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  1. “I know who you are!”



    I think he declared his homosexual love for goats in that one part, but it wasn’t quite clear.

    He may have been confessing to masturbating with a sock puppet.

    • For some reason, right after that call he sent me the following email.

      From: Nickolaus Pacione
      To: “Angry In Illinois”
      Date: Friday, July 30, 2010, 8:44 AM

      You’re the fucking liar pal


      So I will be coming for you. I will find out who you are and where you are then I am taking a trip to New York then I will kick your ass. When I get that number — I will find your address. I am posting your number on every cyberbully network with EVERY e-mail you send me.

      The part about YOU HIDE was in big letters for some reason, but I don’t know how to replicate that here.

    • Almost forgot… In that email was the last one he sent me, because for some reason he quotes the last email he sends you when sending another. This one came before the one above and not only has another physical threat, but shows his lack of respect for the law.

      On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 3:40 AM, Nickolaus Pacione wrote:
      You don’t have the stones to use a real name and the stones to use a real face. You hide behind both — I am not the liar you fucking fool. I WILL EXPOSE YOU and when I WILL, it’s going to be in the papers about a controversial micropress horror writer plays vigilante and finds identity of his 2 year long tormentor. Now you excuse me you fucking libelous faggot, I have a story to write — and if you send me an injunction I will light that on fire and put it up on youtube where you will see my face lighting it. Come on you fucking scumbag, scared that I will find out who you really are. COME ON MOTHERFUCKER — I AM GOING TO DESTROY YOUR FUCKING WORLD BITCH.,

  2. “I’m not the bully ….. I’m going find you and kill you.”

    Good to see Nicky’s relationship with reality is still as damanged as ever.

    His sheer rage was hysterical. But think his attempts at intimidation were even better. He tries to act like he is closing in on AII, then practically begs to know his name.

    When AII says Thomas, the seconds of pause are just Nicky being genuinely dumbstruck. He was not prepared for an actual answer. He’s not used to dealing with straight talk.

    • Exactly Dave, excellent comparison. I’ve been trying to make that very point for sometimes now, like when he calls someone a “libelous sack of shit” but you were able to do what I could not. Thank you!

  3. I laughed out loud.

    I’d laugh out loud again.

    Nicky was trying so hard to be all scary and threatening when he started screaming like that. It’s just like watching a child throw a tantrum at the checkout at Walmart!

    By the way, this is a perfect example of how much it flusters Nicky when one of his targets starts fighting back. You can tell he’d rather just leave threatening voice mails because then, there’s no one possessing superior intelligence on the other end easily making Nicky look like an even bigger simpleton.

    • Aw shucks thank you (and Keith) however Nicky did not find my voice sensual and relaxing, quite the opposite actually.

      Whoever uploaded that video: I love the fact that the preview screen for it is the part where I suggest he have another drink and he threatens to kill me! It’s the most perfect preview I’ve ever seen for a YouTube vid I think.

  4. Oh.



    That was so full of win I’m in shock I think. I’m sure once I process it I’ll be laughing hysterically.

    BTW, agree with the others, Angry = amazing voice.

    And Nicky sounds like a five year old screaming that he wants his num-nums but can’t have them.

  5. How the hell did you stop from bursting out into laughter? I’m laughing so hard I’m crying! And he must’ve been pretty damn drunk or high not to be able to remember ‘thomas’ for longer than one second. LOL

    • You can hear me almost lol a few times actually. When he first lost it and threatened to kill me you can hear me stifle a laugh at 00:31 and 1:01, basically when he’d go into pure rage and start screaming, I’d start to lol.

  6. Holy shit. Nicky’s going after the guy at The Author’s Pub who banned him.

    I am insulted by everything you said to me Fletcher, I didn’t fuck your wife so kindly not look at me in the same light as I did. You got a lot of complaints about me — how many complaints is that, really? Is it from the dirty mods you enlisted to run the place. You basically insulted your boss by suspending me, and I as in middle of getting the information to get those moderators taken down once and for all.

    Basically, he got banned just before he could abuse the member roster, again.

    • You gotta love it.

      You fucking bitch. Give me admin rights back please. You fucking bitch!

      Hmmm, wonder if he will succeed? *strokey chin*

    • “You basically insulted your boss by suspending me”

      Why would that offend James’ boss?

      Oh, Nicky is suggesting HE is James’ boss? Really? Nicky generates enough money for someone to earn a living working for him?

    • Al, I think Nicky means that James F. insulted James W. (who owns the Ning site) because James W. once appeared in one of Nicky’s miscellaneous publications.

    • That’s funny because I emailed James about my concerns with Nicky getting ahold of our personal information several days back.

    • Did you read about what Nicky did after reading a comment Sam left him, using her ex’s name? Nicky got on the phone and called the person in England to vent his rage. Sam & company had a good laugh about it, but it proves the lengths to which Nicky will go to harass people.

      I think Sam told that story in a comment on my “Nicky Got the Boot” entry.

  7. I’ve been trying for like two days to mix Nicky’s ranting with Mel Gibson’s ranting, just to have the experience of Mel telling Nicky to get down and blow him.

    • I have been thinking the same thing Bird! I was going to download Mel’s rants to combine them with Nicky’s but have been trying to figure out how to use them before I bother.

      So now that I know someone else is on that, I am going to stay focused on my next side-project: Animated the two calls. I am going to have help from a certain Robot if all goes well… 😉

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