And So It Begins

We’re already getting stuff in the mailbox at the farm from vendors wanting to sell us their services.  First up, a company that wants to supply us with propane, oil, and burglar alarm services (also plumbing/heating/AC).  About the only thing they don’t offer is garbage hauling.  Although the brochure claims they’ve been “Serving Your Community for 80 years,” I’ve only seen one of their trucks in someone’s driveway maybe twice.  To the local rep’s credit, she did include a mini Post-It pad, a pen, and a carabiner-type mini flashlight, with the company brochure.  I go nowhere without a mini-flashlight carabinered to my pocketbook, so that was useful.

It’s probably better to hire the companies that were already supplying propane and heating oil to the previous owners, because they know where the tanks are, without me having to show the driver/delivery person.  We had the same garbage hauler, so when we’re ready to switch that over, it should be easy.  We can also rent a dumpster from our garbage hauler, so chucking out large items won’t be a problem.

The best thing is that no potential contractors will be able to find us, except by snail mail at the new place.  It’s up to me to contact potential contractors.  I’ll have to check the mailbox whenever we drop off a load of stuff at the new house, but we aren’t changing our address yet.

So far, I’ve made sure electric was uninterrupted, and I decided to use the propane company the previous owners used.  The propane supplier pulled up the previous owners’ account, and added me to their records.  We own the propane tanks; it’s up to them to fill them periodically.  The previous owners left them 60% full, which is good, because we won’t be using the stoves for another few weeks.

There are three things left to do:  hire a fuel oil supplier, switch over our garbage hauler, and get Verizon to switch over our service.

Uh, and move over the rest of our household.  That’s a biggie.

I can resist all the contractors wanting to sell me services as if I’m new in the neighborhood. That’s easy.  By now, I know who they, and what their reputations, are.

And so it goes …


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  1. Stinkycat says:

    Sounds like it is all coming along. Congrats again.

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