Funny to Me, Anyway, and UPS

Ever since my father died, mom’s been obsessing about her own mortality.  So, every time we make the haul over there to see her, she trots out old picture albums.  It’s pretty cool to see pics of her and dad from the ’50s.  What’s not so cool is to see pics of myself as a toddler. Mom dressed me funny, and she did my hair in a ponytail right smack on top of my head.  Her excuse was “that’s the way it grew.”  My hair is still baby-fine — it always has been — but that was funny.  Told mom “Brylcreem.  A little dab’ll do ya.”  She totally got the joke.

The best part is that I can’t get my hair to fluff up like that anymore, and haven’t been able to since I was in kindergaden.  The ’80s were so unkind to me, when fluffy hair was fashionable.  OTOH,  my hair is only going gray in a few places, and by all rights, it should have gone gray a decade ago.  I still want Mary’s hair, because it’s gorgeous, but I’m okay with mine.

As for UPS, I ordered three things online, and two of them were supposed to be delivered “Sure Post,” which means UPS delivers to your local post office, then they deliver it.  This time around, since UPS had to deliver something anyway, they elected to drop off the other two in my driveway, instead of dropping them off at the p.o., which would have taken another day to get here.  YAY, UPS!!11!!eleventy.

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  1. khkoehler says:

    I battle the fine hair, as well, or, as some people have called it, “fairy hair”. I find that shampoo makes a big difference. Try to find something without a lot of oil or cream in it, and wash frequently with clarifying shampoo. At the moment, I really like VO5’s Tea Therapy. It’s $1 a bottle, but works wonders.

    • Lepplady says:

      Wow. Cool.
      I have exactly the opposite problem. My head is full of frizzy curls. I was BORN with 80’s hair. So I look for stuff to calm it down. L’oreal Eversleek leave-in creme is the best I’ve found. Calms it down without being stiff or spikey. The curls stay where I push ’em, but my hair stays touchable. I just love the stuff.

  2. Ablert says:

    Speaking of funny to me (and no doubt all of us here) it’s Nicky’s 40th birthday today, and he’s marked it with one of the most incredible little posts I’ve ever seen. He’s been very quiet lately, only posting the occasional almost sane sounding titbit. But as this truly bizarre little gem shows, Nicky and sanity have never been further apart. Hilarious isn’t the word

    • khkoehler says:

      I can’t decipher Medicated Nicky at all!

      • Lepplady says:

        He’s upset because he smells like a toilet… a smell he tracked to his bed and now that smells like a toilet too? Somebody needs to tell that guy about soap and water. It works wonders on human(?) skin, and on laundry, too. Clothes, sheets…

        And he’s upset that he’s living on take-out? What does he expect, that somebody will serve as his personal chef? Because lord knows he’s not stable enough to cook on his own.
        That also means that somebody else is paying for the carry-out. Because he can’t afford that on his meager income.

        Dude needs to take a bath and quit his bitching. He’s lucky he still lives there at all.

        • Rusty says:

          I’m not sure he tracked the stink to his own bed. It sounds like it was his uncle who had the “accident,” but why it wafts all the way into the basement where Nicky lives is beyond me. Supposedly, the house is sort of like a duplex, but split upstairs/downstairs, instead of side-by-side. Can’t he at least close the damn doorway between them?

  3. Sabledrake says:

    The wispy top-pony thing was big in our family too.

  4. Stinkycat says:

    Ah yes…the 80s. Fortunately, back then I had a lot of my fine hair and knew the art of teasing. In hindsight, the texture of my hair up close was probably disgusting.

  5. JupiterPluvius says:

    I had somehow missed the news about your dad. Belated condolences to you. May his memory be a blessing.

    I had no hair until I was 2 and my mum literally taped bows to my head.

  6. Lepplady says:

    5 hours ago, Gigglebutt posted an update to his Gofundme campaign. He says:

    “No donations yet but let’s see what happens when I post an update as I have e-books available for sale.”

    I don’t mean to be rude, but does he really think that’ll help?

    • Rusty says:

      Four hours ago, I put in a cash bid on a Civil War era farm. I should hear back tomorrow.

      • Lepplady says:

        OOO! You’ll get it. I know it.

        • Rusty says:

          I expect a counteroffer, instead of an outright acceptance. I had our agent write in some inclusions that I think the current owners intend to leave, anyway, but wanted to make sure we have it in writing.

          Several things are in my favor. It’s been on the market for all but two months worth of the last 16 (they changed listing agents in between listings), and mine is the first offer they’ve received.

          I offered an amount that is not such a lowball as to be insulting, but is lower than I’m sure they’d like. My agent had no say, nor did she offer any advice, regarding the amount I offered. That was totally my decision, although she agreed the amount was high enough to not be insulting.

          When a property is in that particular price range, it’s not an easy sale, and won’t get that many prospective buyers willing to take a look. The place has been in the same family for 100 or so years, so they’ve accumulated an awful lot of stuff they need to move to the smaller property they’ve already purchased. The pole barn alone houses an enormous amount of “stuff” in storage. Our realtor did write in a closing date late next month, but we made it clear that we’re flexible about that.

          Mostly, we want our veggie garden to wind down its production before we move out, but i didn’t say that to our realtor. Besides, we can take possession (assuming we get the place) before we move out of here, anyway. No big deal, really.

          Cash sale, no mortgage contingency, and closing does not depend on our selling our current property first. It’s not a take-it-or-leave-it offer, but I know what my price limit is, and am prepared to walk away from it, if we can’t agree on a price.

    • Ablert says:

      “No donations yet but let’s see what happens.”

      Nothing will happen. Nothing ever happens when he runs these pathetic begathons. How can he not know this by now? That he expects a random stranger to give him $400 for doing a vlog in a hostel room only shows the extent of his insanity.

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