Birthday Present

Those lightweight hikers were a huge hit.  My husband wears out a pair roughly every three years, whether they’re Timberlands, Merrells, or whatever.  Other than pac boots, those are all he wears for yard work.  When the old ones wear out, he puts his former “dress boots” into farming duty.  Then, I get him a new pair to serve as dress boots.  This pair worked out fine — easy to put on and get off.  So … the old ones with the soles that were falling off went into the garbage, the beat-up old ones that weren’t falling apart yet are now the “shit kickers,” and he’s got a nice new pair that will probably end up doing barn duty 2-3 years from now.  In the meantime, the old ones that weren’t thrown out are good for log splitting, saw milling, tractoring around for lawn mowing, hauling off logs, brush, etc.

On another note, his truck needs inspection, stickers, etc., so I had to follow him to the place in town to drop off his vehicle, and drive him home.  The route I told him to take to get there was much more direct than the way he knew, which was rather circuitous.  Anyway, I’ll have to drive him back there tomorrow to pick it up.  No biggie, but, with the appointment that was made, it really should have been done within half an hour, or an hour, if you add an oil change to it.  Next day is weird to me, even if it costs half the price most places charge, while you wait.  Oh, and the driveway into that place is brutal.  There’s no way to avoid the bump at the edge of the road and their driveway.  I’m lucky I took it slowly enough to not scrape my undercarriage.

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