New Boyer Pseudonym

Hat tip:  Sam

News flash! We found a new David Boyer alias!

It is Leland Gaines and you can find “Leland” here:

and here:

on Twitter here:!/Kentuckywriter5

and here:

See his screenplay where he writes about a celebrity interviewer and a plagiarist here:

Notice the part where he combines two of his other aliases Tobey King and Dylan Cook in this scene:

RICE {Leaning his face in toward the desk} Wonderful! Now, here’s the question; it is said that a whole chapter in your new book is actually an abbreviated – and plagiarized – version of a story written by the up and coming horror writer, Tobey Cook, entitled Stealing the Nightmare. Any comment?

My take on it is that “Leland” smells fishier than day-old crab.

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22 Responses to New Boyer Pseudonym

  1. Mike Brendan says:

    If he actually did write that screenplay, I’m impressed. He actually is dumber than Pacione.

  2. Janrae Frank says:

    I feel a need to review it.

  3. Just Me says:

    WTF was that screenplay that I just read?! 😮

    I agree with Mike, Boyer has proven himself to be even more idiotic than Nicky, and that’s a nearly impossible feat!

  4. Jenny says:

    Completely OT but I just heard about and since a lot of you are professional writers:

    A news station back east – WNEP – ran a story today that outed a high school English teacher as a writer of erotic books. Story with video here:,0,4057307.story.

    Watch the video! The story is completely one-sided with quotes from “concerned” parents about how what the teacher does is “disgusting” and “she shouldn’t do that it she teaches kids” AND(!!!) WORST OF ALL – in the video – the reporter includes a woman saying that, well, she just worries how this woman might look at her son since her’s in her class… WTF??? Writing erotic romance = pedophile?!! The whole thing is a scandal-mongering character assassination.

    Anyway, it’s going viral. Good writeup here:

    I sent my email of complaint to the reporter.

    • Pyris says:

      This came up on my twitter feed yesterday and I was angered yet again not surprised. I finished high school in a small town in southern Missouri and if one of my female English teachers had of been outed as an Erotica writer there would have been the EXACT type of reaction that can be seen in the news clip. As a matter of fact one was fired for denying the authority of the mostly male school board and he husband, another teacher and middle school sport coach, lost a lot of face for ‘failing to control his woman’.The Smart Bitches are absolutely correct as well in their assessment. If it were a male teacher writing serial killer Mysteries/Horror he would have been profiled as local treasure.

      What I do not understand is why female teachers are expected to live like bloody nuns? From prim, proper and modest to dried up, crotchety old sticks, there is no room for a real person in the American idealization of female teachers. These concerned parents are, well, their own dirty minds beggar belief. It’s 2010 for goodness sake, Puritanism mutated for a reason >.<

    • admin says:

      Romance isn’t a genre that appeals to me, but I certainly support the teacher’s right to write whatever the hell she wants in her spare time. If she gets paid for it, so much the better, because there’s obviously a market for it.

      It’s gratifying to see the outrage generated by the coverage of this obvious character assassination, masquerading as news. It’s not as if this teacher was trying to lure students into meeting her in some cemetery for a private “photo shoot,” pretending it was supposed to serve as inspiration to them, the way a certain troglodyte we all know did.

      My grandmother taught English in small town Iowa, and although I can’t imagine her writing romance on the side, if she had, my reaction would have been along the lines of “You go, grandma!”

      • Dave says:

        One of the articles I’ve read says she’s been teaching for 25 years. Obviously, her job performance has been satisfactory, and there have been no allegations against her. Disgusting journalism.

  5. Jenny says:

    Got one stuck in moderation. Feel free to delete this when you free the other one.

  6. Am I alone in feeling uneasy that he should identify with Leland Palmer (as the music on the Gaines web site makes clear he does)?

  7. Pyris says:

    My reply to Jenny is stuck in mod?

  8. B says:

    “Leland Gaines” is very creepy for several reasons.

  9. Janrae Frank says:

    He misused the word “garnish” in the first paragraph.

    His protag’s name is more appropriate to a porn star.

  10. AngryInIllinois says:

    I’m confused…is Boyer going after himself in that screenplay like Chris-Chan sometimes did in his Sonichu comics?

  11. Janrae Frank says:

    No, he’s going after Rick and B.

    • admin says:

      LOL @ the sasquatch pic. Just about every redneck stereotype there is made it into that bio. I was waiting for a reference to The Dukes of Hazzard, or a coon hound named Bo.

  12. Mad Hatter says:

    I’ve been out of town, so please excuse my lateness.

    I particularly like this line from Gaines amazon bio: “and bootleggers were roaming he woods as well.”

    So, bootleggers are roaming in him. His butt must be very roomy.

    • Janrae Frank says:

      I actually resent the mention of bootleggers, because he’s clearly never known one. My grandfather was a bootlegger and my great-uncle Hugh made it for him to sell. It was not at all the way that Boyer suggests it was.

      • admin says:

        Aw, c’mon Janrae. It’s reality, Dagswine style. That’s what makes these guys such great writers buffoons.

      • Mad Hatter says:

        My grandfather was a bootlegger for several Chippewa reservations – which, incidentally, is how he met my grandmother!

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