WTF? How Weird was That?

So, my laptop’s battery died, and I was getting messages every 7-8 minutes about how I needed to shut down my computer and replace the battery NAOW or DIE!  It’s a computer that can run on AC just fine, thank you very much, so excuse me if I ignored the urgency.  Anyway, I went into system settings info to make sure I had the right model number of my computer to order a new battery for it, and used task manager to turn off the annoying alerts.

The battery arrived yesterday, and cost me a whopping $26, delivered.  That’s pretty cheap, actually.  Didn’t feel like swapping out the old one at the time, so I did it today.  I’m used to taking apart tower/desktop models, but not laptops.  This was a new adventure for me.  However, there are YouTube videos for everything, including repairing the engine on our old ’62 Case tractor.  Finding one for this battery swap was no different.  Man, was it easy!

Then the fun began.  I had to reboot twice, because Microsoft thought it hadn’t fully beamed out my latest OS update.  After that, some of my settings were screwed up, so I had to fix those.  Annoying, yes, but not a big deal.

Can you imagine if my mom had to deal with that?  She called me three times on Friday, and twice yesterday about some freaky email she got.  Bottom line was she needed to change her password, because someone else got into her account, and was using it, but hadn’t changed her password to lock her out.  She screams “I’m 87 years old.  I shouldn’t have to deal with this!”  Well, I couldn’t talk her through changing her password over the phone, so she went to the “iPad Club”meeting at her retirement community, at which a “nice young man” fixed it for her.

She was so freaked out that she couldn’t even remember what she wanted me to buy for her the next time we visit, but she finally calmed down.  Her password has been changed.  There’s no way she could operate a screwdriver to change a computer battery.  She can’t change a lightbulb by herself, even if it’s at face height.

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