Nicky Graces a New Forum with His Presence

I started this in comments on my previous entry, but this deserves its own entry.  Nicky’s over on some conservative forum spewing hate speech, and attempting to incite harassment of his enemies.  What he says about Melany is horrible.  A coelacanth lives at a higher elevation than our favorite greasy goth.  I’ll tackle his latest VF blog entry tomorrow; it’s too late, and I’m too tired to do so now.


Oh god. He just inflicted himself on another community

Here’s the comment he left for the admin:

Let’s do it. I got some asshole trying to pass my imprint off as a alt romance publisher and I am trying to set the record straight of what I run. I am ready to raise a little hell. I am trying to think how to nail the other websites hard with the Consevative Gospel. So they want to play the liberal agenda there — let’s play god with them

Sounds to me like he’s trying to incite harassment of a third party.

New Development at TDFS

TDFS is the new magazine that Nicky was crowing about accepting his story,” The Witches’ Party.”  Apparently, the staff has reconsidered its position.  The following comment from Letitia Washington was stuck in moderation in my previous “Troll Control” entry.  Jenny also let me know some of the staff had left comments on her blog as well.

As I said over at Jenny’s blog, I have received an email from Stephen indicating their remorse in getting involved with Nicky and they wish to start over with us.

On their staff they have an openly gay member who took offense to Nicky’s acceptance. That along with other factors have led to Nicky being removed from their upcoming issue and any future issues. Nicky will not nor ever be in any issue of Dark Fiction.

Stephen admits his initial reaction was defensive and apologizes and as I said before, would like to start anew with all of this, minus one Nicky The Mullet Pacione. I was the first one to contact him and I’m going to be the first to bury the hatchet and forgive and forget. After all, how many people has Nicky suckered who later came forward and told of how he lied and tricked them?

To be honest, I’ve lost track, but I do know for a fact that Nikita signed a contract to pay one author, tore up the contract in a fit of rage, didn’t pay her, then used her story anyway in one of his Tabloid Purposes anthologies.  She had to report his copyright infringement to, which is Nicky’s printer.  The book was pulled, and Nicky was livid that he had to redo the layout without the story before he could resume sales (such as they were).  That author is one of my regular readers.

There are more comments from at least one staff member of the magazine, over on Jenny’s blog.  It’s worth a read.  I suspect it’s a case of “buyer’s remorse,” if you will.

Hopefully, the folks at TDFS will avoid the fate of The Literary Bone and Naked Snake Press.  I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, and take a wait and see approach.

Troll Control

Nikita has a new Blogspot entry.

I get the jokers popping up left and right . . .

It’s the ones who pop up in front of you that you need to worry about, silly.

Just the past few days I had people coming up with my old pictures as their profile picture, and I stole some of these pictures back.

Bad Nicky, bad.  Didn’t Sheryl ever tell you that it’s wrong to steal?

I did a post on my wordpress blog about some of these trolls hijacking my threads posting about hats and shit like that.

Like chocolate milk?

I noticed that there was an emergence of trolls coming on to the website I am active with and coming on with some of my old pictures — and these pictures weren’t online anywhere, but they were of me playing pool.

Then ‘splain, Nicky, how so many people got a hold of them.  Did somebody’s computer plug into your brain while you were asleep, and suck the images out of it?

Between writing the novella and doing promo for the magazine acceptence I’ve been trying to do troll control on each of the sites I am active with.

Good luck with that, Peaches.  You seem to have pissed off quite a few of the wrong people this time around.

It seems like when I try to get my magazine together or the anthology, some asshole would announce its “full” when I am not even done with the project.

That’s what happens when you sell the company for a slice of pizza and a can of swill Pabst.

Worst Than White Thrash

Sounds like the name of a metal band — or a description of rap — doesn’t it?  Well, it’s a quote from The Nickster, responding in RAEG to Jenny’s WriterFace thread, which has made it to two pages.

I clearly won’t publish goons because they’re considered worst than white thrash or worms crawling on their bellies. She is no fellow writer — she’s a fucking plaglaristic piece of shit who can’t come up with her own characters and steals mine to mock the shit out of me on her blog. Now Baupader, go back to the shitty forum where you belong if you’re going to stir shit up like this. I know that title was a joke on a thread that was hijacked on twice.

Yes folks, on WriterFace he dives right into bitching about SomethingAwful and VampireFreaks.  Chances are pretty good that most WF forum members would have to Google them to know what they are.

Beverage alert!  There are several good comments, but this excerpt from one of Baupdeth’s is chock full of win:

I’ll have you know that my current work, ‘Hats: A History’ is part of my doctorate program at the University of Michigan, and I have studied and taught at the prestigious University of Lapland, which is located in Rovaniemi, Finland, where I also received my masters degree. As an example, did you know that Saint Catherine of Alexandria is the patron saint of milliners in France? I bet that you did not.

The best part is that anyone can read the forum threads.  Registration is only required to participate.  Stay tuned to that thread.  I’ve no idea how the mods work, when it comes to locking or deleting threads.

It’s classic Nicky, displaying his idiocy for all the world to see, including multiple spelling and grammatical errors.  Way to show everyone what a classy dude and fantastic editor you are, Peaches!

I Like Hats, Or Tard Tips for the Clueless

Hat tip:  M

And what a hat tip it is.  Let’s see how long this one lasts.  Nicky started a thread on VF about a small press clinic.  It’s in the Writer’s Corner area, where he was told yesterday to stick to promotion.  The title sounds like it’s promoting a class people can take, online or whatever, but it turns out to be about what software and printer he uses for his dreck.

First reply:  “I like hats.”  Bwahahaha.

Personally, I want to know where he “found Lake Fossil Press.”  Under a rock?  Behind a tree?

Shocklines Meets VampireFreaks

Peaches started a self-congratulatory thread on the VF forum, which derailed hilariously into a discussion about hats.  Predictably, our favorite 5’3″ Eyetalian wannabe goth writer lost his shit.  I managed to take a screengrab of the thread mere moments before it was first snipped, then bahleeted.

Nicky must really be making a pain in the ass of himself with the moderators.  This sort of thread snipping has started to occur with alarming frequency.  It’s as if the mods are taking lessons from Matty at Shocklines.


Here’s the last screengrab I got before I finally had to crash to avoid doing a face plant into my keyboard.  Apparently, I missed a lot of good stuff, which is chronicled in the comments.

Christ Leaked

Hat Tips:  Al_Kilyu and Lewis

“Christ Leaked” might make a great title for a short story, eh?  This deserves its own entry.  Besides, scrolling through over 170 comments on my last entry was getting to be a pain.

Nicky’s back on Shocklines, bawwing about how an “unreleashed” novella of his was leaked.  It’s a fairly standard wall-o’-text that will probably get bahleeted.  So far, there are no replies.  Nobody wants to be the first, I suppose, to ask how something that’s never been passed along to anyone else can possibly get leaked.

He’s even got an unsubstantiated claim of being blackmailed.  Dagstine, or an overactive imagination?


We knew this was going to happen.  Screengrabs of the whole mess after the cut . . .

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