Damage Control

No, not what happened at SL this evening.  That’s better termed whitewashing.

Nikita wasn’t too thrilled that Matty nuked his 4theluv submission thread, so he posted a new one.

At this time I am reworking the first Library of Unknown Horrors because I need to do some damage control, but I am looking for new stories for the anthology.  If anyone wants the e-mail address to submit to send to my message box on here for the private e-mail address (I am using my personal e-mail address for this.)  I am looking for stories starting at 3000 words then topping out at 10,000 words.  I will provide a .pdf copy of the finished anthology plus if contributors want copies they can get them at a discount (they would have to send the amount for the books at cost for me to get them.  I will have an ISBN for this one.)

So, he calls doing the right thing (under pressure from several parties) “damage control.”  Nobody’s blaming him for being suckered with that plagiarized story.  Other people were too, but they all voluntarily fixed it as soon as it was brought to their attention.  There wouldn’t have been any damage if he had done likewise, rather than wait until the pressure was on.  Of course, it could be argued that his conduct in general, aside from this incident, has already damaged his reputation beyond repair . . .

Note that he talks about having an ISBN for the reissued publication.  I can’t help but wonder whether he’s going to try to reuse the original one he got, rather than get a new one, the way he’s supposed to.

Any plagiarism to the anthology gets the would be contributor blacklisted from being published anywhere in the small press because I will inform other small press outfits about the plagiarist.

Hahahahaha.  Nicky thinks he has the power to blacklist someone from every other one-man operation out there.  The problem, of course, is that he didn’t even discover that he’d published a plagiarized story until long after other folks were discussing the issue, sharing plenty of hard evidence.

The rest of the thread is tl;dr, and has little do do with submission guidelines, but has a few funny nuggets about his cousin, and former roomie.

And that, folks, is what Nicky calls damage control.  Um, yeah.


Screengrabs from Mary’s SL thread after the cut.

400 thoughts on “Damage Control

  1. My first one’s stuck in moderation, Rusty.

    Anyway, funny thing on Shocklines:

    I ended up bouncing an international check because WaMu had no idea how to cash international checks

    Why, yes, I believe that a multinational banking corporation with over 5,000 overseas locations with contracts with the Defense Finance Group to handle combat zone pay for soldiers on the ground in hazard zones has no idea how to cash an international check because after all, it couldn’t be little Nickita’s fault that he tried to cash a Nigerian check, woudl it?

  2. The only thing I can think of that might upset me if he was in my class at school would be the overpowering stench of unwashed ass and mildewy clothing that would emanate from him.

  3. Here’s my response to him, since I imagine the whole thread will get nuked from orbit.

    Brian, Ramsey, Jim, Ant, and the others who said kind things about the story, and me — thank you. It is very much appreciated. Thank you.

    I see now that posting news of a story here to a few people I thought might be interested was probably a bad idea. I have very infrequently managed to post here without being deleted for defending a point, a friend, or myself. I will not be likely to make that mistake in the future.

    Nick. Oh, little Nick. I don’t need to call you a nutjob, or tell you you’re jealous. You’ve done an admirable job of proving that right here. In spades. I will tell you, though, that you are old news. People are so tired of listening to you rant about these imagined feuds you have, which you use to justify going after people you envy to the point of mania. People yawn when you post endlessly about how awesome you are at this style or that, how your writing is like this famous author’s or that’s. People laugh at you when you throw out childish vulgarities and schoolyard insults. I don’t know how they do it in your town, but in the rest of civilization, there are designated facilities for urination and defecation. You may have been raised like an animal, but the rest of us use those facilities and don’t do our business on you, your bowl of cornflakes, your stories, or anything else. Your scatological obsession disgusts me.

    So does your sexual obsession with me and a number of women (and men) in this business, especially because so much of your fantasy has such violent overtones.

    I am not the things you say I am. I have never slept with anyone to get published. I have never been paid for sex. But I don’t need to defend myself to you, because I think you’re scum. Someday, you’ll shrivel to a blubbering, gibbering, drooling mess in the corner of a padded cell somewhere, and then maybe I can have some peace. To the others for whom some clarification may be warranted, my sex life is my own, but I have NEVER used it to get published. That I even have to reiterate this saddens me, but then, the taint of Pacione in any part of our community saddens me.

    • Mary — by the way, I just finished reading the story and thought it was amazing. Very well done, hit many a true chord, from the not-inexperienced perspective of someone who’s worked in the psych field for as long as I have.

      My only complaint is the same one I usually have over such tales … it ended too soon! I wanted more! A novel might suffice. Might. A trilogy would be better. Come on. Get busy!

      And hell, if the little drain-clot had bothered to read it at all, he would have had good reason to hate it legitimately instead of whatever crybaby “so THERE!” grudge he thinks he’s got going. Not only because it’s light-years better than anything he could even dream of writing, but because the subject matter probably had him shaking in his sleepsack for fear of the men in the white coats finally hauling him off to where he belongs.

      Oh, for the good old days of inpatient care …

      — C.

    • Aww, thank you! 😀 I’m so glad you liked it, and relieved that it rang true of people like that. ha ha ha ha Nicky probably thought I was writing about him. Or at least the dreams from the nightmares of the pen which elude him….

  4. Apparently Nickita thinks that writing a story with the same name as one of the stories he wrote and named after a song title is plagiarizing his works.

    How many times have we told him what plagiarizing really is?

  5. Nikki loathed and ignores facts all the time, Ant. You could point the official definition of plagiarism in the dictionary, tape in to his computer monitor and he’d still get it wrong.

    You, Mary and Brian nailed it though on that thread. Too bad it will be gone by noon because of Matt’s unrepentant douchebaggery.

  6. And, we have Ramsey Campbell’s response to the hedge trimming:

    Dear me. My contribution, which I believe was measured and polite, has been deleted. I hope I’m allowed to repeat that I found Mary’s tale controlled and powerful.

    Like a drunken sailor with a sewing machine, Matty’s not doing himself any favors.

  7. For some reason can’t get the screen grabs to enlarge enough to read them, but seeing the size of Nicky’s posts – well something tells me they aren’t well written and polite contributions. 😉

    So great big rants yet again. Hates his own threads being derailed but any excuse to start shit.
    Which, like everyone else, I just don’t get why it is being allowed. Still!

    • That’s odd. I wonder if Photobucket automatically shrinks them if they’re over a certain byte limit. I certainly didn’t do anything different from the other screengrabs when I grabbed or uploaded them.

    • Aye sadly, photobucket does shrink them if they’re over a certain size. I got everything as well and the imageshack album I posted earlier seems to allow for zooming in to the proper size.

    • Okay, Lewis. That probably explains why Photobucket won’t let me resize them up. I’m going to try something else, just for the two Mary pages.

  8. Mary, that is so fucking ridiculous! A distinguished writer like you posts a link to free content, and instead of deleting Pacione’s shitstorm and letting your gift to horror fans be made available, Matt goes into all-out Asshole Protection Mode?

    I mean, what is that board supposed to be for, anyway?

    • Well, it’s not about writers sharing content and opinions or anything like that. It’s basically Matt’s love letter to Nickolaus and Dagstine. It was originally going to be called the ‘Abusive Fuckhead Man-Boob Online Nibblefest’, but somehow the name ‘Shocklines’ was more marketable, if not exactly descriptive.

    • I think Shocklines is code for “Nicky Has Matt’s Permission to Commit Libel With Impunity”.

      Mary, you deserve much better than to be demeaned by that scum-sucking piglet. I can’t imagine what Matt’s logic in continuing to allow Shocklines to serve as Nicky’s personal libel outlet can be. I’m looking forward to the end of my workday more than usual, as I can’t access your story from here and really want to read it.

  9. Missed this with all the drama but Nicky provided an update on getting his sister into writing in his submission call thread.

    “The charity allows other writers to take off and emerge, much as what my sister is doing. I am looking for a vehicle to launch her career too, I am her guardian in the literary industry. Publishers told me via e-mail that I can sign for her and this is the arrangement that my mother and I made if Stephanie would like to be published with her first short story.

    I might have her come on for this vehicle since I am planning to get her an account with FictionPress.com for a Christmas present. She is not as prolific as I am as a writer just yet because she’s got a lot of school work. I am impressed at how many of my publishers took her under their wing, and what I say to them about that is thank you that means a lot to me especially since she became accustomed to the small press early on. She’s learning from the good stuff in horror, she asked me when she read The Typewriter is this, “Isn’t horror supposed to be gory?”

    When I do these photographs for the covers — I might even pitch this to another publisher if I end up with two volumes. It would be cool to see vol 2 and 3 emerge out of the submission call. My sister is now a horror writer too, and keeping her away from the criminal element who like to cause trouble. All my roster is looking over her too as a favor to me. Making sure she doesn’t follow all the trends in horror and able to create unique archetypes like her older brother. ”

    I still can’t help but feel a little concerned about that, I just get the impression that Nicky’s pushing her into a world that she won’t be ready for just to feed his ego. Though I’m also curious as to how her writing compares to his.

  10. Okay, so I’ve caught up with all this and two things jump out at me immediately.

    First: Mary I am sorry that this vile man has ruined what should have been a positive experience for you. I am glad that there are still a few professionals around Shocklines to actually give you honest feedback as well as support.

    Second: Why the hell does having XX chromosomes and getting ahead in or praise within a community always come down to fucking? Not that I believe Nick’s insinuations but the fact is these types of barbs and jabs are still as common as mud. In politics, writing, film or any position of perceived power, if a woman is occupying it she must have earned it on her back, knees or some other type of shady dealing. I’m probably going to end up blogging about this as apparently it’s poking a rather big button.

    • He’s probably just mad because he can’t talk any girls into having sex with him just to get published in one of his crappy anthologies that nobody buys :p

      Hey Nicky maybe if you hadn’t taken that vow not to bathe until someone actually buys your crap girls would sleep with you?

    • Thanks Neve. 🙂 I appreciate that.

      I think in Nicky’s case, it’s more than just mere jealousy that drives him to spread lurid gossip to soothe his indignation. He only relates to others in very skewed, sexually violent ways. This seems true for men and women. The violence is always to the genitals. The insults always have to do with the lower regions. His obsessive thought processes have tied his anger so tightly to any sexuality he feels that when the anger is triggered, imagined sexual violence makes him feel better.

      He can’t stand that with other aspects in his mind being equal (he and I are both Italian, about the same age, and into more or less the same kind of music), I might be doing better than he is in writing. He wants to be the pinnacle of respect and awe, with all others sitting at his feet to learn the secrets of great horror writing from him. The need for this fantasy is so strong that he feels he needs to destroy anything that threatens to crack it open and let the light of reality come shining in.

    • I noticed that he was trying to pull Jane into things in his reply to Ramsey too, not that her or Cuss need any added stress right now. Angry Gen X authors my flat ass. Nick doesn’t have a gods-damned thing to be mad about. He should just stfu and keep sucking on his government issued Binky.

      Mary, you are spot on with your rage assessment and the link to his frustrated as well as immature sex drive. Sabledrake and Ant were also more than right to point out that mental illness is far from being a legitimate excuse or call for absolution from the terrible things Nicky says and the way he treats others.

  11. Wait. Whaaaa?

    How did the name “Jane Timm Baxter” get tied into Nick’s philosophy on… on whatever the hell he was trying to say? Last I knew, she was still on the rack in his eyes. Does anyone know anything I’ve missed??

  12. Ok, cool. Here we go. Can someone explain the term “whifflehorror” to me?

    “That story is a polished turd. What did you do, suck the guy’s dick to get the story published there?

    I’ve easy done better stories than this, maybe if you shut up and stop stilfing me of a legit readership or some sales I might not inform the world that your novel collects one thing and that’s dust. If you want to see me do horror, I can show you a very strong one and this got me a following among the disabled circles. How you got published is beyond me.

    As long you keep smearing my career I will keep making the rude, blue humored jokes that offend you so much. Trying to make a necklace from my teeth for calling you a slut, well if you stop looking like a slut and a poser I will not call yo on it. I would rather see you go into poverty as you’re seeing with me. Yes you started this Sangivoanni. You really shouldn’t have opened your mouth on The Crusty Rail and call me a fucking nutcase.

    You’re in it for the greed and I am in it for the fans, the money might be good but it’s for the fans and by the fans. That’s why I went into the publisher direction. The only difference now is I have the publishing history to really back it up. I would rather see you struggle and go into poverty, you want to know how you could have prevented this. Just shut your slutty mouth about House of Spiders 3’s first three pages. You could have prevented this by just letting the people be the judge of my work instead of you being the mouth for their opinion. That’s why I make the blue humored cracks about how you got your publishing deal.

    I could very easy been in your homeroom or your graduation class, same with K.P. Burke too. So you wonder why I am so damn competitive with both of you, it’s because I had a five year start before each of you. When you emerged on the web in 2002, my website was getting some prominance and I’ve been in charge of a huge community. I am an admin to a community now half the size but still big. I’ve been a publisher so I can work my way outward as a manuscript trader.

    While you get a shitty layout on a blog, I designed mine from the ground up. I would rather put it out myself and present it the way I want it than have a shitty e-zine wreck the layout of a story. You keep writing that damn whifflehorror along with your mentor Brian Keene while I write the kind of horror the fans truly want and they want it dark, fast, smart, and violent.

    While you were bragging about getting higher credits I was learning the trade of being a publisher and do it in a way that blows other publishers out of the water. I needed the vehicle for my other medium to express myself so I became a self publisher to do it. But when I did that I became a publisher of other writers by accident, though that started the seeds of a publisher for me. I’ve been a publisher six years but you liked to stifle me from getting a sale — you went out of your way to do that. Why can’t you just let me have those sales, you never read my print exclusive work but I read your work and must say it’s a sad state of affairs known as horror.”

    • Oh you have to love it. He keeps doing this – admitting his failings while accusing others.

      “I would rather see you go into poverty as you’re seeing with me”

      He’s been a publisher for years but is being oppressed by people that have been around for less but are far more successful than him.

      “You could have prevented this by just letting the people be the judge of my work instead of you being the mouth for their opinion.”

      In other words everyone hated it. 😀

      “I’ve easy done better stories than this,”

      And now you’re leaving the Earff for no raisin. 😉

    • He might be talking about how a wiffle ball is easier to hit or not a real baseball, so wiffle horror is easier or not real horror. Just a guess.

    • So Nicky if you’re doing it for the fans where are your fans, and why the hell aren’t they buying your books? Everyone youi keep insulting with childish and pathetic insults is successful in their careers while yours is going nowhere.

    • . . . I was learning the trade of being a publisher and do it in a way that blows other publishers out of the water.

      FIFY, Peaches.

  13. Hey, I got a mention!

    I want to know what “stilfing” him is. If it doesn’t involve getting within sniffing distance of him, I want in on it.

  14. When I get this bookstore open, I intend to devote one section to all those authors stilfing Nicky. Mary, Keene, Janrae and anyone else who wants in on the action will be prominently displayed under a sign reading ‘Nicky-Stilfers’. I will host Nicky-Stilfer Book-Signings as often as I can entice the stilfers down into this part of Tennessee.

    Hey, Nicky, guess whose books I WON’T be carrying?

  15. and Yeah yeah yeah I know I said I was going out of town, but my trip was postponed a day due to the lovely winds here in Iowa. 🙂 My little ford contour wouldn’t have stood a chance on the interstate with semis.

  16. Damnit. It’s l-i-e-d-e-r and the press is Dybbuk Press. Not Dubbyk. If he was doing it on purpose to annoy me it’d be different. But he just mispells it.

    By breaking Michael Boatman out, he means discovering Boatman right? I hope that’s what he means because it sounds a little dirty.

    Strange accusation. Very strange. I only claim credit for making money off of Boatman. And publishing his first collection of short stories – God Laughs When You Die – which you can all special order at your local bookstore and won’t Pac be pissed?

    • He probably does do it on purpose… he keeps on referring to me as AutoAim, AutoAim_CFG and other misspelled variations, in the misguided and pathetic hope that it will somehow annoy me in the same manner that it drives his pauper ass up the wall when people refer to him as Nicky, Nikita, Peaches, etc…

      I know it sounds ridiculous but, hey, it’s Nikita the Tragic Clown we’re talking about here. In his tiny mind he’s probably thinking he’s insulting me in some way… or something… you never know with someone as mentally deficient as Nixypoo, do you?


      Heads up, Princess Sparkle-Pony: Feel free to spell my name any which way you like, when you thrash incoherently about on the internet. I couldn’t be less bothered about it even if I tried. And for the record, I think “Pale Baldy” sounds kinda nice and I’m considering adopting the name for the whiteface vampire avatar picture of me. So I guess a “thanks” is on order, for that one.

      Kind regards,
      autoaim.cfg AKA Pale Baldy

    • I agree with Tim and Mike that it’s not deliberate. When it’s deliberate, he comes up with something mindbogglingly brilliant, such as Crusty Rail. *yawn*

    • Auto, for my next steampunk vampire novel (which will hopefully very quickly have a home like the first) I would like to name one of my Nosferatu-type henchmen in the story Pale Baldy. With your permission, of course.

  17. Thanks for the bigger screengrabs, Rusty.
    Nicky’s posts have next to nothing to do with commenting on the story, apart from an initial bit in the first post saying he doesn’t like it – if nothing on why.

    Seeing as posts had obviously been deleted, how Matt removed those and not his is beyond me?

    I know I shouldn’t be surprised by that by now, yet considering the posts were just huge rambling whines about other things, I just don’t see how he thinks it was okay to leave them there, even for a bit.

    • He probably didn’t even read the story since it takes place in a mental hospital. Or it was above his 1st grade reading level.

  18. Guess it’s time to sign up at the Keenedom. I’ve lurked at Shocklines on occasion after swearing off it… Two years ago now? I just can’t see posting there anymore.

  19. Mary’s thread at Shocklines now includes a blistering condemnation of Matt from the editor of Literary Mayhem (who used to work for Famous Monsters).

    • Yeah that won’t be allowed to stay long.

      But my word, have I ever come across a better summation of a Pacione’s review (or post)? –

      “The first line of the comment was a very derogatory remark towards Mary personally and then he just rambled off incoherently like some angered five year old child.”

  20. Usually just one to observe and not comment, but since I like Mary S and Keene, I would just like to note that another douchebag has reared his head in that thread looking for attention in his usual passive-aggressive way: Bookhoard aka BileDragon aka Paul Dracon.

    I would suggest he is a strong third place contender for assclown of the decade just beneath Pacione and Dagstine just for uttering the phrase, “Teh charges were dropped.”

  21. Oh, yeah, and apparently, Dracon has helped Pacione design the cover of his books.


    Somewhere in that wall of text, you will find this nugget:

    “Paul Dracon introduced me to the program that would define what I do as a cover designer and it also responds to HTML commands. That was something I didn’t know about in the beginning but it works like the website design programs on Homestead or AOL/Netscape when they had their homepage providers.”

  22. Are threads getting zapped on SL? Mary Sangiovannis thread just jumped from page a couple of posts down on page two to a couple of post up on page one… without any new replies added to the thread. If I’m not mistaken about 4-5 threads just went *poof*.

  23. NickolausPacione gave a shout to Shocklines …

    * I will take a week. I was doing the best I can not to go hardcore on Keene, if I really wanted to be really insulting you would have known it. That was why I was apologizing for the harshness. I am trying to smooth things with Ramsey.


    • Aaaah, so THAT’S why there’s no Clownprincess Nikita on tonight?

      Matt put him on a time-out. Yes, I saw Jo “Supernanny” Frost do that with misbehaving children on her show, http://abc.go.com/shows/supernanny

      She puts the misbehaving children throwing temper tantrums in the “naughty corner” and they can’t come away from there until they’ve calmed down and apologized for being bad.

      Congratulations, Mr. Nickolaus Pacione – Matt just put you in the Naughty Corner.


      I can’t stop giggling.

  24. From facebook:

    Regarding a cousins college graduation:

    “Proud moment in the black cap and gown. I want to do this someday myself — I want to get a degree in publishing management. Get a degree in desktop publishing.”

    Still looking for authors for 12 or something:

    “VACANT SPOT IN 12 — up for grabs! E-mail me at etherealgazette@xxxxx.com. the longest story and I had a heart to heart, good luck where ever they go. Any Pacione writers — you have the seniority that the Tabloid Purposes has. Pacione writers have Tabloid Purposes benifits.

    Christina Langjahr Please kill me”

  25. A rather boring tl:dr blurty entry up, though apparently he’s going to be releasing a story for people to read for free either soon or on Thanksgiving, I’m not sure.

    • He’s got some funny nuggets in there.

      Being this other author bowed out I am inviting Kealan Patrick Burke because I don’t hate him though we have our diffences. I want to trade my way into his magazine . . .


      I am investing in a Levi’s silver button denim shirt and a pair of patent leather basketball shoes.

      ‘Cause vintage shops pay a fortune for that sort of crap.

      I want to do this one right. Not going to fuck up the back cover on Issue 10 . . .

      Didn’t he already do that?

      I am not putting a new story out as a freebie for Halloween but one I wrote when I was a staff writer on Wheels of Terror. The release date is set for Thanxgiving Day (so people can do their holiday shopping for the special science fiction and horror fan in their life.)

      ‘Cause everyone “shops” for really old free stories to give their nearest and dearest for the holidays.

      I reported Boyer’s book to Lulu.com to see if they would close his account.

      Nice try, but the complaint has to come from the aggrieved party, not a third party. Still, if the book is pulled, watch Nicky take credit for it.

    • Yeah I didn’t notice this the first time I scanned it.

      “I am going to donate copies of Issue 12 to the high school, and I am thinking about doing a speaking engagement with the class about computer science in fiction. This is the constant science fiction element I use in my sci-fi mode.”

      Nicky talking to a roomful of high school kids about computer science in fiction… The mind simply boggles.

    • Nicky would never be able to get the booking. But I confess when I read that part, I thought the jokes would write themselves.

    • “I will say I do talk as much trash as Brian Keene does but I don’t think he would go urinate on someone’s photograph and upload the aftermath.”

      That sounds like a challenge…

      “I realized I have a high profile critic in Ramsey Campbell, he needs to not judge what I do as a publisher and why I do it but read the anthologies to get a feel on what I do. If I remember right, he was published on an anthology that was published through lulu.com. I guess he doesn’t talk about that one too much.”

      Oh dear…

    • I have no idea who half the people he’s railing against in that diatribe are. And, his language skills make it damn near impossible to determine what he’s accusing them of doing.

      Nickypoo, Boyer was being discussed for at least a week here and on Rick’s blog — and a good month or more on Shocklines — before B finally took the plunge and clued you in about the plagiarism. Nobody’s blaming you for getting suckered into printing that story, and you weren’t the only publisher who was, but the rest of them have the good sense to not issue publicly posted threats to Boyer. Do you realize that by doing so, you’re potentially fucking up the lawsuits against him?

    • So many funnies to choose from…

      “Now I am just waiting for someone to do a real person horror of me confronting this plagiarizer…” Hm, Nanowrimo starts tonight at midnight and I often write little unrelated random scenes when I need a break from the main story. And he did ask for it.

      “Right now I got week ban from a board …” Wow, Matty must have actually banned Nicky for a while. Color me shocked.

      Finally, the award for the worst-butchered idiom goes to: “They throw stones in glass houses.”

    • So, I was right when I guessed, from Nickypoo’s “shout” to Matt, that he agreed to be banned for a week. Nicky made it sound like it was negotiated, though, which I doubt.

  26. “They say I need the Internet access taken from me, but look at what the shits like The Crusty Rail and ExposeTheFuckTard are doing. Gossip bloggers are a collective circle jerk seeing who they can derail or stifle, and different message boards cost me a publishing contract that was a high payday from Darkness Productions.”
    New Nixypoo love from his WordPress toilet.

    • Also apparently “they can urinate blood and puss”, what does Nicky have against poor old puss? I’m starting to wonder if it was him that put her in the well.

  27. Oh that’s right, Nicky uncovered all this himself. Not turned up late not even reading the thread still wanting to work with Boyer.

    Personally I dont’ see how a rambling stream of violent threats will actually help the work being done against Boyer. Might even harm it.

  28. Well whomever it was that predicted Nikki would claim he discovered “Tin Foil” Dave’s larcenous acts, a cookie for them.

    Rusty, I don’t think Nikkita recognizes anything but himself. The only thing that matters to that idiot is that he was wronged and that “Tin Foil” must be made to feel his wrath and RAEG. Lawsuits won’t stop the likes of this criminal, oh no. Only our little Sassquat can use the powers of teh interwebs to bring him down.

    At least, that’s what he thinks. Reality is going to have to prove him wrong. Again.

    And Nikki, Mister Campbell doesn’t need to read your so-called anthologies. Your posts on Schmucklines prove that you do not have the capacity to call yourself a writer or an editor.

  29. I just noticed this, buried way down in the comments:

    Nickolaus Pacione said…

    Is there some way for me to get a hold of the original writer — I am thinking have the original writer take over the plagiarizer’s pen name. I wish I knew this sooner, and I am fucking pissed. have the original creator e-mail me so I can get this fixed as soon as possible. Have the original writer of the story e-mail me at npacione@gmail.com and I will see what I can do to get this resolved. You know the original creator can take over the pen name.
    10/23/2010 8:38 PM

  30. Facebook updates:

    “need someone to let me borrow a crunch amp for a couple days when I am in Chicago — then a guitar strap and 10 pics. I want someone to video tape me grinding on my B.C. Rich for my vampire freaks profile.

    “It’s a perfect day for a hanging and this rant will be the hangman’s noose for David Boyer. It’s nearly 4000 words.

    “Free copy of Tabloid Purposes IV if you live in Boyer’s area — to get the book you have to egg his house and TP his ride. I know I am so bad, figured have some fun at the piece of shit’s address. plagiarizers can’t keep nice houses, and seems like one of his accounts have been shut down. I will do a heads up about his real name for those who want to help me shut him down.

    “Happy Devil’s Night Mother Fiuckers :whahahaahaah: Plenty of new free shit on author’s den.com. Sign the damn guestbook on Writings From The Grave. The domain is officially a few months old. Still constructing LakeFossilPress.org.

    Peaches: Hey Holly — you can read Witch’s Party over there, join as a reader to leave a review of the story. It was actually a halloween party I went to in 1997. I ended up staying the night at the party and seen some weird

    “redrum reyod. God I can be so evil at times.

    “Run like fucking hell there’s a sick fuck in a hockey mask weilding a goddamn machete –now I see where Brendan said “Jason Fucking Vorhees.” I’ve had some weird friends on here over the years, and I have to admit some of them scare me sometimes.

    “Plagiarizer = Blood on the water! Yeah the whole writing community are a school of sharks. I just took a juge chunk out of his ass, test bite. Boyer is screwed, now the rest of the writers are waiting to take a bite out of his ass. Lulu.com took down one of his accounts — good going guys. I love using shark analogies. all the fins breaking the water and circling around him.

    “One of my blood line cousins is now one of my proteges. My sister is my other protege.

    “Holy Fucking Shit — The Fandom Writer 2 is starting to really be a Cthulhu Mythos story in its own entity that’s DARKER Than Call of the Cthulhu.”

    “Dagon — Ocean Metal m/

    Hey Boyer, do you feel the razor sharp teeth cutting your skin? Yeah that’s every writer taking a bite out of your flesh and the more they smell the blood on the water, they will keep coming until you have a watery grave with nothing left of your limbs. My entry I took the biggest bite out …of your character.

    Say your prayers pal because God isn’t going to save you.

    • So, he’s put out an internet solicitation for vandals. He can’t get a ride to Vincennes, and is too chicken to do it himself, but he wants others to commit a crime for him. Brilliant, that.

    • I thought you were supposed to egg cars and TP houses not the other way around. Damn nicky can’t even get vandalism right 😛 Eggs will ruin your car’s paint job.

    • If you notice, he even spelled Boyer wrong.

      Also @ Melany, there are other more destructive things that ruin paint faster then eggs.

      One is food based lunch-meat, the second is a fluid.

      Speaking from experience of course.

    • “need someone to let me borrow a crunch amp for a couple days when I am in Chicago — then a guitar strap and 10 pics. I want someone to video tape me grinding on my B.C. Rich for my vampire freaks profile.”

      Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. Princess Nicky Wicky Woo. I know the B.C. Rich Warlock has that cutaway at the bridge-end of the guitar, and I’m sure it does look tempting to someone with your deviant sex drive, but if you try to grind away at it like you say, those spiky bits will dig into you and do you a mischief.

    • “need someone to let me borrow a crunch amp for a couple days when I am in Chicago — then a guitar strap and 10 pics. I want someone to video tape me grinding on my B.C. Rich for my vampire freaks profile.,

      Can someone give me a ride to Chicago?
      And let me stay in their room?
      And bring a video camera?
      And a memory stick?
      And an amp?
      Oh, and 10 guitar picks! I’m metal enough for 10!
      Oh, and a guitar strap?

      Then can you video me whaling on this eBay guitar I bought?

      Then convert it to MPEG?

      And then upload it to the internet or send it to me on a 16GB thumbdrive?

      And host it for me?

      Christ, he doesn’t want much, does he?

    • And if you won’t do all that for him, then you’re just meeeeean, and out to get him, and out to wreck his career, and . . . and . . . and he’ll make up all kinds of absurd nasty things about you, and spread them all over the internet, and . . . and . . . and pout and RAEG until his next government check arrives, so he can spend it on pizza and take-out instead of paying his authors.

  31. I got some legimacy now because of being allowed to do what I want on Shocklines.

    Somehow, I don’t think even Matty considers the week-long timeout he gave Nikita to be the same as allowing him to do what he wants there.

  32. Hey, Sam Cox, get ahold of WordPress and have him shut down.

    He called you a whore, not in those words, but pretty much said you spread your legs for authors and artists.

    Not to mention all the homophobic hate speech sprinkled through that entry.

  33. “I realized I have a high profile critic in Ramsey Campbell, he needs to not judge what I do as a publisher and why I do it but read the anthologies to get a feel on what I do. If I remember right, he was published on an anthology that was published through lulu.com. I guess he doesn’t talk about that one too much.”

    Indeed I don’t. Someone remind me what it was!

    • Actually, Mr Campbell, out of curiosity I looked into that particular claim last night and it appears to be a case of failed research on his part.

      A search on Lulu turns up the following anthologies which feature a contribution from you, The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2010 Edition SC, Curse of the Full Moon, and Alone with the Horrors, and as far as I can gather they are only available there through a partnership with the Ingram Book Company.

  34. But He publishes with lulu…..

    So do I, personally I don’t really see the problem there i ts used properly and not used to produce a load of shit.

    Hey ant, do you mean the WP he just posted?

    • Yeah, it blathers on a bit but this is the offending section.

      “Cox is a glorified Twilight FanFiction writer who gets her art and gets paid with sex. In other words she spreads her legs on a bed for her art, and I wonder if her two kids are from different daddies. The way I see that plagiarizing bitch, is not only a stalker but also a slut. I see the bloody harpie in the same light as Boyer because she want’s to lift INSECT, well she gets paid in sex for her artwork. ”

      Basically he picked up that your partner is an artist and has provided art for you, but he screws up the tense and makes it sound as though you sell artwork in exchange for sex, either way he’s just jealous of anyone with a sex life. You might want to read the full article, in sections with aspirin to hand, since he now seems to think of you as a rival publisher.

    • . . . I wonder if her two kids are from different daddies. The way I see that plagiarizing bitch, is not only a stalker but also a slut.

      Awww. He thinks you’re his mommy.

    • Nicky’s just jealous because no girl will sleep with him to get into one of his books, and hookers require money upfront to get them to touch him :p

  35. “Actually, Mr Campbell, out of curiosity I looked into that particular claim last night and it appears to be a case of failed research on his part.

    A search on Lulu turns up the following anthologies which feature a contribution from you, The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2010 Edition SC, Curse of the Full Moon, and Alone with the Horrors, and as far as I can gather they are only available there through a partnership with the Ingram Book Company.”

    Thanks, Lewis! Actually, there are quite a few of my books on sale through lulu.com, now that I check – some from Tor, some from Leisure. But they aren’t published by Lulu! I thought my memory couldn’t be that bad…

  36. Matt just snipped Marys thread, removing the Literary Mayhem post about Nikitas aggression towards Mary. It was on page four so he probably thought he could get away with it without anyone noticing it.

    I just posted there, mentioning that fact. Lets see how long it takes for Matt ban me and/or delete the post I made. In case it gets axed fast I posted:

    “It’s a shame this thread was just edited by Matt, removing the defense of Mary SanGiovanni written by the party responsible for Literary Mayhem. The deletion of posts was once again completely unwarranted. As usual, any kind of criticism or mention of the elephant in the room is deleted by Matt, in order to protect said elephant / lapdog and hide the truth. Why he chooses to do so is anyones guess.”

  37. A few FB nuggets:

    The family volunteered me for candy watch yesterday — just ditched the candy on the stairs and went back to work on the namesake anthology. I already have one canidate for this one and a few more coming on. Especially when there was rumors of me actually plagiarizing people when I don’t do that crap.

    Despite the obvious selfishness, it’s probably best that Nicky isn’t putting his sweaty, greasy palms on anything a child is going to ingest.

    The thing I hate about editing anthologies and it’s editing from a pdf file. That’s a lot of work, and it took me five days to re-edit the namesake and still have a lot to do with it — the TOC, Introduction, copyright and the editor’s bio pages…

    fine editing the body of the anthology. Going to use Tabloid Purposes 3’s TOC template for the anthology. I am selling TOC templates for $5.00 via Paypal.com and users must have Open Office to see these.

    Why would someone pay Nicky for something Microsoft Word will do automatically?

    • If he did leave the candy out on the stairs so he wouldn’t have to answer the door, it means the first kids to come by, unescorted by an adult, emptied the entire basket into their pillowcases, and that was the end of it.

      I’d guess he grabbed half a dozen candy bars for himself, then tossed the rest outside. Whatever the case, it’s pretty obvious that nobody there is keeping an eye on him.

    • More fb fun:

      “Get the word out about Boyer — the homo is toast. I am doing an explosive rant that would been a fit in An Eye In Shadows. I am looking real person horror featuring the little asshole as the main character. Lee, this one is yours to write man. I am putting more public domain stories in the revised version. NAmely H.P. Lovecraft’s story The Temple. I am halfway done working this out.”

      Ken K.: “The word’s already out, I thought.”

      Sparkle Pony: “He pulled this on your anthology appearence in a Lake Fossil Press anthology. I am republishing the book as WritingsFromTheGrave.com, it will be a Writings From The Grave publication because of the title having my name in the title.”

    • Melany’s assessment is more accurate of Nikki’s character. I doubt his porkness left anything out for the Trick or Treater’s out in Morris…

      So Nikki, still gonna fly out to Pittsburgh? Or are you just gonna cower and make me a “horror target?”

    • From Baupdeth’s VF profile.

      “Look you plagiarizing asshole, I appreciate it if you stop stealing my facebook postings. I demand one thing and that’s my privacy. Next time you do it I will take a fucking plane to Fayettevill and drag you out of the house beating the shit out of you.”

    • Oh, Nicky, and since you’re clearly reading this I just wanted to point out that with your public and well documented threats against Bob and wife, should you manage to beg enough money for a plane ticket, somehow track him down, and force your way into his house then under Castle Doctrine the use of deadly force would probably be justifiable.

    • He’s been big on getting on a plane and dragging people out of whatever locale for a beating lately. Hell, if he tells me what flight he’s coming in on, I’ll save him the trouble of searching for me and meet him at the airport.

    • Hey Nikki, Suck it.

      “Hey Kat — I am looking to do a heavy metal project of my own and looking for a really fast shred guitarist for the lead guitarist but an ability to do epic style tracks. I am looking to do a trade off between a thrash male and thrash female vocals. I will handle the lyric writing abilities for this and I am a rhythm guitarist in my own right. Let me know if this interests you.”

      There I posted from your wall again. Also to come visit me, take US Airways. They got some hot assed flight attendants, tickets from today start at $222.00. You have to fly into Charlotte NC, great town btw, and make a connecting flight to Fayetteville. Let me know what flight you manage to grab, I’ll be like Enterprise Rental and pick you up!

  38. Matt, Nicky… absolutely despicable… “news at eleven”, as they say. In the case of Peaches, he’s just a retard his own family doesn’t give a moist fecal expulsion about, but… seriously… Matt? Mr. Schwartz is slowly getting on my nerves.

    At 03:38 GMT the Mary thread has not been cut down further, at least. Praise C’thulhu for small miracles, eh?

    • Matt replied defending his deletion of that post and threatening a lock, but he hasn’t snipped anything else off the thread yet.

    • Nice reply, autoaim, but you’re pissing in the wind. Logic works no better on Matt than on Nicky. He has no shame, nor any understanding that the only thing standing between what Shocklines used to be and the sad parody of itself it’s become is Nicky’s continued presence. He must enjoy spending half his time chasing around the board to delete posts, since all he’d have to do to avoid all that extra work is ban Nicky permanently and lighten his workload tremendously. But then, all the real writers would come back and enjoy positive interaction with his readers. God forbid that ever happen!

    • I can see that it’s impossible to keep this thread going without it being hijacked. This will be the last warning. If people continue to post on here with threads unrelated to Mary’s story, I’ll ban the person and lock the thread. Final warning. I don’t want to lock it, as it would be unfair to Mary in not allowing people to discover her story. So have some respect and take any issues offline. If you want to complain, feel free to email me, but don’t hijack someone else’s thread. Thank you.

      Did he ban you yet?

    • Nope, but he’s ignoring his inbox even though he’s online. I challenged him to apologize to Mary publicly. He’s putting his fingers in his ears and going LA LA LA LA LA, apparently.

  39. Isn’t printing someone’s story without telling the author that you’ve printed it “Theft of intellectual property” even if you do include the author’s name (or at leave an almost recognisable variant) in the ToC?

    It might not be plagiarism but I know for a fact 4 writers in EG10 had their work stolen in this way.

    • I’ve been following the Boyer situation via Ferrel Rick Moore’s blog and if Nicky still hasn’t paid them then they should be able to report him to the Attorney General for Illinois.

      From the blog.

      “How about this- how many of you have not been paid royalties by scam publishers? Did you know that you have legal recourse to report this to the Attorney General where their businesses are located? Earlier I wrote about the Caswell case in Indiana, which tipped me off to this avenue of redress. How about you? When you don’t get paid promised royalties, do you let it drop so that other publishers don’t think you’re difficult, or do you stand up for yourself.”

      Of course there might be an issue due to the fact that Lake Fossil Press was never registered as a business, but then again that might open up other legal problems for him.

    • @Lewis

      I’m no lawyer, but I can’t imagine too much dust getting kicked up over Pacione’s non-payments (as you said, he’s not a business), unless he had his stooges, er, I mean authors sign contracts in which case he will be legally obligated to pay them. The most I see happening, and again this is just my uneducated opinion, is him having to pull down any “publication” in which payment obligations were not met.

    • My point was as much the hypocrisy of complaining about stealing other people’s work when he does it on a regular basis himself – albeit a non-plagiaristic theft.

    • My remark wasn’t a counterpoint or anything like that. Lewis just had me wondering what could happen if the law was involved. Seeing Nick for what he is, I can’t really imagine him getting hit with a suit.

    • I suspect Shadowtron’s right. Authors who were not paid per their contracts with Nicky, or those whose stories he used without a contract/permission can report him to Lulu, and get the publication(s) in which their stories appear removed. Of course, it won’t work for a third party to report the incident; the author has to be the one to do it.

      In theory, I could see a small claims court judge ordering Nicky to pay up, but in practice, I think it extremely unlikely that the judge would garnishee the amount from his government dole check.

    • Oh I pretty much agree with both you and Rusty, Shadowtron, it was just seeing the Boyer case moving forward that got me wondering about Nicky. It might be on the small scale but his actions are still criminal and over the years they add up. One complaint probably wouldn’t do too much but if enough were made then surely they would investigate, and even if nothing else came from it the shock at least would hopefully make him clean up his act.

    • Rusty, in my state (and it might be a national law), social security and disability income CANNOT be garnished, seized, or otherwise touched by courts or debt collection agencies. It’s about the only income/asset that can’t, though….Uh oh, that means Nicky’s precious guitar just might be at risk. 🙂

  40. Take everything down you have of mine, all the feeds, all the fake websites, and all my quotes and I will think about not taking you to court for libel. Close down all the domains you created of me and remove my blogs from your feeds. What you’re doing is equal to David Boyer in that sense of the word. You really want to destroy me, come on you fucking aging whore. I will find your phone number and take you to the paper in New York City saying how you like to harass the mentally ill.     Remove all my facebook postings from your comments and tale all my blog quotes down just maybe I will not start contacting the tv talk show circuit. I am truly tired of all of you kicking me around like I can’t defend myself. You’re every bit a coward as David Boyer is. If you look in the mirror you will see that son of a bitch staring right back at you. Going around harassing me the mail system and creating a domain where you’re writing stories as my maternal grandmother AutoAim — I am trying to take up a collection to where you live in Finland so I can do an assisination for that one. I would love to kill you for that one but you’re breaking international law as it is for harassing me with your damned so called post cards.     I am not addressing one person here but I am addressing everyone who goes around STEALING my posts, photographs, artwork, and impersonating my company. You’re the same age as my mother, you really should know better not to kick people around who can actually kick back and do some actual damage to your name. You’re a fucking fraud as he is by creating the damn domain of my name. That makes you as much of a cunt as he is. All of you like to talk shit online about me but you don’t have the hearts to say it to me in person. You celebrated in me being called a public figure, but can you swipe at me without actually putting feeds to my blogs on your shitty little blog? Without stealing my content or watermarking the content like ExposeTheTard does, or that’s right you’re morals are so AIDS infested that they result to high school politics.     Lewis my company is an online entity and I am just going through the paperwork to make it official in Will County. Just need to find out what it takes to get all the grants needed to actually have a physical office for the imprint. Lake Fossil Press isn’t owned by a faggot in the UK or an asshole who hides behind a New York cellphone number but all your friends are equally guilty of plagiarism too. K.H. Koehler did casual copyright infringement when she wrote her Vampire Hunter D Fan Fiction, and Sabledrake Enterprizes has over 100 fan fiction stories on her place. That is how she got her fame by creating things with characters that don’t even belong to her. Mike you’re nothing but a goddamed gossip blogger who urinates on semi-professional authors.     Lawrence Dagstine might have done a lot of things to the business in his history, but a plagiarist he’s not. I am actually paying the higher end of the payrate I offer now, and all the writers understand they retain their original copyrights so that means they can sell it where they wish. Sammi Cox has an unprofessional practice of stalking writers on other publications and harassing them via facebook. She had the gall to create two fake facebook profiles of me and wanting to plagiarize one of my breakaway stories. None of you have respect for my copyrighted properties and linking to my blogs via RSS is personal harassment, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement. You did the same thing with my articles on Associated Content when I had the accounts there to make sure I don’t get paid for the articlres you faceless cunt and cowardly whore. Either take everything down referring to me (blog feeds, quotes and other things) or I take you to the supreme court in New York City. I am friends with a lawyer and went to school with one, so that means they’d do this as a favor to me.

    • You, sir, can’t even figure out who did what to you. No e-lawyer would ever take your case, even if (s)he could figure out what you’re babbling about.

    • Lemme see if I got this straight, Nick: Rusty’s libeling you, but you’re calling her a whore. Have you ever said anything in your life that has any relationship whatsoever with reality?

    • So Nicky have you reported any ‘income’ from your business to the social security administration? If you haven’t YOU are committing fraud. How about those paypal bills you sent out? That is also fraud. Telling people you are going to jump on a plane and beat the shit out of them and rape their wives? That’s probably worse than fraud. So how is rusty a worse human being than you again?

    • Hey Welfare Queen!

      So, have you reported your income to Social Security?

      Under Federal Law what you are doing is considered Welfare Fraud, and since you’ve lied your way out of it before to get your SSI started again, that means you’d be up on perjury charges. Both of which are FELONIES for you, Peaches the Pig.

      Are you sure you want to make any legal threats, after all, you threatened to burn me and my family alive with a Molotov Cocktail.

      Under Oregon and United States Federal Law, that consists of “Making a terrorist threat over the internet”, which is a Class A Felony.

      Which means, you gabbling little welfare sucking hunchback, that you could do hard time in Pound Me In The Ass Prison.

      So you might want to watch your step.


    • Nikki, your posts are public, so we can cite them and comment as we please. And you have yet to prove anything you claim in your tl;dr post.

      So put up or shut up, although if you put up, it’s on you to provide evidence to support anything you might claim.
      Next time, try being interesting.

    • So you fancy yourself an international assassin now, dumpling? You’d better watch your step, autoaim.cfg, I know you managed to foil Carlos the Jackal but this time you’re up against Nicky the Gerbil, and if his plan involves making you laugh yourself to death then he may just succeed.

    • Out of the tl;dr post of Nick’s, this shouted at me like one of Nick’s all caps ravings. “I am truly tired of all of you kicking me around like I can’t defend myself.”

      You’re admitting you can’t even defend yourself.

      That’s… cute.

      For the record, Nick, no one cares really anymore because everything – everything – you say, is bullshit; always was and will be.

      Just… give it up all ready.

    • More public domain fb fun!

      “hey bro, how you are at short stories? Well I am willing to cash in my return favor on my namesake anthology — I am looking for a story between 2800 to 6000 for this project. I am replacing a plagiarizer and putting public domain stories in there too. It’s a 4theluv anthology I edited 3 years ago not knowing Boyer plagiarized Ferrel Moore’s story. My e-mail to send this to is my private e-mail. I will be e-mailing you with a letter explaining a little bit about what I am looking for. I know you got a classic horror scare so I am looking for a Windows To The Soul style scare at the expense of Boyer.”

      From the naked snake press and publishing fb page:

      “I was wondering if you want to jointly run my namesake anthology in the revised form. I am just looking for a few more horror stories from the current writers and found a few more public domain ones. This will be under WritingsFromTheGrave.com.”

    • There’s too much comedy gold in this tl;dr post…

      Lewis my company is an online entity and I am just going through the paperwork to make it official in Will County.

      *Nicky looks through papers*

      *Nicky becomes more and more confused, thanks to the big words and business language flying way over his head*

      *Nicky cries out and throws papers in the air*


      Just need to find out what it takes to get all the grants needed to actually have a physical office for the imprint.

      You do realize you need to pay rent for an office, right? Otherwise, don’t get online crying and bitching when you get evicted from it for acting like paying rent and other expenses doesn’t apply to a “sick man”.

      Oh, and it won’t be Crazy Michelle’s fault, either. Just sayin’.

      Way too much funny stuff, here, Nick. Especially the part where you say you’re raising money for an “assisination” for Autoaim. What is that, exactly, a Swedish automobile?

      Oh, one more:

      you really should know better not to kick people around who can actually kick back and do some actual damage to your name.

      We’re all still waiting for our lives to be ruined by you. Retard.

    • Oh now, Mike, that’s a little unfair …

      He’s right about me having that many fanfics … and for some of them I have enjoyed a bit of fame.

      He just seems to think I’ve tried to hide the fact or am ashamed of it, or that he’s OMG whistleblowing and exposing my dirty secrets.

      The rest of it’s the usual random flailing batshit, of course.

      But I HAVE written more than 100 fanfics. More by a looooong way.

      That’s in addition to everything ELSE non-fanfic that he is so feverishly desperate to ignore, and not even counting how the worst of my fanfics is still better than anything he’s done.

      Still and all, he got ONE thing right 😀

    • Ok, if you fly Blue1 and are ok with Economy Flex you can leave on friday and get over here for 694 €. After you have given me my “assisination” you will probably want to do some sightseeing, so lets say you hang around over the weekend and return on monday… there’s no Economy Flex available I’m afraid so you’re going to have to get Exonomy Extra and that’s 1.247 €, I’m afraid.

      That’s 1.941 € for a round trip, Nikita. Shall I book the flight for you or would you like to wait a bit until your collection plate is a bit more full?

      I must admit that I’m a bit concerned about that “assisination”, whatever that is. Is that related to your dreams of founding “a sissy nation” some day? Are you coming over here to try to convert me? Are you going to try to have sex with me?

    • You know, Sabledrake, there’s one example I can think of right off the top of my head that completely invalidates his warped belief about fanfiction writers, not that anyone ever took it seriously in the first place. The writer of the Vorkosigan saga started off writing Star Trek fanfic back in the 60’s, she even had a story published in one of the issues of the Spockanalia fanzine. Now in addition to having sold plenty of books she has four Hugos under her belt and some other awards as well.

  41. New wordpress entry up, Rusty, not too much new content but please put down any beverages you might be drinking and take a seat before reading this segment.

    “So is The Rusty Nail aka Jane Beresford for creating the fake domain of my name. I am in the process of filing a lawsuit for that domain to be closed because of the lost sales of my books she caused — that’s over a few grand that she cost me.

    I still can’t stop giggling.

    • So if she died tomorrow, I wouldn’t give a shit. She really shouldn’t bully people much younger than me and I would personally kick the crap out of her loser boyfriend in front of her.

      Would this be before or after he gets on a plane, and flies all over the place to drag people out of their houses and beats them up? I mean, with a revenge mission like that you’ve got to plan things and keep to a schedule…

    • In case Tard-boi hadn’t noticed, The Rusty Nail is a subdomain at WordPress. There’s no way it caused him thousands of dollars worth of lost sales, although I’m flattered that he thinks so highly of my powers of persuasion.

    • If he’s pulling in enough revenue to PROVE that he’s lost a few thousand dollars of revenue (proves that what Rusty has been doing has cost him substantial monetary damages) then he’s got even bigger problems.

      See, anything after $80 SSI counts and takes out of your check.

      If he’s still getting a check, one of two things are going on:

      He’s lying about how much he gets. Which means that any charges he tries to lay are actually swearing a false statement, which is punishable by law.

      OR (And less likely)

      He’s telling the truth about how much he makes, and he’s lying to SSI, which means he’s committed perjury, defrauded the United States Government, failed to pay the IRS for income, failed to tell the State of Illinois about his income, failed to report sales, and lied with the intention of committing fraud.

      No matter how he cuts hit, he’s up on fraud, swearing a false statement, and can face jail time.

      He’s dicked either way.

    • Can you imagine Nicky trying to tell a judge that he can’t send a mentally ill man to prison, either for the death threats, the perjury, the tax evasion, or anything else we’ve caught him doing over the years?

      This would come after Nicky has essentially doomed himself in court by repeatedly lying or ranting incoherently, and who knows how many times he’ll be kicked out of court, or charged with contempt.

      That’ll be so much fun to watch…especially after he gets taken away kicking and screaming straight to prison.

  42. In order to prove that the existence of the so-called ‘fake’ domains cost him large sums of money, he’d have to show that he was making comparable sums before they were set up. The Social Security Administration will probably find that very interesting.

  43. “I am actually paying the higher end of the payrate I offer now”

    Oh, is that so? Wouldn’t you actually have to start paying writers? And last I checked you’re not even close to paying anything like a decent rate. Put your money where your mouth is, and start paying writers instead of using their work without permission La Femme Nikita.

    I pay a decent rate, which is how I can count Michael Knost, Rick Hautala, Steve Rasnic Tem, Maurice Broaddus among others in my anthology.

    You have who?

  44. Editing from a pdf is a lot of work and I had to do this with not only Tabloid Purposes IV, but also with my memoir.

    I have to wonder, what kind of editing is he doing?

    I mean, editing a PDF can be a lot of hard work. It can take hours of making sure that the grid-check and the coding checks are OK, that you don’t have any legacy tags left in the PDF encoding, and that everything is just perfect.

    But to chop something out?

    That’s 30 seconds of work in Adobe Acrobat.

    The Page Numbers and Headers can take awhile if you are making sure every separate author is getting credit, but somehow I doubt that’s what he’s doing.

    Seriously, it can take me a week or so to get a PDF juuuuust perfectly, but I honestly can’t see Pickles the Pig doing the same thing, and I REALLY doubt he uses the Adobe CS3 series or something equivalent.

    I wonder what takes him so long?

    • Based on what he’s said I think he might actually copy paste each sentence into a WP document and then make a new PDF.

      “Each sentence I have to re-paste using a space bar, I get angrier at him by the minute. ”

      From the “Damn Boyer” WP entry.

    • Well according to the Amazon.com entry, which he still hasn’t managed to get taken down, it was published in 2008.

      How many computer crashes has he had since then? Because I doubt he learned his lesson and started backing up all important files like submissions and work in progress stories.

    • I really don’t get this lack of backup thing. A 4 GB flash drive is like $15.00 or so on sale at Staples and probably cheaper on Amazon. What’s so hard about getting a freaking flash drive and copying files onto it?

    • I’ve lost original source files, I’ll admit it.

      When lightning hit the power line that led to my house, I pretty much lost everything, from televisions to phones to my computers and monitors.

      But the only source files I lost were ones I hadn’t backed up to DVD yet.

      I’m sorry, I do NOT believe that Nicky has too much to put on a few DVD’s.

  45. From my vampirefreaks in box:

    “What the fuck ever you white trash piece of shit — I WANT MY FUCKING PRIVACY. I don’t go around posting your number one number at a time like some people did with me, or posting your address everywhere and anywhere. So I expect that kind of privacy with my facebook postings, is that clear to you — you motherfucking faggot. Better yet you 9/11 TERRORIST.”

    This is off my vf freaks wall: “What ever you fucking hick.”

    • He also popped by Jenny’s wall as well.

      “go to hell you faceless plagiarizing whore. Leave my Todd Hollins character and my other characters alone. Also cease and desist from smearing my publishing company’s name through shit. That makes you look like an even bigger whore.

      were you always a plagiarizing whore or did you have to work at it. Now kindly go kill yourself while I go back working on the real Tabloid Purposes: Gemini.”

      I can see Nicky’s feeling lonely without Shocklines.

  46. New blurty up and I almost couldn’t believe what was in the last paragraph.

    “I also wish that Ramsey Campbell isn’t so fucking critical of everything I do as a publisher or a writer. He might be as old as my grandmother but Christ man, shut up and let me do my thing. I will invite Ramsey to comment on my other blog, with the one condition he doesn’t take my posts and throw them up on the cunty rail’s blog comments.”

    Nicky, are there singing munchkins and flying monkeys outside your basement window? Because you’re clearly not in Illinois anymore.

  47. Rusty delete my other one stuck in mod.

    New blurty page up:


    Also from fb: “Got one plagiarizer thrown out of a site I called home since 2005, and now the asshole is invading my privacy by posting my personal tweets on facebook on another site. That’s violation of copyright All posts (c) by Sparkle Pony.

  48. It’s like watching people kick a puppy sometimes reading these pages. Admittedly an ugly hunchbacked stinky vicious puppy that’s just bitten granny on the left tit and tried to hump your leg with it’s foul deformed cock… but still a puppy.

  49. I guess the check came in:

    “Paid one of the artists and one of the writers for Issue 12 — hey if you two are reading this check our paypal accounts.

    Mark Sieghart likes this.

    Peaches: “Hey Mark, thanx for leaving a like on this. I have one more to go before I reach 500 on here — the 500th gets a copy of one of my books signed and personalized.”

    “Because of Boyer, I am willing to reactivate Lawrence Dagstine for my namesake anthology because he was part of the legendary 5th Issue. So Dagstine, you ready?”

  50. From the Blurty ~ ‘Calling me a damn mysgonist when I have respect for women.’

    Awww Nick, did the truth hurt?
    The sad fact is, your misogyny is as prevalent as your homophobia and blatant disregard for even the rudimentary rules of grammar and proper spelling. As an editor you are an utter joke. Even your so called private posts on blogs and Facebook should reflect some level of competency but as you don’t have the slightest jot, it’s no wonder people wise up and withdraw from or avoid wasting money on any of your ‘publications’.

    You say you have respect for women? The get off your pro-life high horse, stop threatening to rape women as a punishment for the behaviors of themselves or others AND stop belittling the commercial or community success of women by insinuating they prostitute themselves.

    • The guy obviously has gender issues, and he often mistakes the gender of the person about whom he’s ranting for all those imagined “crimes.”

  51. Nicky’s most recent blog post at VF:

    “Well the anthology is close to being re-edited, all I am doing now is font shopping for unique fonts for the anthology. The layout is now 244 pages on a small font and looking for Boyer’s replacement — the story must be between 3400 to 6700 words in the horror genre, no sex, romanticism, or eroticism of any kind. I am publishing Ambrose Bierce, H.P. Lovecraft and Mary Shelley in the same anthology being that some of Lovecraft’s work is now in the public domain — I picked one that was published in 1919. The current stories must have a copyright of 2006-2010 and an obscure reprint.

    I am looking to compete with House of Horror with this anthology then I am close to getting Issue 12 ready for print and that will be a Thanxgiving Morning release before all the family come for the turkey feeding frenzy. Thanxgiving is my Halloween every year because I always have some kind of shocking and gross wallpaper Thanxgiving related. The release date for the re-issue of the namesake anthology will be Veterans Day because a reader called me the youngest horror veteran. I had to pull out David Boyer’s plagiarized short story from the book and that was a lot of work. It took me five fucking days to rework the damn anthology. The TOC is yet to be done and I am trying to keep everything else in the anthology, but do my editor’s afterward in my synopsis. The magazine I am waiting for a submission from a good friend in the business named Fred Wiehe, he told me the story might not fit for the magazine but I told him let me be the judge of that.

    Send the stories to npacione@gmail.com or my private e-mail address with “boyer’s replacement” in the subject line. If you want to see why I am mad at Boyer, read the posts on Horror.org or my wordpress blog. I hammer into Boyer here because what pissed me off so much is I considered him a friend. Yeah I lost a contributor because of this, I am saying good luck to Robert Essig with is other publications in the future and I have a friendly competition with Static Movement and Sonar4 publications. The difference between me and those two is that I’ve been at it longer as a publisher. I am publishing some rare public domain stories that I was tipped off to by the former horror moderator, Nick Popio. Popio I consider my advisor on where to take the magazine, he gave me the tip about Gutenburg.org for public domain stories and the owner of the H.P. Lovecraft cult can take the credit for finding Hex and Elegy for me with the original illustrations. Something from the public domain too so I am excited about this. Especdially since I am publishing Charles Beaumont for this. If you want to know the lead author e-mail me at etherealgazette@gmail.com, and I am doing a contest before the holidays so one can win a signed copy of this issue as a present for your favorite science fiction and horror fan in your life.”

    Not too lulzy, but since I know how much he loves to have his words spread around…

    • “At least dead writers can’t bitch about not being paid.”

      No, but their estates’ can. Beaumont only died in 1967. His stuff isn’t public domain, as far as I know.

    • I stand corrected. Project Gutenberg does have one Beaumont story in their collection. Alas, Nicky, according to their TOS, you can’t charge people for that story without going through some hoops. To wit:

      1.E.7. Do not charge a fee for access to, viewing, displaying,
      performing, copying or distributing any Project Gutenberg-tm works
      unless you comply with paragraph 1.E.8 or 1.E.9.

      1.E.8. You may charge a reasonable fee for copies of or providing
      access to or distributing Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works provided

      – You pay a royalty fee of 20% of the gross profits you derive from
      the use of Project Gutenberg-tm works calculated using the method
      you already use to calculate your applicable taxes. The fee is
      owed to the owner of the Project Gutenberg-tm trademark, but he
      has agreed to donate royalties under this paragraph to the
      Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation. Royalty payments
      must be paid within 60 days following each date on which you
      prepare (or are legally required to prepare) your periodic tax
      returns. Royalty payments should be clearly marked as such and
      sent to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation at the
      address specified in Section 4, “Information about donations to
      the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation.”

      – You provide a full refund of any money paid by a user who notifies
      you in writing (or by e-mail) within 30 days of receipt that s/he
      does not agree to the terms of the full Project Gutenberg-tm
      License. You must require such a user to return or
      destroy all copies of the works possessed in a physical medium
      and discontinue all use of and all access to other copies of
      Project Gutenberg-tm works.

      – You provide, in accordance with paragraph 1.F.3, a full refund of any
      money paid for a work or a replacement copy, if a defect in the
      electronic work is discovered and reported to you within 90 days
      of receipt of the work.

      – You comply with all other terms of this agreement for free
      distribution of Project Gutenberg-tm works.

      1.E.9. If you wish to charge a fee or distribute a Project Gutenberg-tm
      electronic work or group of works on different terms than are set
      forth in this agreement, you must obtain permission in writing from
      both the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation and Michael
      Hart, the owner of the Project Gutenberg-tm trademark. Contact the
      Foundation as set forth in Section 3 below.

      I’m sure Nicky is fully aware of these terms, and has already taken steps to comply with them fully. :Þ

  52. The thing that is sad about all of this is he honestly thinks HE is helping to bring Boyer down. In all reality, he just looks like a moron more and more…

  53. Hahahahahaha!!!

    “I am looking to compete with House of Horror with this anthology”

    I highly doubt it. I took just over the equiv of $1500 and given out about $800 in royalty payments in 4 weeks of pre-orders. People know that they can trust me and order in bulk which is great. I’d like to se him match that!

    I also had two lovely comments recently which has boosted my confidence a bit, one said that I was highly active with HoH, more than some editors he has seen and known and the other off Marc Lyth saying it’s a whole load different working on an anthology with me because I care about the authors opinions and send out as many as three proof copies to make sure everyone is completely happy with the book before it goes to print.

  54. Little email from nicky poos

    “I am citing the place I got the story from and donating $15.00 out of $100.00 to Project Gotenburg. The publisher who did the re-issue of The Lock And Key Library took from here too. My namesake anthology came from my search of public domain stories and permissions from the authors when I first published it. So must you go around urinating on something that’s for the masses? What I do is really none of your business.

    Nick Popio actually gave me the lead on the public domain stories and I will be citing where the transcriber stated the copyright expired in the United States. You really shouldn’t talk with violating copyrights because of your plagirism of INSECT. Yes you’re doing the same fucking thing as David Boyer. I transcribed a story by a mystery writer in Issue 10 in hopes to get this author to claim the story because it was from a dead magazine from 20 years ago in Illinois. I started running public domain stories in my namesake and then started with Issue 10 when I published my friend’s testimony, an Ex-Gay.

    As long the story is in the public domain, I am free and clear to run it. So if you’re going to narc me out for doing that — you might as well narc out 300 other publishers of public domain works.”

    Looks like he is about to publish another story without permission from the author

    • “I started running public domain stories in my namesake and then started with Issue 10 when I published my friend’s testimony, an Ex-Gay.”

      This just burns because no one is “Ex-Gay”. They either were not gay to begin with (ie experimenting) or they were Bi, IMO. You can’t just decide to stop being gay.

      Nick fails, again.

      (Of course, this “Ex-Gay” could just be stringing the little pony along; easily done in Nicky’s place)

  55. From FB:

    Cox is always trying to ruin someone’s fun. Well some of the proceeds to Issue 12 will go to Project Gotenburg. Every 10 copies sold, $14.00 will be donated to the site. Screw you Sammi. Popio tipped me to the site for the public domain stories for Lulu.com. Gotenburg has their own storefront and publishers take… from that site all the time for their projects.

    He spelled it correctly in a previous post, and he’s already forgotten. What an editor!

  56. He is corect, for once, but any reviews of this current anthology should contain the caveat that the only decent story contained therein can be downloaded for free from Gutenberg.

    BTW, offering $15 of every c-note made on the book is as empty a promise as the donations he’s pledged in the past. Just how much DID the Red Cross realize from that Wide the Thtorms book, anyhow?

    • About as much as that charity in Chicago for runaways/street kids made from the donations Nicky promised from sales of something else. Could have been one of the EG issues. Whatever it was, you can bet they never received a dime from the Nickster.

  57. More fb follies:

    “Well look who the cat dragged in on my inbox, the plagiarist calls me an asshole. Well I am a longhaired asshole when someone sends me a story that doesn’t belong to them rightfully.

    Elizabeth Roberts-Allen get them…I applaud you…

    Peaches: Hey Allen — wait until you see the blog.

  58. Nope, he also confirmed my guess in his new wordpress rant.

    “Having to go in, copy the PDF to Open Office, then line by line paste the paragraphs to make them look like paragraphs again. This took me five days and 18 hours a day to pull it off.”

    He also insulted you and Bob again, Ant. His masochism knows no bounds.

    • Holy crap, what an idiot! Even if(since) he doesn’t have the proper software to edit the pdf, he could use the pdf’s text tool to copy and paste, or he could download Calibre and convert the pdf to a text file. Those are just the first two quick workarounds that came to mind.

    • *facepalm* Dave, I love you. On the rare occasions I need to copy information from a PDF (usually small blocks of product information), I grab the whole block of text, paste into Word and edit out the hard line breaks. I never even considered using Calibre, which I use for my ebooks, to convert the file to text first. Jeez, I feel…stupid. 🙂

  59. THen it’s time to hit back at him.

    I think I’ll issue a writing challenge to him.

    For those of you interested, the challenge is as follows:

    Complete NanoWriMo, in the genre of my choosing, with a plot point and a restriction of my choosing.

    If he writes more words than I do, and completes it, I will pull down the reviews of Eye in Shadows as well as GAME OVER and will admit that he beat me here and other places.

    If he doesn’t, then he just gets to live with the knowledge he’s a failure.

    If he doesn’t respond, then he just gets to live with the knowledge he’s a coward.

    Let’s see if he responds, or just hunches down in his basement and mumbles crap to himself.

    • He couldn’t do it.

      He honestly can’t write anything past, what, 6,000 for the most part. It takes him months to get something 32,000 words out.

    • He’s already cowarding out.

      He’s whining that it took him almost 7 days to rebuild his anthology, that he doesn’t have time.

      There’s more, something funnier than hell, but I won’t put it here until his 72 hour time limit is up to accept my challenge.

      Let’s see if he has the balls to do it.

      He’s called me out plenty of times in his shitty little blog.

      Let’s see if he has the balls to actually go head to head with me.

      He knows he can’t beat my ass, he knows I’m not afraid of him, so he largely just contents himself with sniping at me in his shitty little blogs and whining psuedo-rants. He knows that even if he did somehow manage to panhandle or suck enough cock to get the money to come out here and show up on my doorstep, I’d still end up beating him like a stubborn mule.

      This is his only chance to even come close to beat me in any theater, and if he doesn’t answer, then the blog where I tear apart his “stories” goes live again, starting with another, far more critical, review of “Eye in the Shadows” and a review of the ever popular “House of Spiders 3” where I’ll rip it in half.

      Personally, I hope he takes my challenge.

      But, like we all know, he’s nothing more than a welfare queen coward who prefers to hide in granny’s basement and yap at people like a shit eating mongrel.

  60. He won’t Ant. His current plan according to my sources, is to submit his crappy version of game over for that National Novel Writing Month.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you supposed to start and finish the novel during this one month time frame, and not submit something from earlier in the year?

    Anyway, everyone’s favorite public domain facebook updates!

    ” Okay got the black clothes out for the black clad shoot on Friday. Will be purchasing my Levi’s silver button denim shirt for the Issue 12 shoot. Anyone in Glendale Heights, Lombard or Villa Park from high school want to join in on this shoot — it will be taken at a diner of me hanging out with the old crew.”

    “my leather jacket wishlist — a Chicago PD Leather Jacket. I want something different than a typical biker jacket. I’ve always been photographed wearing a leather blazer but my blazer is getting too small. I might ask Don if I can borrow his blazer for a shoot at the strip mall in Glendale Heights.”

    ” t-shirt wish list

    Chicago PD Homicide Shirt (used to have one of these in 2001.)

    Parental Advisory: Explicit Content long sleeve

    Ultimatum long sleeve

    Iron Maiden — Fear of the Dark shirt

    Iron Maiden — The X-Factour Long sleeve (the one I had got destroyed by my pet gerbil at the place I lived in Iowa. When Bob and Jay left me in Albert Lea, MN, my place got ransacked.)” (Snicker. Pet gerbil.)

    ” Any horror writers not published yet want to help me spank Boyer artistically a little bit? E-mail me at npacione@gmail.com for more details and GLS. The Deadline will be November 9th. It’s within the law to do this, and every writer is working on shutting Boyer down.

    “Can’t legally kick the son of a bitch in the head, but let’s see if we can have a little fun with him. I really want to play! Boyer you want to play games with a publishing company? Let’s play.”

    • The leather jacket saga continues:

      “The Alley at Clark & Belmont sells cop jackets. Look online on places like eBay for intact patches.

      Sparkle: “I am going to be keeping my eye out. I have this on my wishlist for Christmas this year. I was trying on leather jackets at The Alley but the problem is they have none that are 2XL.”

    • I’m currently trying to (politely) explain that NanoWriMo is what you write in the month of November to him right now.

      I’m not sure he’s understanding it, no matter how simply I explain it to him.

      He also seems to think that if he submits something of the proper word count, he automatically gets published and gets a publishing contract.

  61. I’ve always been photographed wearing a leather blazer but my blazer is getting too small.

    Translation: He’s getting too fat to fit into it.

    I might ask Don if I can borrow his blazer for a shoot at the strip mall in Glendale Heights.”

    Is this the same guy he plans on borrowing:

    An amp
    TEN guitar picks
    A guitar strap
    A camera


    Man, he’s a beggar of the highest magnitude, isn’t he?

  62. When I hear him talking about nanowrimo the way he does it just cracks me up.

    I am assuming that this year is the first he has heard about it otherwise he would know what it was about.

    I am up to 10,000 words of my novel Sands of Time, yippie!

    • I haven’t started my NaNo yet 😐 I’m hoping to change that today though and at least get something done.

      Honestly I can’t see how he *doesn’t* understand how NaNo works. It’s even in the name that it’s a writing *month*, not a “submission month” or anything. I agree Sam; he hasn’t heard of it before, despite it being around for a while, and this year he thinks he can not only write for it, but get published.

      Sorry, Nicky; not going to happen.

  63. Sirotter said “He is corect, for once, but any reviews of this current anthology should contain the caveat that the only decent story contained therein can be downloaded for free from Gutenberg.”

    You can’t say that every story in a Nicky edited Antho is bad. Some are – but some are just by new writers who didn’t check him out before submitting. Peeps like me. The Arthur Nonny Mouse review gives credit to all the good stories in there and rips apart the shit ones.

    Daverana are going to use my story that was in EG10 in a new antho in the near future – and HoH are using another story of mine in their 2010 best of. It’s remarkable the difference in dealing with these outfits and dealing with Nicky.

    In my last discussion with Nicky, just before he got kicked off darkwriters, he said he was going to keep using my story wheter I liked it or not. Bet he wouldn’t say that if he knew what I was doing with a beautiful young man with a 9 inch cock recently. I can give you a blow by blow account if you like peaches…

  64. It’s just so stupid it’s funny. No grip on reality whatsoever! And he still keeps going on about me plagiarizing his story Insect! The only thing his and my story shareis the bloody title lol

    • Well whenever someone uses the same title as one of Nicky’s stories it’s plagiarism, but when he lifts a title from a song it’s inspired by, or a tribute to, or some load of old tosh.

  65. “Bet he wouldn’t say that if he knew what I was doing with a beautiful young man with a 9 inch cock recently. I can give you a blow by blow account if you like peaches…”

    Oooh Marc, I just suddenly came over all faint like! 😉

    • I might use bits of the encounter in this new story I’m writing. It’s called The Suicide Man – about a vicar whose wife kills herself when she finds out he’s gay.

  66. He accepted the challenge!

    So, at least he has the guts to accept it.

    Tomorrow I’ll put up a WordPress blog, where we’ll both put up our daily progress on the story. People get to vote day by day which one they like the most, as well as which daily update they like the most.

    He’s gotta write a sci-fi space opera with FTL, a clone that causes problems, no characters that are writers, and no mention of Cthullu mythos, Twilight Zone, or Lovecraft.

    I’ve gotta write a cyberpunk story where someone gets killed “Vlad the Impaler style” and someone ends up with coins on the eyes. No 1st Person PoV, no zombies, and not an RPG rulebook.

    Let’s see if he actually can go through with this.

    • Wait for all the strings he’ll try to attach to it. I expect him to want to change the rules as the month progresses. It’s the way he rolls.

    • Yeah, he tried that shit already, but I told him that he agreed we were limited to only 3 restrictions each, so he’s just shit out of luck.

      He’s already all but accused me of logging onto SA and asking everyone to vote for me, so he’s pretty much accusing me of vote-rigging right out of the gate.

      Oh, and he’s ALREADY up to 500 words, and has warned me that he’s going to make me a “literally target” in his Space Opera.

      He’s also bragging that I didn’t say he couldn’t write horror, so he’s going to write a Sci-Fi Space Opera Horror and prove that he’s the master of ALL horror genre’s.

      Still, he had the balls to at least preliminarily accept the challenge.

      Should I give him the benefit of the doubt that he won’t try to weasel out of it?

    • I personally doubt he’ll last a week before giving up or trying to back out of it but it should still be an entertaining week seeing him struggle with it.

    • I am soooo stealing Karen’s shortbread recipe. I’d love to try Cynical’s, too. Hint, hint.

      Three or four people win an internet for the direction that thread took. Awesome. Yes, I have a screengrab.

    • It’s a very simple, traditional recipe.

      13 tablespoons of plain flour
      5 tablespoons of caster sugar
      1 block of butter, 250g, room temperature

      I measure out the flour on a clean workspace, put the block in it, and pour the sugar over the top. Then it’s a case of kneading it all together like bread until it has the consistency of putty, you should be able to stab it with a fork and the fork will come out clean. Roll it into a baking tray roughly 9×13 inches and maybe an inch deep. Stab it with a fork a few times to make some holes and help ensure it cooks thoroughly. Then you more or less dry it out in an oven, we use an electric fan oven at 150 degrees celsius for fifty minutes, but in my experience you want to take it out just as it starts to brown for a nice shortbread.

    • Almost forgot to say, the butter you choose will have a great effect on this recipe. My granny used Stork, my dad used to use Willow, but now we use Lurpak, a bit pricier but it gives it a better taste to us than Willow or Stork.

    • Thanks, Lewis! Sounds easy, and I thought I remembered something about fork pricks that Karen’s recipe didn’t mention. I’ve only made shortbread a couple of times, and honestly don’t remember where I got the recipe. It could have been from the Fannie Farmer book, or even Joy of Cooking, 4th edition.

    • Nope, no recipe I’ve encountered has mentioned fork pricks, though of course please adjust the recipe to your own needs. (There is no leavening to the recipe, keep in mind.) More recently, I’ve begun adding a cup of sugar to the recipe, but only because some who’ve had the cookies prefer it that way. YMMV!

  67. Lyth you’re nothing but a plagiarizing dick if you’re going after my alter ego’s horror story in ten. You and Boyer will get along nicely if you’re going after a story I did under a pen name. There are some stories that need to be left well enough alone and that’s one of them. Jan you really have a habit if nosing in on something that really isn’t your business.

    Scott, for the record. I am not or ever will be gay. Next time you call me a faggot I will take a trip to Arizona and do a little gay bashing with you being the subject of it. Do you understand what I say faggot.

    Hey Wal-mart Bagger (I Am talking to you Ben,) the heavy metal elements is something that comes natural for me. I am in middle of re-editing my anthology, but it’s close to being re-edited and the new stories are going to be in place. Lyth next time you think about lifting one of my works, I will have a contest using you as a horror target. Cox is already in my fucking crosshairs for The Pacione Disease statement. What you’re attempting to do is something that’s in the same light as David Boyer.

    • Yawn yawn yawn. More threats you can’t back up. Your mouth makes promises your fat ass can’t keep nicky. We know you’ll never get on a train/plane/automobile to make good on your threats to beat the shit out of men or rape women so give it up you pathetic excuse for a boy.

    • Nicky, you steal songs titles for use in your shitty work.

      You cry to Matt to delete ANYTHING in Shocklines that doesn’t make you look like a special pony instead of the lying joke you are.

      And we all know, and I’m making it official, you’re a sniveling coward who backed out of the contest as soon as you found out I was already 2,500 words in within 24 hours where you hadn’t even gotten off your fat ass and written a single word.

      So basically, you just confirmed you’re a talentless hack and a coward.

    • Hey, Nicky, I’m calling you a faggot.

      A sperm swilling, ass cheek spreading, beg for cock at the bus station, cock gobbling, ball sucking, asshole licking, anus fingering, self-fisting prancing little women’s underwear wearing little faggot.

      What do you have to say to me, you Navy Basic Training flunking little faggot crybaby?

      You got something to say, Pud Licking Pacione?

      Come on, what have you got, you Pacione disease spreading anal fisting sock puppet?

    • Nick, you don’t want to be called faggot, and yet you’ll call other people faggot.

      What a faggot.

      Congrats, Ant, on proving him to be, yet again, a total dickwad and lazy to boot. Then again winning your little contest against Princess Pony here wasn’t that hard to begin with. You could have written only ten words and still beat his sorry ass.

    • Oh dumpling, who do you think you’re fooling? We all know you’re so far in the closet that you and Mr Tumnus are currently picking out wallpaper and china while you get hair styling tips from Aslan.

    • Captain Butthurt strikes again!

      Don’t worry, Nicky darling…IT GETS BETTER. Pansy.

      Also, maybe if you weren’t so brain damaged and hopelessly lost in that fantasy world of yours, you’d know that, get this, Walmart doesn’t employ any baggers. But seeing as though you would actually have to leave Granny’s basement to set foot in one (yes, Morris has one, and I bet they’re looking for more help to clean restrooms and push carts in from the lot), I guess you’re too much of an imbecile to realize this.

      Oh, and the heavy metal element comes natural to you? Bullshit. You’re as hardcore as Weezer.

      Nickolaus “Weezer” Pacione. I like it. It has a ring to it.

    • You’re right that The Suicide man should be left well alone. It shouldn’t be read by anyone it’s that fucking bad. There’s so much wrong with that story you could fill a whole fucking novel listing it all.

      Why does it start in 1990 with a reference to the suicide but then jump back 3 years and never go back to 1990? That makes the opening completely irrelevant. Why did the church not send a replacement vicar straight away – he’d be on compassionate leave so they’d do it automatically. If the replacement vicar hadn’t been sent, who officiated over the vicar’s wife’s funeral? Why does the character of Justin read like your wankfest dreamvision of yourself and the effect you think you have when you walk into a room? Why is it that 99% of the sentences make no sense? Why can’t you master even the tiniest bit of grammar, plotting or coherent storytelling?

      I was actually joking when I made the comment about writing a story called the Suicide man, but I think I’m actually going to do it now. Just to piss you off.

      Isn’t that fun?

  68. Princess Nikita is still saying he’ll use LAME OVER for NaNoWriMo on Shocklines. I’m beginning to think that his stuffed muppet IQ was greatly overrated. How can he be this dumb and still be able to breathe without a ventilator?

    • The exception that proves the rule I’m afraid, besides isn’t he supposed to be writing a space opera for this year or has he already given up?

      And take a look at his edited second post in the replace Boyer thread. By this stage I know I shouldn’t be surprised by the brass neck on the little bugger but he still manages to pull it off every now and again.

    • And not as though you care anyway but Matty will probably ban you for that post based on his reply to the Contest for Boyer thread.

      “As enjoyable as it is to delete posts by adults who act like 5 year olds, I have better things to do. Anyone who hijacks a thread for insutling or snarky comments will be banned. No more warnings. If you don’t have anything to add to a thread that is relevant and posted with respect, then don’t post. Or go elsewhere. Thank you. “

    • Nicky is a speshul snowflake so of course the actual rules of nanowrimo don’t apply to HIM.

      Considering Matt is acting like a 5 year old himself and giving into idiots like Nicky does that mean he has to ban himself?

    • Oh no… and here I’ve been so carefully protecting the illustrious moniker of “Beero” for all this time. Whatever shall I do if Matt Shitz waves his banstick at my pale bald head? Poor me, who hasn’t got a single proxy or email server to fall back on. I am now going to curl up in a corner and cry myself to sleep, while rocking softly to and fro as I whimper “Noooo Matt, please don’t hit me with the banstick any more” over and over again, salty tears of anguish streaming down my little bald face and collecting into a moist puddle under my shivering body, wrecked with guilt over having caused the towering Matty “Enabler” Schwul to become ever so cross with me. *exhale after long sentence*


      Fun fact of the Day #1: Guess who was holding a bottle of beer in his hand when he was signing up for Shocklines and just typed the first thing that popped into his mind? ;D


      Fun fact of the Day #2: The post I made in the NaNoWriMo thread was Beeros 99th. Time for bets? Will Beero make it to 100 posts on Shocklines or not? I promise not to post again until after we know the outcome of the current “situation”.


      Place your bets, ladies and manimals… place your bets…

    • lol I know that Matt’s best chance of a peaceful night’s sleep is to not ban Beero, I just thought you might want something a little grander for Beero’s last stand.

    • Hehe, I really don’t see it as any kind of a last anything… but if Matt wants to play then that’s his prerogative. Now if you’ll excuse me for a while, I’m going out to see if I can buy myself a nice Guy Fawkes mask. It’s November 5th tonight, innit?

    • That it is.

      Remember remember the fifth of November
      Gunpowder, treason and plot.
      I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
      Should ever be forgot…

      If I was having a bonfire tonight I admit that I’d make sure the Guy bore a passing resemblance to dear old Knickerless. But as I was just reminded it’s also the anniversary of when Doc Brown fell in the toilet in 1955 hitting his head and dreaming up the flux capacitor.

  69. So here’s interesting. Matt warns people to behave or else. Beero points out to Nicky that he has NaNo wrong, and Nicky gets nasty instantly.

    Surely Matt won’t show double standards by telling Beero off and not Nicky?

    Oh and had to love Nicky calling Beero (our own dear AA) Pale Baldy. No doubt he uses it as an insult. Considering Karen is naming a character that (in honour of AA), I suspect the name got stuck in his pea brain when he surveyed this place.

    • He even sometimes tries to protect Nicky from himself. He snipped a post where Nicky idiotically explained Nobama and a suitably snarky reply from TMWright in the Republicans recapture house thread. Though strangely he left my post where I alluded to Obama/Okama but snipped TMWright’s reply where he said that would have been somewhat clever.

      And while I am personally pretty neutral on Obama I have to say the thought of him giving a speech dressed as either Ivankov or Bon Clay from One Piece and talking about the Okama way gives me the giggles.

      For those who don’t know Okama is Japanese slang for a male transvestite.

    • Yes, Pale Baldy (my character, not AA, though Baldy will likely be lightly based on AA) will appear in A Werewolf in Time: A Mrs. McGillicuddy Mystery, for those who want to make note of it. You’ll find he’s the snarky, opinionated, back-talking valet to the vampire lord in the book. I predict he’ll be fun to write. 😀

    • He deleted mine, which didn’t contain a single insult.

      I guess pointing out when a little anal fisting goldfish brained closeted homosexual bigot is wrong is against the terms of service.

      Maybe if I spouted misogyny, hatred and bigotry my posts wouldn’t get deleted.

  70. “You need a timeout. Every post you make here is an insult and just made to stir up a fight. If you feel you can return to the board and post using respect, then email me at spinmatt@aol.com and I will unban you.”

    So, who’s got phone numbers, street addresses, employer details, etc for Matt Schwartz?

    You know where to email them. I guarantee discretion so feel free to feed me any personal details you have on him.

    autoaim (at) autoaim (dot) org

    Lets give Matt a warm welcome into the Family of Nitwits.

  71. And today’s NaNo mailer included a pep talk letter from Mercedes Lackey, advocating people try writing fanfic for NaNo.

    Not to submit it for publication or sale, obviously.

    But as an exercise for practice and fun.

    Alas, I can’t post it on Shocklines.

    — C.

  72. Wow! is that the fastest a thread has ever been locked on shocklines???

    I very politely asked Nicky to explain why he compared me to Boyer two weeks ago – he referenced a comment I made here yesterday – I told him to try again and Matt locked the thread.

    Amazing. why does he insist on protesting Peaches?

  73. I wonder how Nikki will spend the day?

    FB update:

    11 AM shrink appointment

    12 — get my clothes for the denim shoot

    1 — pay for my P.O. Box and do the black clad shoot.

    • Notice there’s none of the following:

      Take a shower
      Wash his clothes
      Do some chores
      Clean his room

      Personally, I feel sorry for the photographer. Can you imagine having Nicky as your subject?

      I should look more gothy!
      How come I look so fat?
      Can you make it so I don’t look so nasty?
      The shadows weren’t right!
      It needs to look spookier!

      I bet by halfway through the shoot the photographer wants to shoot himself.

      And how much you want to be Nicky tries to barter so he doesn’t have to pay money? A professional photoshoot can cost around $500 to have everything done right. For some reason I don’t see Nicky paying for that.

      Wonder if he’s going to K-Mart?

    • I could be wrong but I seem to recall in a previous FB update he mentioned something about a cousin being involved? Maybe they’re the ones taking the pictures.

    • Yeah, new WP says it was his cousin doing the shooting but he apparently has a shoot with a professional a week before thanksgiving.

    • FB updates!

      “The shirt’s been bought for the denim shoot. Now I have to pay for my P.O. Box via Check before New Years for another six months. Fuck — 6 months goes quick. All I get is fucking junk mail.

      “namesake back cover is completely redone. That was a bitch to do — now looking for a few more stories to round out the line up. Everette Bell is part of this one and so is Christopher Frost (this cements the darkest Gazette and the darkest Tabloid Purposes.)

      “Got turned down from Asimov’s because the story didn’t fit their needs at the time, but wished me luck placing it somewhere else. …form rejection. I don’t write form rejection letters, sometimes I do the rejection letter from hell ripping submitters a new one for getting my magazine’s name wrong (calling it Ethere…al Gayzette.) He was a smut peddler and those are worst than plagiarists.

      “doing the TOC for the namesake anthology — recycling a photo that was used in my early editions of my first short story collection.

      “Boyer came up with a new pen name — Christ, when is he going to realize that his career is done and obsolete?”

    • Funny Nicky wondering when Boyer’s career is done and obsolete. When will you figure that out about your own ‘career’ nicky?

    • How much you want to bet that he’s the only person left who hasn’t been clued into Judith Griggs’ and her shenanigans? I mean, Nicky uses people’s stories all the time without letting him know he’s done so. He should have leapt to her defense by now.

  74. Okay, Nicky just thread jacked an unprovoked thread for Bandersnatch with a childish insult: http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/16731

    Someone should screen grab it.

    After all, Matt said this while standing in defense of Pacione:

    “As enjoyable as it is to delete posts by adults who act like 5 year olds, I have better things to do. Anyone who hijacks a thread for insutling or snarky comments will be banned. No more warnings. If you don’t have anything to add to a thread that is relevant and posted with respect, then don’t post. Or go elsewhere. Thank you.”

  75. Okay, I gotta admit, despite it coming from Nick, his idea about writing a horror story for each of Boyer’s aliases was neat (and therapeutic, I might add).

  76. Re: I own Lake Fossil Press
    Monday, October 25, 2010 7:55 AM
    From: “Nickolaus Pacione”
    To: “Angry In Illinois”

    I retain all my original copyrights you pigfucking queer. I will be published in more places you fucking faceless white trash cocklicking sack of fuck. Coward.

    I sent the above email to a very good friend of mine who is a drag queen and asked if he ever has uttered that much homosexuality in two sentences before.

    “Wow not even in my highest heels. Honey be careful someone doesn’t know his stealth bomber ISn’T flying under the gaydar!”


  77. fb updates:

    “Whoa — a lot of people giving me tens on Vampirefreaks.com and a lot of them high profile. If only they came to my actual website, visit my storefront to buy the magazine or anthologies I would be set for the next year as far as membership dues. The next time I have to pay member dues on the Den will be January.

    “If I get back into the martial arts now it would be Krav Maga. I actually thought about this after nearly getting into a fist fight with Eric Johnson at Gothicfest 2007. I was trying to avoid that one because so much anger about what he did to my family — conning them out of $100.00 saying he was a damn lawyer.

    John Geizler I took Krav Maga. I like it and plan on getting back into it next year. One thing to keep in mind… one needs to be in shape when starting Krav Maga. It’s not a regiment to get involved to become healthy. One gets healthier as he or she progresses with it. Otherwise…if one is out of shape…. a serious heart attack or stroke may result. Not kidding. Nick…you have no worries. You seem to be in pretty good shape. I just mentioned this to your other readers/viewers.

    • Nick…you have no worries. You seem to be in pretty good shape.

      Either Nick has picture from 1987 up on his Facebook, or the guy said that to keep Nick from throwing a temper tantrum.

      Either way, could see everyone’s favorite squalid little hunchback up there trying to do Krav Maga?

      He’d be better off buying a Tia-Bo video tape and a Wii, since the first time someone hit him he’d curl up in a ball crying and screaming that they cheated.

      I actually thought about this after nearly getting into a fist fight with Eric Johnson at Gothicfest 2007.

      Except IIRC Eric Johnson didn’t even see him until Nick began giggling like a little girl and whirled around like a particularly filthy bat to run off, the thunderous sound of his hoofbeats shaking the convention hall.

      Or is this another time, where he “nearly got into the fight” because he “nearly went to Gothicfest 2007”?

      Is is just his imagination having him seem like he’s an actual badass.

    • . . . a lot of them high profile.

      Translation: they’re taller than Nikita.

      Okay, what are membership dues for Author’s Den? Seriously, if that’s all he could make from a whole mess of sales . . .

      . . . so much anger about what he did to my family — conning them out of $100.00 saying he was a damn lawyer.

      Translation: the rest of his family’s as gullible as he is.

      Didn’t Nicky once pay someone to hack another person’s website, and the person laughed at Peaches’ stupidity, rather than hacking the site?

      As for being in shape, the person who said that either saw a really, really old picture of Nicky, or he was wearing beer goggles. Can’t discount the theory that the person simply didn’t want to be the subject of Nicky RAEG, though.

    • If I remember rightly dumpling has a gold account at Authors Den which works out to be either $200 for a year upfront or $60 per quarter, and having taken a look at what that actually gets you I don;t think it’s worth all that much to be honest.

    • Wow. $200 a year seems really outrageous. Rightly or wrongly, I think of Author’s Den along with Writer’s Cafe, as a place for people to post stuff, and boost their egos by patting each other on the back. Has something changed there, over the last two or three years?

    • Advertising, and hosting space, both of which are virtually worthless (no pun intended). Gold only hosts half a gigabyte, which he doesn’t really need, given his ulmb.com hosting.

    • His current fb photo is him flicking off a camera with a light or lens flare by the tip. He is also wearing a sweatshirt with writing on the sleeve and an image on the front. Its a cropped photo with two other mopes, one with his hand out stretched, one throwing the horns and wearing fake contacts, and Pickles himself.

      Also this new gem:

      “Teaching one of my cousins how to write horror, Hey Sheila can I publish Syd?”

  78. From my vampire freaks page.

    From the 6th

    “Go find yourself a shot gun and fuck yourself in the ass with it as you’re pulling the trigger. I appreciate that you don’t steal my facebook postings and post them on another person’s blog. You are the very same as David Boyer with doing that. So kindly fuck off. I get things slowly, and I will have the CPD jacket within the month of January.

    From the 7th

    “You might as well start a small press up with David Boyer and call it United Plagiarists Press because both of you openly plagiarize people. You clearly plagiarize my work and violate my privacy by stealing my facebook entries. What reason you have to steal those? Does privacy mean anything to you. What if someone posted your phone number one number at a time on 10 different websites?

    • Facebook is hardly private Nicky. If you don’t want the world to see your amusingly stupid thoughts don’t put them on the damn internet.

    • “What if someone posted your phone number one number at a time…”

      It is fascinating reading his way with words, or lack of. Every time he threatens this, he always uses the exact same phrase – posting the number one number at a time.

      Terms, phrases, insults – they just get stuck in his head and never seem to leave.

    • At least he doesn’t seem to think you’re me. I’ve lost track of all the random people he’s accused of being me . . . *sigh*

  79. From the Shocklines Boyer contest thread.

    ” He pissed me off by calling himself a Christian and he stole. Broke one of the commandments, so I am looking for a voodoo story that plays off breaking the commandment of stealing. IE he steals from a voodo witch. Oh shit, I can just see the ideas coming to this one. I am inviting Ferrel to really give Boyer the horror beat down he needs. Ferrel, buddy, this is your story to write. Boyer is your target and he fucked with me by lying about the story.”

    • Better have people write about you and stealing too nicky LOL you steal your titles from heavy metal songs, you steal from the government, you stole from me, you probably steal from your family too.

  80. Nicky pisses me off by calling himself a Christian, but I forgive him and continue to pray for him because I actually am one.

  81. IIRC isn’t there at least one recorded case of Nicky keeping someone’s story in one of his collections after being told to pull it by changing the title and author’s name?

    Isn’t that plagiarism? Running a story without permission and with a different author’s name at the top?

  82. Nikita is Christmas shopping!

    “My sister is getting a horror/metal package. A few books from my Lake Fossil Press / WritingsFromTheGrave.com catalog (the namesake anthology will be under the Writings From The Grave moniker. This will be the second time Writings From The Grave will be listed as a publishing company. Writings From The Grave Books …was Collectives and the namesake.) Then she’s getting three DVDs.

    And more self promotion:

    “Looking for a cover artist for Dirty Black Winter — someone who can actually do the dirty gothic feel that I want to do with it. It’s 300 pages of pure unadulterated Gothic Horror with some urban fantasy thrown in there (When Angels Wept Blood.) I am trying to get James O’Barr of The Crow Fame to do this.

    “I got my epic horror author for the namesake. This is going to have a small font for the stories but all the fonts will be familar to everyone.

    “here’s the shit cookie about Electrocuting The Clowns. I loved the story, but FUCK — it’s somone elses story. Screw You Boyer! Thieving sperm licker.

    “What to do — give Boyer to another Pacione to play with? Renee made this note, mess with one of us — you mess with all of us. So I am giving this to my cousin to play with.

    “before it’s all uploaded — the namesake’s body is 293 pages! The TOC will have a familar photograph from Issue 1.

    “In the copyediting stage. This is were I really rival Library Of Horror Press. I don’t have a staff doing this — I do all of this myself. The layouts are something I do with TOR in mind. I am going to send the printed version of this to TOR to see if they would want to run this anthology in it’s expanded form too.”

    • Suuuuure, TOR is going to want to pay Nicky for the right to publish a hodgepodge of reprints (’cause that’s what they are by now) and public domain stories. I’d love to see that rejection letter.

      So, let’s see. Nicky is going to scrounge through his bookcase filled with unsold copies of his own books, add a few CDs he cadged off some poor band, and send them to his sister. For his next trick, he’ll try telling the post office clerk that they shouldn’t charge him for postage “because it’s a Christmas present for my sister.”

    • What a difference from my own Christmas shopping. Bought myself presents: Under the Dome by Stephen King, Black Prism by Brent Weeks, and a ticket to Spamalot in January. Working on buying family presents now, but no free crap I have just laying around that I don’t want anymore unlike Nicky :p

    • His cousin Mike’s wife. She seems to be the only one in that whole family that has ever tried to keep an eye on Peaches, and make sure he takes his meds. She’s got her own health issues (MS), so I commend her for making the effort. She and Mike live with Granny, Gramps, Uncle, and Nicky. At least, she did, although something Nicky wrote not too long ago leads me to believe there are some marital issues, so I may not be up to date on her current place of residence.

  83. From FB

    Fred W. writes: “The Ethereal Gazette (Lake Fossil Press) recently bought the rights to my short story, Creeper. The story will appear in issue 12, due out on Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for more details.”

    Nikita writes “Just waiting for one more guy and he’s one of my anthology mates on Darkened Horizons: Issue 3. He’s the closing author.”

    For info, Fred says he is a “Writing Instructor, a member of the Horror Writers Association, and a published author of seven books–5 novels, 1 short story collection, and a non-fiction how-to book–as well as one screenplay.”

    Nikita: “Hey dude — I paid you in advance for your story, sight unseen because I know your other work. I really do want Creeper. Especially since particular line up might not happen again. I have 267 pages right now with the issue, and I am trying to make this bigger than the rival publication in the UK. They toot their ho…rn at being the largest publication. Wait until they see the namesake and the magazine. I am close to done with re-working the namesake, if you read around on the HWA site about the plagiarist. The dirty rotten plagiarist sent me a story for my anthology 3 years ago.

    Fred: “Thanks, Nick. Lot of pressure being paid for a story sight unseen. Hope you like Creeper.

    Nikita: “I read your short story freebies on here throughout the years — I am curious how strong a horror story is Creeper. I have a TOC mate from Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 on this one and he will be getting his story done by mid-week. Everyone hasn’t been on a TOC together before for the most part. Some of them were on the magazine before while others are using the magazine as a launch pad for their print careers.

    Fred: “I sent Creeper to you. You let me know how strong it is and whether you want it or not–but please do so privately.”

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