that I made for Christmas.  Our home brew APA is still fermenting, so, for brewskis, we’ll have to go with Yuengs or Oskars.

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