Alone Again

Lawwy is getting divorced, and is worried about child custody.

Well, lately I’m going through a very hectic divorce. Yes, I’ve split up and moved away from my now ex-significant other.

So, Christine finally kicked his sorry, leeching ass out of the apartment.  You go, girl!

. . . it’s all about who gets the custody and visitation and when and where (I’ll probably get the kid on the weekends).

Way to get out of taking the kid to pre-school, doctor’s appointments, etc., on weekdays, Larry.  Wouldn’t want that responsibility, now, would you?

I’d like to thank all of my friends . . . all of my very supportive friends–all 2,500 of you–on Facebook . . .

Did they each send him a dollar?

I have a roof over my head.  It’s a room… cozy… $500 a month with utilities (I know peeps), and for a Native New Yorker and Bohemian like myself it will suit me just fine.

For a welfare recipient, it’ll have to suit him just fine.

I feel as if I’ll get more work done now.  Perhaps better work, as I’ll be able to concentrate.

Yeah, there’s nothing like having a pesky rugrat around to prevent you from earning your keep.  Of course, not having the kid around means no more excuses, too.  It cuts both ways, Daggy.

I’d like to also thank you for your privacy concerning all these family matters at this time.

Which must be why he’s posted a public entry on WordPress about it.

In case Lawwy decides to delete his blog entry — in the interest of the privacy he seeks (wink, wink) — I have a screenshot after the cut.

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  1. Mike Brendan says:

    Of course, he uses it to plug his poorly selling work, in true Nitwit/Pacione style.

  2. Al Kilyu says:

    “all of my very supportive friends–all 2,500 of you–on Facebook . . .”

    Yeah all 2,500 talk to him directly and support him.

    Shouldn’t it be “my kid” instead of “the kid”?

    P.S. Has anyone heard from autoaim lately? Important srs business going down and I can’t locate him!

    • Rusty says:

      Of course it should be “my kid,” or “my son.” However, Daggy always referred to his child as if he were an object with which to play.

      He’s the type who would refuse to feed or walk the dog, but be the first in line to play fetch with it in a park. All the fun, but none of the responsibility . . .

  3. Laura Dagstine says:

    Sorry things didn’t work out with this wife, Lawrence, but there are still thousands of mail order brides all over the world waiting to come to the U.S. so I’m sure you’ll get another soon.

    Maybe not from the same country as your last mail order wife but a woman who will take your name for monetary purposes none the less.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Didn’t he say on Shocklines how his wife’s family were so primitive they wouldn’t know what a book was?

    • Rusty says:

      He made disparaging remarks about them not knowing what a book was, but I’m not sure the word “primitive” was used. He must have thought she was different from the rest of them, because he did list her as co-editor, or some such title, of The Literary Bone.

  4. Mike Brendan says:

    I don’t ever remember him announcing he got married. For a long time she was “his girlfriend,” and then that suddenly changed to “his wife.”

    Given his penchant for lying about things, it makes wonder if he was ever married in the first place, and the divorce is her just kicking him out for being the shiftless bum that he is.

    • Rusty says:

      It’s very possible. It could also weaken his case for child custody, but it sounds like he doesn’t really want custody, anyway — just visitation privileges. It’s not as if Welfare Larry makes enough to chip in for child support, regardless.

      Not that long ago, he was bragging about having a spacious two bedroom apartment, sort of like the way Nicky was bragging about having two kitchens. Um . . . yeah.

  5. Sabledrake says:

    I love how it’s because of the “70% divorce rate” … as if it’s all just a roll of the dice, with EVERY marriage having a 70% chance of going feet-up, oh well, it’s statistics, whaddaya want, nothing to do with the people involved. *facepalm*

  6. autoaim.cfg says:

    Al, you have mail… and that addy is the best one to reach me, always…

  7. cussedness says:

    There’s just something wrong with Dagswine. He seems to have no real human emotions about anything.

    • Rusty says:

      There was something wrong with this guy from day one. No normal person pulls the kind of bullshit for which he’s now notorious: leaving threatening messages on people’s blogs, using alts to send people threatening email and manipulating his mentally ill buddy into harassing others, faking ear cancer for sympathy, admitting to stalking folks in real life, and general shit stirring. I could go on, but we all know his shtick by now.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      He’s a psychopath, maybe not the serial killer type (that we know of, or yet) but if someone online bruises his delicate feelings and massive ego, he’ll go after them like a furious stalker. By “them” I mean women.

      I still remember when he thought a user on SL was Rusty (it was me) and he sent a PM with the subject saying something like “It’s good to have friends in law enforcement” and inside the message was an (incorrect) address and personal info he thought was Rusty’s. Why? Same reason he stalked Janerae and Rusty: Because someone online hurt his feelings.

    • Rusty says:

      Now that you mention it, I do remember something about you receiving a threat he clearly meant for me.

      Of course, he only considers those he can use to do his bidding to be “friends,” so he probably doesn’t have anything but relatives or acquaintances. Any cop he knows who fits that bill probably got kicked off the force for corruption. Most likely, it was just another idle e-police threat.

  8. CJB says:

    @cuss: Narcissistic Personality Disorder seems to cover Dagswine pretty well.

    • Mike Brendan says:

      I think that sums him up perfectly. The only things that matter to Larry are Larry, Larry, Larry’s sub par writing, and being top dog in whatever writing circle he can infect.

      The rages, the stalking, the threats (with and without alts) and all his other shenanigans are very indicative of full-blown narcissism (same with Nicky). Combine that with a complete refusal/inability to learn, and you have incidents like Larry trying to “pwn” people with even more poorly written revenge slash fic that ends up describing him more than his victim.

  9. Al Kilyu says:

    This is old news, but speaking of Daggy, remember that “interview” that was done by that website “mymotherwasatrekkie”? Back then I thought it was suspect, back in 08. The kicker was the “You have many devoted fans in the underground, and they compliment you.” line, because I’ve never seen any fans of his, definitely never had enough to set up a message board where they all would gather… Keene does, Janrae does, many authors with actual fans do, but he doesn’t.*

    …anyway I went back and looked at that blog two years later, and the only two entries are one saying that the owner is back under a new name (old one doesn’t show squat in searches) and of course, his interview with Daggy.

    That interview was pathetic on it’s own, but lol it’s a fake! He totally interviewed himself!

    *now that I’ve said that, expect a new “Dagstine Fan Board” full of dozens of ‘fans’ whose fake accounts he’ll be diligently working on this week. 😛

  10. johaha says:


    Sorry, I know divorce is no laughing matter.
    But in Larry’s case, I can’t help it..


  11. johaha says:

    Yeah, Larry, blame your divorce on 70% divorce rates, rather than on your lazy, mooching ass.

    By the wayk, that story you wrote? About the writer who shoots his kids and his wife leaves him?

    Sounds like it’s a bit more personal you YOU now, hey, Dickstain?

    • Al Kilyu says:

      wtf what story had that johaha?

    • Mike Brendan says:

      That was one of his free stories on his website. Looking at this, it might be one reason why Larry’s girlfriend left him. It may also cost him custody of his son, which is a good thing in my mind.

      Oh, and a correction: I missed the bit where he claims that the divorce rate is 70%. (He also uses that number to compare real life with his shitty fiction while making a plug). Once again we see Larry trying to make the numbers lie and fail at it. That’s info I found in 15 seconds using Google — unverified mind you, but it’s probably closer to reality than whatever that stew is in Larry’s skull.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      I saw that, but missed the family being killed/visitation rights part. Wow…what is there when psychopath isn’t a strong enough word?

      I think he meant that as a dig at trolls, but at the same time it looks (now more than ever) like he hid those parts in to make it appear it was a dig at one of us when in fact…

      You guys think she saw his Mar(ried) Sue then?

  12. johaha says:

    Sounds sick, but this is like Christmas to me.

    The liar gets the boot, gets dissed. Muahahaha again.

    She probably got her Green Card and thought, “I don’t need his sorry ass anymore”.

    And she’s right!

    • Rusty says:

      I know she’s of Filipina descent, but for some reason, I thought she was a U.S. citizen before she met Daggy. Am I wrong?

  13. johaha says:

    She might be. I don’t know.

    But it would be poetic if she wasn’t, got a Green Card, and ditched him.

  14. CritGit says:

    Oh I remember that interview! Yes, the blog had next to nothing on it and the interviewer was very full of praise.
    It reeked of deceitful self promotion.

    Doesn’t surprise me that nothing more happened there.

  15. Al Kilyu says:

    Nicky’s back!

  16. Al Kilyu says:

    Hey Rusty: Do you think
    a) Nicky moved on his own
    b) He was kicked out
    c) He’s lying

    “I am reporting you the the admins Ablert do not go around stalking me you faceless bastard. You posted my family’s address — the Joliet area location is my home now because no one knows where the other is at and I would rather keep it that way. Post my address on here and I will have you ejected. you came here to start trouble with me and I know the threat mail came from FINLAND — so with that. I will have you locked up for a good long time for harassing the mentally ill.”

    He has been on hitatus as of late…

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Uh oh…forgot link again. It’s the Illinois cult

      I see Nicky made a point to post his “address” in a post above that

      “Re: INTRODUCTION May 17, 2010, 02:31pm



      Joliet area “

    • Lewis says:

      Hasn’t he been claiming he lives in the Joliet area for years now?

    • Rusty says:

      Yeah, Lewis. Nicky usually states either “Joliet area” or simply “Joliet” when he creates an online profile somewhere. He does that because Morris is in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, and Joliet is the only town within a 45 minute drive that anyone’s likely to have heard of.

      AblertNorwood is about as subtle as a semi bearing down at 85 mph, but if Nikita hadn’t publicly freaked out at Ablert’s initial post, chances are nobody else in the cult would have thought anything of it.

      I wonder if Nicky wasted a powerbomb on Ablert. Those get reset the first of every month.

    • Melany says:

      Too bad we can’t get him locked up for a good long time for making death threats then whining “mentally ill mentally ill you can’t touch me neener neener neener!”

    • Al Kilyu says:

      “Ablert — Joliet is my adoptive hometown and Tunride you are the blind leading the blind. Pale baldy — I don’t harass people via the mail system like you do. I am in the process of getting a P.O. Box in Joliet so I can interact with people via snail mail but I don’t go stalking people like you two jokers do. I am not here to start a flame war, AA you are not even in Illinois and I know you sent a letter to my house because I know it is from Finland. I am in the process of reporting you to the FEDS here because YOU broke the law with that one.

      Edited by: LAKEFOSSIL at May 27, 2010, 05:02pm”

      Isn’t “Pale Baldy” the western Clint Eastwood made before “Unforgiven”?

    • Rusty says:

      He’s been “in the process of getting a P.O. box” ever since he moved back in with granny — three years ago. It’s never going to happen. What’s he going to do? Hop the bus to Joliet once a month to get his mail?

    • Al Kilyu says:

      He can’t even afford public transportation it seems.

      “Status: Net bill is paid — trying to take up a collection for my train expenses. The Metra went up. ”

      I’m thinking he is still there and bluffing, but I find it odd an admitted hermit and recluse needs fare.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      “I am not the fucking stalker here and I call Joliet my home because all my business is done there and I have library support out there for my books. AutoAim_Cfg and ABlertNorwood do more stalking than I was EVER accused of. I am being stalked by ex-girlfriend too who is also part of that circle. They were stalking my sister too. I’ve been here for five FUCKING years so these two bastards are breaking the rules on here than I ever did — AutoLame posted my grandmother’s address on another cult and he’s coming very close to breaking that rule AGAIN!”

      nope, he lied, hasn’t moved.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      “Status: powerbombing the ex (FUCKING BITCH) ”


    • Rusty says:

      How in the hell can he justify powerbombing someone who hasn’t posted anything in weeks?

    • Al Kilyu says:

      That’s what I was about to ask but accidentally hit ‘submit’ too quickly.

      Either she said something somewhere we missed, or Nicky being psycho Nicky has assigned her into some flowchart he’s made up in a conspiracy of some sorts. I checked the cults, and I don’t see her anywhere in there.

      Remember how Karen was responsible for the book burnings, even when there were multiple videos of the hero standing to pee?

      Mel? Any insight on this?

    • Lewis says:

      He also tried to get Jin Rukavi to go after her a few weeks ago.

      “Here’s another one that you can say fails on the highest reguard — my ex-fiancee WindDancing. Breaking up with me nearly 11 years ago and she still has me on her shitlist on here when I didn’t say anything berating her weight.

      Since breaking up with her my life became a published author and a part time promoter while she brags about working a $7 an hour job, living in a town that the population is under 4000 people (the dead out populate the living.)

      She mocks me because I stay with my relatives (I look over them, one of is out of the hospital and the other is on dialysis. My grandfather and grandmother. The house is made up of two separate places that have two kitchens — the cousin lives upstairs and I pay $200 for rent. I get a fixed income because of my mental illness and looking for an apartment of my own in Joliet so I can get around — I live in a small town that is about 20 minutes from Joliet. Not many people know where it’s at but they all know where Joliet is because Stir of Echoes was filmed there. I do the promoter thing part time but trying to time it just right where I can cash in on it is the other thing. I live check to check because I get the high phone bill and need that phone to keep the outside communication — running a small press and all of that.) ”

      Whiny little bitch isn’t he? Seems he’s upset to be on her shitlist.

    • Lewis says:

      LMAO he went and posted the Coal City Courant article in Jet’s comments.

    • Rusty says:

      Good lord. No matter how many times I point out that the Coal City Courant article is NOT flattering, and is in fact rather snarky, he keeps trotting it out to proudly show someone.

    • He’s starting with the “two kitchens” crap again.

      Anything to not admit the obvious that you’re a no talent basement dweller, huh Nicky?

      I’m also having a real hard time believing he pays $200 a month for rent. Of course, the last time he said he paid his family rent, he said he only paid $100 a month. So, either his grandparents doubled the rent, or he’s lying again. I’m betting on the latter.

      Oh, and I’m sure Melany spends every night crying herself to sleep since her life is apparently so much worse off than Nicky, the alleged published author and concert promoter. Remind me again, WHO is the one that hasn’t had a date in over a decade again?

  17. johaha says:

    Al Kilyu said:

    “I saw that, but missed the family being killed/visitation rights part. Wow…what is there when psychopath isn’t a strong enough word?

    I think he meant that as a dig at trolls, but at the same time it looks (now more than ever) like he hid those parts in to make it appear it was a dig at one of us when in fact…”

    Al Kilyu, he meant that as a dig at one of us alright. Me. He keeps thinking I’m this Raffaella person.

  18. johaha says:

    I found this buried at the Silverthought forum. This shows Daggy was a psychopath a long time ago.

    It appears that the people there were talking about suicide, and Daggy responds with this crap:

    “You mentioned that Arizona girl (or somebody did) makes me wonder if they came, did the Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame thing, and checked out…

    I think most authors should kill somebody famous., make the history books…and then no matter how shitty your work is, ala Instant Bestseller.”

    Yeah. Okay. You run with that one, Dagstine.

  19. Rusty says:

    Nicky’s cackling with glee over at the Illinois cult:

    Thanx for signing your exit papers to this site — you are not supposed to be posting people’s addresses on this website unless it’s your own and you’re the one doing it.

    Yes, I have a screengrab.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Sadly he’s probably right. They probably will go after auto for that.

      Did you notice on his status that he’s going to get the PO Box (*snerk*) so he can start accepting CD-Rs again?

    • Rusty says:

      He’ll get Autoaim banned in all likelihood. But he’s always got to make sure he yells “I’m gonna tell the teacher on you, neener neener ha ha!” It’s his way of bragging.

      That said, I do wish Autoaim would quit posting his addy like that. There are plenty of other places to post it, where it isn’t against the TOS.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      She’s right there’s no need to go on a suicide run.

      When Nicky first got on there today, it was “harassing the mentally ill”.

      Now of course, it’s “elder abuse”.

    • Rusty says:

      And . . . up in a puff of smoke.

      Reason for Deletion: Get a life. Stalking people makes you look worse. You already have that “Powder” thing going on.

      I expected something a little more creative than that from the admin.

    • autoaim.cfg says:

      Mmm…. because VF accounts are serious business and it’s not a matter of 10 seconds to make a new one, riiiight. ;D

    • Rusty says:

      Meanwhile, Nicky still has those links to fellow VF members on his profile, where he trashes them. I really do think he removed the links when he was warned to do so, then added them back when he thought the coast was clear.

    • Lewis says:

      And Nikita showed up in the RIP Dio thread in the VF cult.

      “I am Dio Era Black Sabbath fan — I am repurchasing Dehumanizer when I get some money from a sale of a project. ”

      To which Slade replied.

      “When you come back from fucking men more like.”

    • Rusty says:

      I wonder when his Tribute to Dio project will be announced.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      “…“I am Dio Era Black Sabbath fan — I am repurchasing Dehumanizer when I get some money from a sale of a project. ””

      How much does a CD cost? He always makes it out to be that he’s incredibly dirt poor. Literally begging for money for train fare on his VF. WTF? He doesn’t pay medical insurance, obviously not car, his rent we’ve seen isn’t that much, internet isn’t that much (yet he was begging last month for help with that, on top of having that donation button on his “official” site to help with monthly phone and net cost) so where is his money going?

      I know disability isn’t really squat, but still, something’s up. Is he feigning being broke all the time so as not to screw up his disability? We’ve seen him say before he’d rather not make money writing because he doesn’t want to risk losing his checks, but this is ridiculous.

  20. Victor says:

    Larry doesn’t know or respect what he has. Guys like him piss me off.

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