Shameless Bumping

Larry’s been over at Shocklines shamelessly bumping the thread he started about his book Fresh Blood.  He started it on March 2.  So far, there are only seven replies, and five of those are from Daggy.  In fact, the last four are his, making it look like he’s talking to himself again.

Lorenzo, get this — other than a couple of polite congratulations, nobody gives a shit.  If you have to bump the thread four times in a row, over the course of two weeks, that should be obvious.

Added: Page length is 160 pages… Well over 55,000 words, for the curious.

Front and back cover art by Mitch Bentley of Atomic Fly Studios.

Now we know who did the cheesy cover art.  Even at Genre Mall’s 45 cent discount from the cover price, $14.50 sounds like a lot for a book that’s only 160 pages.  That’s roughly 1/4″ thick, in trade paperback size, or maybe a little over an hour’s reading time.

He also started another thread about Dr. Who.  Between his blog and SL, I’ve lost track of how many of these he’s posted.  Naturally, he points people to his latest blog entry, begging them to take his Dr. Who poll.  Does anyone ever take his polls?

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70 Responses to Shameless Bumping

  1. raingods says:

    I just don’t get this pricing. I can buy Dan Simmons book Drood in HC for about 17 bucks on sale; and that comes in at about 800 pages.

    Okay, I understand a major publisher can afford to do that, but jumping jesus on a pogo stick, do these places like samsdot, take so much, that an author HAS to charge that much?

  2. Rusty says:

    I don’t think Daggy’s the one who set the price. It may have to do with covering costs, plus some, for a small print run. I’m not sure whether Sam’s Dot uses POD, but it’s pretty common for the small press to do so. It’s normally the larger publishers, doing initial print runs in the six figures that find offset printing more cost efficient on a per book basis.

  3. Johaha says:

    There will be no great sales for a book that is $14.50 and comes in way under the length of a short novel.
    That is a RIP OFF!

    I can buy two fat books by Alistair Reynolds for the same price as his on, puny little crap book.

    No Daggy. You are about to discover financial failure once again.

    There will be no difference between the sales of this book and his self-published xlibris crap.


  4. Johaha says:

    BTW. I can buy two fat books from another small press for $14.50, as well.

    Samsdot have always been shit with pricing.

  5. Rusty says:

    For that kind of pricing, I really have to want to read the book because I already know I like the author’s work. Or, at least, the page count needs to justify the cost. I sure as hell won’t pay that out of curiosity for a slim book. I don’t think anyone’s going to make money off Daggy’s book.

    Out of curiosity, I did order a couple of Brian Keene’s books, and one of Mary Sangiovanni’s, but those were mass market paperbacks from Leisure, coming in around 300 pages, for $7.99 each. Those were well worth the cost and time investment to read them.

  6. cussedness says:

    Angie’s collection came in at 90 pages, font ariel 8, and the base cost per copy was $3. Tack onto the distributors want a 55% discount off the cover price and then you need to pay the author their !0% of cover price. And we need to make back our initial set up fees and cover artist’s payment and such,

    It all adds to the expense regarding why small press titles, esp pod, are more expensive than their opposite number at the majors.

  7. Victor says:

    Larry the Loser has a blog?

  8. Alice says:

    He has a blog full of his crowings in capslock, italics, boldface, and probably sparkletext. It hurts my brain.

  9. Rusty says:

    Well, just for the sake of dealing with nice round numbers, at a $10 cover price, you’re already down to $4.50 with the distributor discount. That only gives you $1.50 per copy to cover other costs: setup, editor, artist, phone calls, postage, etc.

    The math isn’t that difficult to do, but you know damn well it’s beyond Larry to crunch the numbers. I’m sure Samsdot set the price.

  10. Victor says:

    I found it.


  11. Victor says:

    Well that was sucktastic…

  12. CritGit says:

    Loved Rain’s comment. 😀

    17 cents and I wouldn’t buy that book.

  13. CritGit says:

    Loved Rain’s comment. 😀

    17 cents and I wouldn’t buy that book.

  14. CritGit says:

    How did I do that???????

  15. raingods says:

    Hitting the Guinness a bit early, Crit?

  16. Rusty says:

    It was probably a glitch at WordPress. Double posting can happen when it seems to stall out while trying to submit a comment. I could delete one of them for you, but who cares, one way or another?

  17. Mike Brendan says:

    I could really go for a Guinness…

  18. Rusty says:

    Guinness . . . mmm. I wouldn’t mind Harp, either. All I’ve got around is some swill.

  19. CritGit says:

    How dare you? I don’t drink! 😛

    Doesn’t bother me. Least I’m not bumping my own thread. 😉

  20. 50footant says:

    $14.50 for 160 pages?

    Maybe if it was an 8.5×11 splatbook for my favorite gaming system.

    But then, if Larry wrote it, it wouldn’t even be worth it for the comedy value.

  21. Louise says:

    14.50 for such a small book does sound pricey. Heck, my book comes in at around 307 pages, and it’s about 14.95-15.95 USD. If it is a thick book by an author I enjoy, fine, but to pay 14.50 for Daggy’s skinny book? I think I’ll decline.

  22. Rusty says:

    I must beg to differ with Crit for a moment. Seventeen cents for Lorenzo’s book sounds about right. It’s slightly less than 1% of Genre Mall’s overall price, which adds $3 shipping within the U.S., bringing the total cost up to $17.50. The shipping price probably is about cost, so I can’t fault them for that.

    For 17 cents, I could get a lot of comedy value out of it. I could probably find that sort of change underneath one of my sofa cushions.

    That having been said, carry on, Crit! 😉

  23. CritGit says:

    Ah but I’d a tightwad. Plus I hate waste.

    A book club I belonged to sent me Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code for free. No charge for post or the book or anything. No warning either. Just turned up.

    I was pissed off. How dare they send me this tripe! I didn’t want it and would have thrown it back if possible. Instead I fobbed it off onto my parents. 😉

    So all I’d do is consider what else I could get for 17 cents.
    What could I get for 17 cents?

  24. Rusty says:

    It’s alive!


    status onlineLawrence Dagstine #10 [-]


    Posts: 2371

    (03/17/09 13:20:55)

    Veteran Shockliner

    * Reply
    * Quote
    o My Recent Posts
    o Message Me
    o Connection
    o Blocking
    o Invite
    o Ignore User’s Posts
    o Report Post

    Here’s an extra *bump*… and *twist*… and *grind*…

    If you live in any of the following states, be sure to check out the convention calendar below:

    20-22 March: MidSouthCon, Olive Branch, Mississippi

    27-29 March: ImagiCon, Birmingham, Alabama

    10-12 April: MiniCon44, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    24-26 April: Conestoga, Tulsa, Oklahoma

    1-3 May: DemiCon, Des Moines, Iowa

    22-24 May: ConQuest, Kansas City, Missouri

    Be sure to pick up your copy.




    He’ll bump into furniture and windows, grind his fingers into a pulp, trying to use a cheese shredder, then twist his way out onto the streets of Brooklyn, which of course, we all know is the center of the fucking world.

    Don’t forget to bring your water pistol with you, Lorenzo. You might need it.

    The convention calendar he posted has absolutely nothing to do with his being at any one of them . . .

  25. Johaha says:

    Some of those conventions are good.
    Some of them are shit.

    Either way, I bet his book is a financial failure.

    But of course he’ll just blame “da industry” rather then the fact that A) no one wants a skinny book for $14.50 and B) his stories are shit.

  26. Johaha says:

    I see the post just before his new one got axed.
    Gee, wonder why?

    (I think it was Mike’s post. )

  27. SirOtter says:

    I see he didn’t list Hypericon in Nashville, which is this year’s DeepSouthCon. Just as well, since Brian Keene is GOH and mentioning it would get him banned.

    I’ll be there, Good Lord willin’ and the creeks don’t rise.

  28. raingods says:

    That was my comment that got axed. No doubt he went crying to Matt that I was being mean to him.

  29. Melany says:

    I was thinking about going to DemiCon this year…I think I’ll pass. LOL I went to the very first one years ago and had a hell of a time.

  30. Victor says:

    There’s gotta be a way we can track how many he doesn’t sell…

  31. CritGit says:

    ‘be sure to pick up your copy’

    Oh! I get it! He’s giving them away!

    But that is just bad bumping. He should save it for another day when there are still no more replies.
    Maybe he got jealous of Angeline’s thread being on the first page.

  32. Mike Brendan says:

    Daggy will never show at any of these cons. Too lazy, too cowardly, and/or no money.

    Of course he’s jealous. He can’t have the wimmin outwrite his chickenshit ass…

  33. JupiterPluvius says:

    How can he ^H^H HIS GIRLFRIEND afford all that travel? And paying a babysitter instead of getting “Mr. Mom” for free?

  34. Louise says:

    Remember the last time he talked about a con? Didn’t he claim it was too cold to go, and sat in front of his computer screen wearing shades and sipping kool aid, or something like that?

    Bet he does the same thing with all of these–bluffs he’s going then blows them all off.

  35. Victor says:

    Well someone broke down and bought a copy.

  36. raingods says:

    Well Nick’s taste has always been suspect, IMO, and this confirms it.

  37. Alice says:

    He’s got to be developmentally delayed.

  38. CritGit says:

    Well that’s not going to help the economy.

  39. Lewis says:

    Honestly though if I saw it going for a quid in a charity shop I’d pick it up for the sheer amusement of tearing it to shreds in a review, putting a link to that review in my shocklines signature and then posting in every thread that Larry does so he’d be constantly reminded of it.

  40. Rusty says:

    Remember the last time he talked about a con? Didn’t he claim it was too cold to go, and sat in front of his computer screen wearing shades and sipping kool aid, or something like that?

    I went to PhilCon, and met Kim, but missed Mike.

  41. Mike Brendan says:

    Of Dagstine we saw no sign at PhilCon. He’s too much a coward to leave Brooklyn.

  42. 50footant says:

    I should put a free download link to the Marauders II sample, just to be a dick.

    Then bump it every 2 hours, for the rest of my life.

  43. CritGit says:

    Everyone there should have their own threads about something and then bump every time he does.

    Or bump each others’, whatever you’re in to. 😉

  44. 50footant says:

    I’d rather bump someone else. 😀

  45. 50footant says:

    Is it just me, or is there something… off… about that final cover he just posted.

  46. Victor says:

    I didn’t look. I just don’t care enough to.

  47. raingods says:

    It reminds me of one of Nikita’s covers. horrible artwork, with a hundred different font types-when one or two would suffice. Strictly amateur, but no less than what I would expect from one of the nitwits.

  48. CritGit says:

    It reminds me of some ‘ghoulish’ halloween stickers I once got as a kid. Basically they were scary things done to glow in the dark. Kinda cool, in a cheap way.

    The cover seems too dark in general with bits of shiny things scattered across it. I’d prefer at least one main image to stand out. Something bold and striking.

    Personally I’m for less is more. Less to look at, more to focus on.

    Just seen Serpent’s Quest’s new cover and loved it. Also remember Karen’s latest book, or one of, that had just a figure, maybe before a moon or something. Very captivating.

  49. Mike Brendan says:

    With equal facility

    Yes, Dagstine consistently sucks no matter what genre he thing he’s writing…

    he can take you to an ice mine in the outer limits of the Solar System

    Why tarnation! I do believes I found me the motherlode of dihydrogen oxide!

    or into a camp for zombies,

    This week Timmy earns his Merit Badge for Brain Eating.

    to a world where reptiles are the dominant species,

    Anne McCaffery beat you to that one decades ago, dumbass

    and into the agonies of an unusual addiction.

    Philip K. Dick beat you to the punch on that one…

    Come, dive into this potpourri…

    Poopoo is more like it. I’d Tomoview the thing but I’m not spending $15 on this crap. Not only is that one sentence a big run on with no delivery, it’s so purple I have to report him for abusing the English language. You don’t get those sorts bruises from falling down the stairs…

  50. Victor says:

    Someone should post that cover up on failblog.

  51. Victor says:

    And the publisher’s website is just chock full of fail that it actually hurt. And all those “magazines” that Larry has appeared in, seem to be put out by these guys.

  52. Lewis says:

    A couple of things I can think of, the fact that Baron Samedi zombie doesn’t have a top hat, the blatant lies in the quotes on the back, the no noseless zombie, but really for me it’s the use of the word potpourri. I know it’s technically the right usage but the word has different connotations nowadays that just don’t work with the image he wants to give, but the origin according to Mirriam Webster is most fitting I feel.

    French pot pourri, literally, rotten pot

  53. Johaha says:

    When I think of “potpourri” I get images of all those Glade toilet spray adverts.

  54. CritGit says:

    Don’t mean to be so crass, but

    ‘Come, dive into this potpourri…’

    That sounds really gay to me.
    When I read that I can imagine Big Gay Al beckoning, and then a dozen naked men diving into a big pile of potpourri before bursting back out with dazzling smiles.

    Ok, think I just outed myself!

  55. When I think of potpourri, I usually think of Laugh-In and several of its cast members deliberately mispronouncing it (“Pot-porry!”).

  56. I think of Coupling:

    “What in the name of God’s ass is potpourri? Looks like breakfast, smells like your auntie.”

  57. CritGit says:

    Oh wow. Check out Zoe’s post. I love that. Such an eloquent and structured remark full of praise, with a slither of ultimate putdown. A very sharp slither


  58. Mike Brendan says:

    Very deft and smooth, Zoe. Nicely done.

  59. Rusty says:

    I bow down in homage to Zoe. That was beautiful.

  60. Victor says:

    Anyone catch that? Matt went snip snip again.

  61. Victor says:

    Oh! Wait. Nevermind. I looked at the wrong thread.

  62. cussedness says:

    Do me a small favor, guys. If any of you are still posting on SL, would you keep bumping Angie’s book?

  63. Lewis says:

    Will do chief I’ll check the thread before I go to bed and give it a little bump.

    Also brass neck Larry shouldn’t be referring to any book as a “micro-press wonder”.

  64. Louise says:

    I’ll go bump Angie’s book too, Cuss. 🙂

    Thanks to Zoe for that smackdown on Larry in me thread, and to everyone for the kind wishes. Our Zoe is a right ham. I still say she needs to do stand up. 😀

  65. Mike Brendan says:

    Funny thing is his book thread got locked…

    Oh, Daggy, when will you learn to grow up and take your lumps?

  66. CritGit says:

    Someone posted in his thread, linking to TOD. So no doubt that was snipped and the entrance blocked for all time.

    The thread on TOD was very funny too. Saw the pic of man diving into potpourri. 😀

  67. raingods says:

    Seize the Potpourri!

    And here’s to the alt who got his thread locked.

  68. Johaha says:

    This deserves a new thread.

    At his blog, Larry just confirmed what was said here…that he will not be going to any of the conventions Samsdot will be attending due to “financial woes”.

    That’s good. Don’t go and do some promo. A great way to not support the publisher and sell your crappy book.
    At least Samsdot know not to rely on you for support.

    If you want to sell hard in the indie press, you gotta get out there, Daggy, and push.

    But you always have an excuse, don’t you?

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