What’s an IPPY?

Daggy has a new blog entry about Satirica being “nominated” for something called an IPPY award.

Cowboy Logic Press’s 400+ page post-apocalyptic, scifi blockbuster of an anthology, featuring such talented writers as Steven J. Dines, Bill Housley, Jason K. Chapman, Roger Haller, Gary Cuba, Mike Philbin, Lawrence R. Dagstine, and various others has been nominated for an IPPY award.

Does anyone know what an IPPY is?  Can anyone “nominate” something for it?  It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the people involved with the book had something to do with it.  Bear in mind that Satirica is that thing Dudgeon edited for Roger Haller’s Cowboy Logic Press.

In other news, chalk up another six stories.  Two repros and four new diddies.  Some genre, some not.

I do believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen Daggy count anything as a reprint.  Of course, he makes no mention of where any of these stories, new or otherwise, will appear.  Unless he’s writing short stories about Sean Combs or Ken Dodd’s Diddy Men,  I think he means “ditties,” but probably has no idea those are songs.

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  1. The Independent Publisher Book Awards


    Of course, they haven’t gotten to the semifinals yet, so it’s more that it was submitted for an IPY, rather than nominated.

    Not that Daggy will understand the difference.

  2. adam says:

    A quick search of last year’s awards shows a decent number of Publish America, iUniverse, and BookSurge titles, as well. That said, I really have no idea about the awards or if they hold any kind of prestige.


  3. Rusty says:

    Thanks for the link, GoC. I found these interesting tidbits from their guidelines:

    Who May Enter
    Independent, university, small press, and self-publishers throughout North America and overseas publishers who publish books intended for the American market. Print-On-Demand published authors and other independent authors are welcome to enter their books themselves.

    Books that are published with a 2008 copyright or that were released in 2008 are eligible. Publishers are to select the category and/or region (see category and region list) in which the book(s) should be judged. The regional contest is designed to highlight books written and published with a regional focus and market audience.

    Submission for more than one category is acceptable. Submit one copy of the title per category and per region. For example, when you enter two categories and one regional competition, please send three books. All books entered become the physical property of Independent Publisher Online and will eventually be donated to local libraries and charities.

    Entry Fees
    National Entry (per title, per category): $85
    Add Regional Entry $45
    Regional Entry Only – Same as National rate

    I’ve no idea how these entry fees compare to other awards, but for a self-published author, $100 just to enter one book in one category (fee plus cost of having the book printed) seems a bit pricey. Still, if Adam’s right, plenty of self/vanity pubbers enter. Basically, any Tom, Dick, or Harry who coughs up the entry fee can “nominate” his or her own book.

    Is this normal for these sort of awards? I honestly have no idea.

  4. raingods says:

    I can’t think of any award worth anything that would charge to have something nominated.

  5. rich says:

    Well, in the strange world that is contemporary poetry, pay to enter competitions are quite normal and often found. However, the normal entry fee is usually around $35, and it’s those fees collectively pay for the judge (usually a poet with a reputation) and the eventual cash award. As I’ve said else where “Money flows TO the writer” applies most only to fiction, but the expense has to be reasonable and the reasons should be transparent. Speaking genrerally of writing contests and awards, a $100 entry fee to me smacks of rip-off and “for profit,” especially if you’re going to get self-pubbed schlubs — eager for some sort of pludit, but ultimately ignorant — who will more than willingly fork over the money.

  6. Rusty says:

    This appeared right below the guidelines and entry form:

    Are Awards Programs Worth the Money and Effort?
    Entering your titles in awards programs does take time, money, and effort, but the possible pay-offs include financial reward, personal satisfaction, and prestige. Awards are a great morale boost for all those involved, and they influence reviewers and buyers. For example, one of the winners in our inaugural contest reordered 6000 IPPY stickers for their latest print run. The book (orig. published in 1996) keeps on selling, thanks in part to that gold seal on the cover.

    Whether intentional or not, it sure sounds like a come on. I wonder how many companies that run these awards have to explain that forking over that kind of money is worth it for the morale boost, then go on to plug the value of their for-sale stickers.

  7. Vern says:

    $100 is a large investment for any small / amateur press, especially when the power of the potential award is questionable.

    I’ve personally never heard of an “IPPY”, maybe it does carry clout but in the five years I’ve been self publishing etc, I’ve never heard of it.

    Where does all the $100’s go though? I shall perhaps read into this a little more.

  8. cussedness says:

    The Eppie Award (not to be confused with the Ippy) has a $35 entry fee. That money goes toward funding their yearly convention for the members, flyers to promote ebooks, and other goodies that the membership thrives on.

  9. Vern says:

    Ahem, I’d like to announce the “Vern awards”.

    Entry is £1000 per book / author.
    Multiple submissions welcomed.
    Special section of kids books at reduced entry of £995.

    Winners to be advised from my private beach which will b somewhere remote and sunny.

    All money is non refundable.

    Email to – bodgeitandscarper@illberich.co.uk

    Good luck everyone!

  10. cussedness says:

    Very iffy is the ippy.

    NIce to see you again, Autoaim.

  11. cuss kid says:


    thats how the writing process works. at least i’m sure thats how they all think it works.

  12. Mike Brendan says:

    That would be Dagstine’s mindset. The only thing missing from that video is his Banana Republic sweater.

    As for the IPPY awards, I think it’s more a contest than a proper literary award, but that’s my take on it. The WB article that AutoAim links to, while a good one, focuses more on the other, newer awards.

    P&E doesn’t have anything good or bad to say about it.

    But for the most part, it’s self promotion, like all the lame crowing that misogynistic chickenshit does.

  13. CritGit says:

    Wait, that’s not how it goes????

    Damn it all to hell. I liked the idea of being a dancing buxom blonde in a green dress. 🙁

  14. Rusty says:

    OMG, that video is hilarious.

    I think I have an entry for the Vern Awards’ children’s category — Or-kids: They Take Your Money but They Don’t Talk Back. The protagonist would be a Dracula simia who leads children on a wonderful romp through forests in the Andes where they get to meet his Dracula friends with all their cute little baboon-like faces, and play with the Masdevallias.

  15. Johaha says:


    I would be embarrassed to announce a book or author had been nominated.


    Oh, Daggy. Trying to brag again?

    If you want to brag, son, try bragging about something that MATTERS.


  16. Johaha says:

    By the way, you CAN NOT be nominated for an IPPY. Not really.

    You pay your money and win either first, second or third place–or something like that.

    Like I said, a joke award.

  17. Johaha says:


  18. cussedness says:

    You hit it on the nose, Johaha.

  19. Johaha says:

    Hows’ that samsdot collection selling, dick-stain?

  20. Johaha says:

    Not enough to buy a Happy Meal, I bet.

  21. Lewis says:


    Daggy has kindly provided us with a link to the the story he mentioned in one of the previous swine flu threads. I’ll read it after I finish up a quest or two in WoW.

  22. Johaha says:

    Plague Planet: Yet another shit story from Daggy. A silly opening with silly sentences. And a really CRAP ending.


    Cliched. BORING.

    Moving on…..

  23. Johaha says:

    I wonder if I can sue him to get those four minutes of my life back.

  24. 50 Foot Ant says:

    What the FUCK was that shit?

    Misspellings, piss poor grammar by MY standards, boring, shitty research, and he’s got the balls to bag on other writers?

    Someone should do a fucking line edit and story edit on it, hand it back, and be happy in the knowledge that you just made him cry.

    Fuck, reading that to Gitmo prisoners would be fucking War Crime.

  25. rich says:

    Oh, Ant, sometimes you are master of hyperbole second only to the poet Mayakovsky!

  26. Lewis says:

    I gave up a couple of paragraphs in. I managed to read his zombie school crap but this was just too dull, with even less of a hook.

  27. Darkomik77 says:

    Yog sothoth would eat his face if Daggy boi were to pen a dull second Necronomicon. Hell, if the mad Arab were to exist, he’d sue his ass to oblivion, with Nyarlathotep as his lawyer.

  28. cussedness says:

    I gave up in a couple of paragraphs myself, Lewis. It’s dreadful and filled with stupid.

    The part about throwing up because he had to look at the bodies of a different species? Uhmnn, I guess he never took high school biology?

    Since Daggy got only a two year degree in journalism, he might have escaped the breadth requirements that would have had him dissecting animals.

    And that’s is what it would have felt like for the scientist of a non-human species when it came to dissecting or examining dead humans. We would just be another animal.

  29. cuss kid says:

    talkign about winnign rewards we should help the muppet beaker win a webby award http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=outnruYaraE last two days to vote.

  30. Rusty says:

    Oh my. The ad that was displayed in the sidebar of the comic page when I loaded it was for Media Math. A guy I hired to work for me several years ago is now a VP at that company. I still catch him on IMs from time to time.

  31. Victor says:

    The Beaker Rick-Roll is actually hilarious.

  32. Mike Brendan says:

    Gee Larry, if an Ippy is worth nothing as you claim, why crow about it on your blog?

    Oh, and a P&E award has value, as it’s recognized by real, professional writers., which you are not even if you claim to have a booth at a book fair/flea market on Coney Island.

    Interesting that I can’t get a list of vendors at the but I doubt he has a booth there unless he’s mooching it off someone else. Doubt he’ll sign much of anything either…

  33. Mike Brendan says:

    Oh, WIllie, nice tag on Dagstine for not doing his homework… again. 😀

  34. Victor says:

    I see Mike found the summer thread…

  35. CritGit says:

    ‘You got the shit part right.’

    It won’t stay there, I’m betting, but made me laugh.

  36. Johaha says:

    At the SL post on IPPYs, Vince Liaguno should be told that his defense if IPPYs does nothing to negate the fact that you have to PAY to get in.

    That is is open to Harvard Press makes no difference, nor does it give the award legitimacy.

    No real award program says you must pay and nominate yourself.

    I am banned at SL. Someone PLEASE respond to this chap with the above retort, or something similar. I’m dying here.

  37. Mike Brendan says:

    I will say this, though… Dagstine does have something in common with Sean Combs: they’re both brainless, no-talent, thugs.

  38. Rusty says:

    Yeah, except that one of them has the ability to rake in the bucks, and his initials aren’t LD.

    Lawwy might have better luck at his non-existant Coney Island booth selling t-shirts printed with his graffiti, than selling his books. “Designs by Lorenzo,” or something like that . . . it worked for P. Diddy.

  39. Mike Brendan says:

    I just came up with Dumbstine’s new nick name! It’s hip, it’s fresh, and perfectly accurate.

    I hereby dub Lorenzo as L. Dicky. You can guess what the “L” stands for.

  40. Mike Brendan says:

    Not quite what I had in mind, but hey I’ll roll with it. 🙂

  41. cussedness says:

    The only thing he has in his pants is his mouth.

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