July 4th Complaints

No, not my complaints.  But every year, there are multiple people who do not like the noise of fireworks, and bitch about how they freak out not themselves, but neighbors’ dogs, people who have babies, people who go to bed early, or veterans with PTSD.  This is on Nextdoor.

Spare me the emotional drama.  These people simply don’t like the noise.  What pisses me off the most is that they just won’t come out and say it’s the noise that bothers them, even though it’s no louder than a cracking thunderstorm.  They use other people they don’t even know, except in theory, to advance their agenda.

State fireworks laws do exist, but they involve how far away from an occupied building they can be set off, but not the noise level, which never exceeds that of a good thunder crack from Mother Nature, anyway.

Instead of getting all whiny, and bitchy online about your neighbors, maybe report them to the police if they violate fireworks laws.  Don’t get all manipulative, yelling about what big bad meanie poopie-heads and Hard Hearted Hannah types we are, for not kowtowing to your desires for silence.  If the cops ignore your complaint, way out in the ‘burbs, and exurbs, whine harder, because that’s sure to bring them around to your side.  They probably have more important cases to deal with, than a noise ordinance violation.

I know all about manipulative people in real life.  Eventually, they know we’re onto their behavior.  Takes them a while, but they do finally stop with it.

Online peeps who start that crap, trying to get unsuspecting strangers to go along, have no sympathy from me.

We had a fantastic supper of ribs, smoked to perfection, coleslaw, and corn-on-the-cob.  We also shot off some some damn good fireworks, too.  We have enough acreage to do so, legally.

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