Revisionist History

Mr. Pacione’s second WordPress entry is a fairly typical screed. This is the first time I’ve seen R.J. Sevin come under fire.

I noticed that R.J. Sevin decided to be the asshole and post a copyrighted photo on the forum of assholes again.

Actually, it was a fake memoir cover that was, frankly, quite funny. Fake title aside, it was tastefully designed.

I came under fire for “stealing” his domain name out from under his nose, because I paid for it after Janrae let it expire. Mr. Pacione neglected to purchase it himself, given a month’s advance notice, and two months thereafter.

And the fucks who created the rusty nail decided to steal another domain so I can’t get another domain in my name — cocksuckers you need to get a fucking life.

The irony is amazing. People allegedly steal his books by e-pirating them, but a domain name is stolen by actually paying for it? Either way, his logic is twisted. His attempt to revise history isn’t fooling anyone.

Mr. Pacione strikes me as being an ideal poster boy for the Entitlement Generation. He’s entitled to book sales, even though he finds it nearly impossible to write anything coherent. To him, he mere fact that he takes the time to type something makes it deserving of sales. But, when it comes to a domain name, he feels entitled to have it for free simply because it bears his name, while anyone who purchases it is stealing.

That’s not the way it works in real life, as Mr. Pacione is (hopefully) discovering. It’s odd that he tells others to “get a life,” yet he’s the one who stated in his JPG Magazine story that he’s a recluse when he writes.

Have fun with the ideas you come up with is what I am saying, I am a recluse as a writer but when I am a photographer – it allows me to be more social with people.

I firmly believe that his chances of making a dollar or two would improve if he were to stand on a street corner wearing dark glasses, holding a tin cup filled with pencils. He’s a little too old to run a lemonade stand.

14 thoughts on “Revisionist History

  1. Many, if not most of the photoshopped pictures, do go too far. The picture in question, however, was merely a cropped mug shot with a fake memoir title. It wasn’t pornographic, and the overall composition was good. The fake title was the funny part, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Well, even the title makes me wonder about the provocation offered. (And I’m not judging RJ, who has always been very professional to me and I look forward to meeting him someday.) But if someone faked a cover of me with a similar caption – oh, I don’t know, “I’m a Hypocritical Bastard!” – I don’t know how I’d react. I would hope I’d step back and try to figure out what I’d done to deserve that, but I might just get all defensive and start saying stuff. Again, I don’t judge anyone, as I don’t know nearly enough of the whole story, but just pop in to observe from time to time.

  3. Lampooning covers have a long and honored tradition. They make authors flinch and people laugh. Some of the best have appeared places like Harvard Lampoon.

    An author who can laugh at himself is in no danger of taking himself too seriously.

    However, I have felt that some of the covers and other pictures went too far.

    I do think that the reactions to Nick have grown increasingly hostile because Nick has never once stopped trying to abuse people into submission. His lies and baseless accusations are hurtful and ugly.

    As in the recent case of Elizabeth Peake, she had ignored him for months and months, yet he popped up unexpectedly and left her a nasty note.

    When someone is not expecting trouble, an abusive message feels like you have been slammed in the solar plexus.

    I think that women have a stronger reaction to getting one of Nicky’s little presents than men do. And that is why most of Nicky’s most dogged detractors are women.

    Men join in when they experience a sympathetic feeling for the women who have been attacked by Nicky.

    His previous statement that he was going to find a new set of ‘assholes’ to harass demonstrates that he enjoys hurting people.

  4. I understand Pacione’s reaction. The cover is obviously meant to provoke — mostly laughter among the maniacs at Odark, but in posting it I was more than aware that I was taking a stick to the hornet’s nest.

    Nick’s reaction, though, is pretty much his only reaction to anything: Almost three years ago, when I — having no idea who he was — tried to constructively point out problems with his writing on the HWA board, well… you can pretty much imagine how it went. A few “faggots,” a ton of “fucks.” Some angry, threatening emails. And so on.

    So we have a history. Not quite the history that others have with him, but we’ve crossed paths and bucked heads every so often. I enjoy it sometimes, despite the fact that I probably shouldn’t.

    It’s funny and sad, but I think he loves it as much as the most hardened member of the F.U.K.U. Army– we do keep on feeding him, don’t we? The PACIONE thread at Odark, my little dancing avatar, this site — all of these things give him the attention his writing alone would never provide.

  5. Ah–you have experienced firsthand the wrath of The Pacione.

    “. . . but in posting it I was more than aware that I was taking a stick to the hornet’s nest.”

    That did the trick, alright.

  6. I remember when that happened, RJ. I suspect that if a poll were taken on how we encountered Nicky and the origins of the hostility, you would probably find that most of us had initially offered Nicky suggestions for improving his work in a well-intentioned way and then received the usual abuse laden responses.

  7. That’s probably back in the “old days.” I only heard of all this late last year, when I kept seeing references to “a certain someone” “NP” “HWSNBN” and I wondered what that’s all about. It may indeed have been the HailSaten entry that mentioned him by name that first alerted me to this being a real person and not some mass gag. Google led me to the fine (if sometimes sophomoric) people at ODARK.

    I was glad to see RJ admit – “I enjoy it sometimes, despite the fact that I probably shouldn’t.” That’s how I feel, like I should just say no to witnessing so much drama over nothing and do something better with my time. At one point in The Inferno, when Dante becomes mesmerized by two of the damned insulting and tearing at one another, Virgil tells him, “To look too long at wicked things is vulgar.”

  8. “To look too long at wicked things is vulgar.”

    I think of it more as rubbernecking. As much as you don’t want to look, you can’t help peeking through your fingers at the carnage.

    He’s been going after me for years, so I can only feel a tad guilty about running this site.

  9. Oh, it’s definitely exactly like rubber necking. But I also feel a little guilty for that too. Now, of course, the people whose blood I see splattered all over the pavement and windshield didn’t deliberately do that, they’re not enjoying my gawking at them, they would’ve done anything to avoid it, in fact – so that analogy is not perfect, and the regular rubbernecking is probably more culpable than this, since the subject seeks it out.

  10. I’m one of those folks who’d be right at home in the stands at the Coliseum of ancient Rome, cheering the gladiators and eager for more carnage. BLOOD ON THE SAND! Woo! Bring on the tigers! Hurrah!

    Vulgar? Yeah. No denying it.

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