Convos: The Video Version

You’ve heard the soundtrack.  Get ready for the video!

No, I didn’t put this together, but I do think it’s great.  The details are what make it:  the shifty eyes, the sputtering, the yellow teeth, the Giants cap, the RAEG . . .


70 thoughts on “Convos: The Video Version

  1. Stills from that video should be featured on the front cover of Tard Raeg Illustrated.

    Wait, what do you mean there’s no such publication?

  2. I really need to check myspace more often:

    “Need help raising money for my bills this month — see the chipin thing on here, donate some and you will get a an e-book publication”

    “Need help raising money for my bank overdraft and phone bill due by the 9th of August. You will be getting a few e-books for your donation. I added the chip”

    “Have donations set up on here — trying to raise money for my bills. Maxed out the account when trying to pay for all that I needed to pay”

    I looked and didn’t find a chip in on his page anywhere.

  3. I wonder what sort of fees his bank charges him for spending more money than he’s got in his account. Several of us were wondering where he suddenly got all that money he spent on his domain registration and hosting, plus a whole host of other things he claimed he bought. Now it sounds like he didn’t have the money, which makes sense, given that he did mention something about having to fight with his bank to clear the funds to pay for that domain registration and hosting.

    That domain is still showing an error message about not having an index page, by the way.

    Those messages said the money was due on the 9th, which was a couple of weeks ago. The thing is, if he gets his SSDI check on either the 3rd or 6th (I forget which it is), it still should have cleared by the 9th, given the three-figure dollar amount involved.

    • Yeah, you’re cleary not from Morass you homo.

      No, wait. In English, what I meant is this: some small-town banks are arrant dickweeds about clearing checks.

  4. Maybe something happened to his check, like somebody reported him for fraud and it wasn’t sent out. Wonder how that could have happened?

    Or maybe he just spent more than he had and assumed the bank wouldn’t press charges for him writing bad checks. Wrong again, dunderheadboy!

    BTW, yes I did have a very nice birthday yesterday.

    • * he had no cell phone and internet access while in the psych ward, but had it for the first week he was in the hospital, while he was in ICU (nevermind that he didn’t start making pleas for you and me to call him, until long after that week was over)

      * he had to dig through his myriad email accounts to figure out what manuscripts he sent to whom, and only had a record of submitting reprints as originals a handful of times

      * submitting all those reprints as originals really wasn’t as egregious an error as all those nasty editors who were affected are making it out to be, and oh, by the way, it was inadvertent, because he’s such a fuck-up that he can’t even keep a list of his submissions, despite the fact that he wrote an entire essay about how to sell stories “a minimum of three times each,” which Ramsey Campbell found and cited

      * he’s still counting all those reprints as original sales, in order to get to that 400+ credits he’s still claiming

      * he realizes his name is mud among the small press, so he’s decided it’s time to move on to the pros

      WTF? *boggles*

    • “five weeks in a hospital environment, roughly eight days of which was spent with “one-on-ones” in ICU and four weeks in mental health & group therapy. One-on-ones are unregistered nurses appointed to suicide risks or people like myself who suffer from terrible depressive disorders. Group therapy, psychology, psychiatry and socialization in a special environment helped tremendously. It helped me understand myself better. Don’t get me wrong. Four of those weeks I had no shoelaces or cell phones or netbooks or Kindles, but it helped.”

      What is an ‘unregistered nurse’?

      He’s got his times mixed up. Either he was dancing (remember that statement of his?) in the ICU to the music or he was dancing in the psych ward and posting to facebook from there.

    • So, Cuss, given the shit he’s spewed before, does this little stint put him in the category of “batshit insane?”

      …I’d still like to shove my foot so far up his butt that he tastes Ed Hardy for the rest of his life…

    • Didn’t that lying sack of shit say he was supposed to be there for three months? I knew his ego couldn’t keep him off the internet.

      Not like he’ll ever make the pro markets… his writing sucks, he’s a liar that got caught, and the pros now know it.

  5. I knew it wouldn’t tkae him long to get back into it.

    And he is still lying about his account being hacked and his suicide.

    Oh well, he will NEVER change.

    And now he wants to go Pro? Good luck.

  6. Nick goes quiet and Dagstine erupts.

    I’m beginning to wonder if Nick is the asinine Hyde to Dagstine’s bullshit Jykell… has anyone ever seen the two in the same room at once?

  7. Interesting that he addresses “British/Overseas Writers” in that TTA post. It’s as if he’s trying to dodge the US markets after getting busted and hoping no one else in the world notices…

  8. “lawrence-dagstine-on-suicides-and-repros/”

    There it is, as we called it about an hour after the first announcement: I’ll address the reprints but first, let me talk about my attempted suicide”.

    “Some hack into people’s accounts at the same time you’re logged in from an android phone and get beat-downs afterwards.

    I bolded the part where Dagstine admitted to committing a crime, which is physical assault, especially since he admits to giving that person (what was the name of that alt again?) access to his account and telling him to update his profile for him. If his “friend” really did maliciously hack his account then Dagstine is supposed to report it, not take the law into his own hands.

    Since he himself wrote it in his own words I think that blog should be reported, both to the Coney Island Police as well as the mental health facilities in that area.

    Truth be told he probably DID beat and choke the person who posted the fake death notices (beat his meat and choke his chicken) but if Dagstine has to choose: Either he’s telling the truth and admitted to a serious crime of assault or has to admit to it being a hoax to keep the police off of his back.

    • Oh, and him owning up to the reprints? It’s wedged in the middle of a paragraph, sandwiched between his “poor me” rants, and he even has the audacity to write it as

      “Looking through some of my old “sent” folders from various emails, I sold a handful of reprints to amateur markets on occasion.”

      That’s the extent of him being a man and owning up to his mistakes and apologizing to those he wronged. That’s all you get. That, and an announcement that he has a new girlfriend to beat and harass until she too leaves him for abuse…

      The entry has a self serving picture of some of the “publications” he was in as well as telling us he was published 400+ times. As expected, it’s all about poor him as well as him promoting himself.

      “Four of those weeks I had no shoelaces or cell phones or netbooks or Kindles”

      Um, people spoke to him on the phone. How am I supposed to believe he can write good fiction when he can’t keep his own straight? XD

    • Since we’re not too convinced that “Vance” isn’t one of Larry’s alter-egos, the whole “I was haxxored!” excuse is really lame. And, you’re right — he can’t keep his lies straight. Then there’s the bit about how he wasn’t lying about having ear problems. Maybe, but an ear “problem” isn’t exactly the same thing as the incurable ear cancer he previously claimed, complete with a copy-pasta diagram.

    • Amen, exactly. Last week a relative was diagnosed with lung cancer. When we tell others we don’t say he has lung problems, we say he has cancer.

      Besides, if he had cancer he’d throw that in there too as another example of why he shouldn’t be held accountable.

      That entry as I said before has more of him whining and bragging (how many credits he has, supposedly having a new gf and can apparently say “friends” plural now) than fessing up to his numerous wrongs.

      I love him claiming he’ll go pro at the end. That’s the funniest part.

    • Thanks for the well wishes, however it already has (liver). Sadly I’m quite used to this, hence losing 20+ family in the past decade or so. I know all about lung cancer and how it can be found on the brain or organs and still technically be lung cancer.

      I also know people who have attempted and succeeded in committing suicide, and neither are to be taken so lightly that Dagstine gets to try to use them as Get Out Of Jail cards whenever his mouth gets him in trouble again on the net.

      He has no concious. Hell, look at his apologies and how they are never as long as his self-promotions and never really have any indication of guilt in them.

  9. Sold a handful of reprints to amateur markets.

    Is it me or is that making it sound like these magazines he wronged are not a big deal and could even be at fault for letting this happen?
    As in, these places were amateur only so let this slip by them.

    I’m sure the magazines and editors that denounced him for doing this would consider themselves far more professional than him.

    • Yes, CritGit, he’s implying that the magazines he duped are amateur, and therefore no big deal. I don’t think he’s blaming them per se, but it’s obvious he considers them small potatoes.

    • Yeah, plus if to a lesser extent he’s pulling a Nicky where he acts like that lost sale was no biggie because it wasn’t a great publication to begin with. Both of them will add anything they can to their publication history proudly, and only when they are rejected to you hear them talk about how it wasn’t anything worthwhile to begin with.

  10. “There are a lot of bad people on the Internet.”

    Yes, Dagswine, and you’re one of them.

    I love how he also claims that he’s going to get more custody of his son after this. If he did do it, it would torpedo his chances in court. Thus I’m thinking he’s hoping that what’s on the Internet doesn’t get leaked elsewhere. Maybe somebody should send his ex a copy of his little snafu and subsequent kerfluffle on this site.

    And no, Dagswine, it’s not the editor’s fault for being “unprofessional” (like you would know better). What you did was fraud, plain and simple. Now fix your numbers and pile up your rejection slips from the pro markets you’ll never get into like the failure you are.

    I give him six months, if that, before he goes sour grapes and back to the old stomping grounds.

    • I’m half waiting for him to claim all those email accounts of his from which the reprints were submitted were also hacked. But if that happens, he won’t do it until he has to go crawling back to “the little people,” as Leona Helmsley used to call them.

  11. From the TTA thread.

    “Jim, thank you for your writerly wisdom as always.

    This morning I emailed and offered refunds so far to 10 smaller press publications.”

    Always amusing to see Dagswine dig himself a deeper hole.

  12. New facebook status updates from Peaches:

    “Putting Issue 12 out before Issue 11 — they will be in reverse order because I am working on both issues at the same time. I have an idea for the artwork — and looking for someone who can illustrate using thin felt tip markers — sort of a fan art feel for the cover. This one will really have the old west coast fan…zine vibe meets the 1990s indy horror/sci-fi magazine.”

    Chad A “What’s up, brother??? Are you by any chance going to that Independent Horror Film Festival at the end of this month??? If so, let me know, i’ll buy the first round!!! Also, try and bring some of your PHYSICAL stuff:books, ‘zines, whatever you might have. I’d still like to grab something from ya’ to add to my collection…!!! Hope all’s well??? TTYL :]

    Pickles “I might have copies of Tabloid Purposes IV — I have to sell copies of An Eye In Shadows to get the table space.”

    Chad A “Cool, i’ll try and help you out beforehand, but ya’ know how finances can be, especially for an unemployed student with 2 kiddos with a VERY limited income (I get dividend checks on a retirement fund that was set up years ago. Don’t want pe…ople thinking that i’m a “State Baby.”) Hope to see ya’ there!!! It promises to be a good time!! I’m REALLY looking forward to picking up some of your work, in physical format, that is!!! I just got my hands on this BEAUTIFUL floor to ceiling bookcase, and am really focusing on filling IT up!!! With books, of course, not with little trin kets, and what-not?!?!? Look forward to checking out some more stuff of yours!!! ALWAYS a pleasure, my friend!!! TTYL.

    “… wishes he had a Wii for the new Metroid.”

    Helps to have a job Nickster.

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