Stone ‘Em, or Something

Typically, the weird news stories come from FL.  This time, it’s from East-Central PA.

The Superintendent at the Blue Mountain School District in Schuylkill County has armed his classrooms with 5 gal. buckets of rocks that the students can hurl at a school shooter if need be.  What could possibly go wrong?

Is that the most idiotic solution to a potential problem?  School district Superintendent:  “Hold my beer!”

The jokes write themselves about being stoned.  Given that it’s Schuylkill County, that’s probably not the drug of choice, but whatever.

All those years in London, while the IRA was boming the city, and my school got a few bomb threats, none of us freaked out. Depending upon which side of the school grounds our nearest exit was, we either crossed Abbey Road, Loudoun Road, or headed over toward the St. John’s Wood tube station.   That’s probably why I never panicked when the WTC was bombed in ’93, and both towers fell on 9/11/01, even though I wasn’t far from the carnage at the time.

Evacuating those buildings wasn’t the same routine as “duck and cover” or “proceed to the fallout shelter” drills we had when I was in grade school, but getting the hell outta there without panicking was the rule of thumb.

Tossing rocks at a gunman isn’t a solution.

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