Kansans Rock

Of course I shop around to get the best price for an item I want.  Sometimes, that ends up being a local DIY box store like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Menard’s.  Sometimes, it’s Amazon, or eBay.  This time, I ordered an item from a woman in Kansas via eBay who got it into the USPS system within hours.  It was supposedly a new, unused, item she got as a gift, for which she had no use.  Well, it arrived promptly, but it didn’t work the way it was supposed to work.  It had half functionality.  I emailed her about it, and explained exactly what did and didn’t work with it.

She didn’t doubt my assessment of the item, and I didn’t doubt her never having used it before putting it up for sale.  If she had tested it first, she would have known, and probably never have listed it for sale.

Anyway, she offered me the option of returning it for a full refund, or keeping it for a partial refund (of the cost, not the shipping).  I opted for the partial refund, which she sent within 10 minutes.  This seller confirmed my belief that most Midwesterners really are the “salt of the earth.”  No bullshit; just a common sense solution to a problem.

I’ve never before received a defective item from an eBay seller.  Years ago, I did receive the wrong item from one seller, but that was rectified pronto.

In the case of this seller, well, Kansans ROCK!  So do Iowans, Minnestoans, Nebraskans, etc.  Integrity seems to be in their mindset, as a rule.  Who knows what they think of those of us from the NE, but she didn’t think I was BS-ing her (I wasn’t).

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