Lossil Press

The following quote is from a comment that Mr. Pacione left in his own WordPress blog for Mr. Sevin:

So I don’t appreciate if you went and snagged my original Lossil Press Promotional photo for your little uses of it. You’re lucky I am not sending you a hefty bill because I would be making bank off the people who stole from me.

Did Mr. Pacione start a new company? I thought he ran Lake Fossil Press. Regardless, anything that begins with “loss” is apropos.

Mr. Pacione’s last sentence doesn’t make much sense, although I gather that Mr. Sevin has yet to be presented with a phony PayPal bill. That may change, depending upon Mr. Pacione’s mood.

3 thoughts on “Lossil Press

  1. He needs to have a bicycle pump shoved up his arse and then pressure added until his seems burst. But that would be a bit messy and I would not be able to hire a clean up crew. Haz mat suits are expensive.

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