New Development at TDFS

TDFS is the new magazine that Nicky was crowing about accepting his story,” The Witches’ Party.”  Apparently, the staff has reconsidered its position.  The following comment from Letitia Washington was stuck in moderation in my previous “Troll Control” entry.  Jenny also let me know some of the staff had left comments on her blog as well.

As I said over at Jenny’s blog, I have received an email from Stephen indicating their remorse in getting involved with Nicky and they wish to start over with us.

On their staff they have an openly gay member who took offense to Nicky’s acceptance. That along with other factors have led to Nicky being removed from their upcoming issue and any future issues. Nicky will not nor ever be in any issue of Dark Fiction.

Stephen admits his initial reaction was defensive and apologizes and as I said before, would like to start anew with all of this, minus one Nicky The Mullet Pacione. I was the first one to contact him and I’m going to be the first to bury the hatchet and forgive and forget. After all, how many people has Nicky suckered who later came forward and told of how he lied and tricked them?

To be honest, I’ve lost track, but I do know for a fact that Nikita signed a contract to pay one author, tore up the contract in a fit of rage, didn’t pay her, then used her story anyway in one of his Tabloid Purposes anthologies.  She had to report his copyright infringement to, which is Nicky’s printer.  The book was pulled, and Nicky was livid that he had to redo the layout without the story before he could resume sales (such as they were).  That author is one of my regular readers.

There are more comments from at least one staff member of the magazine, over on Jenny’s blog.  It’s worth a read.  I suspect it’s a case of “buyer’s remorse,” if you will.

Hopefully, the folks at TDFS will avoid the fate of The Literary Bone and Naked Snake Press.  I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, and take a wait and see approach.

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  1. cussedness says:

    We have made many friends over the years this way. So I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    People who come in with guns blazing get shot down. People who come here with a reasonable attitude to talk and reason receive talk and reason.

  2. baupdeth says:

    I so love me some karma. It goes great with chocolate milk while wearing a hat!

    Seriously though, this is extremely good news and thanks for posting it guys, and gals!

  3. Jenny says:

    Yeah, um, I’m not so sure they’re dumping him. I think they’ve just got buyer’s remorse. I do hope they edit his supposed writing into something readable – like the editor of “Tales of the Talisman” did with Nicky’s “Observations of an Abandoned Seminary”.

    • Rusty says:

      The comments left on your blog really do make it sound like they feel they’re stuck with him and his story at this point, but will try to make the best of it. I didn’t get a feeling of “we’re dropping him and his story” from anything Daniel or Stephen said.

    • cussedness says:

      If they can make something out of that I will be amazed. The only thing I can see working is to ghost it.

  4. Hello,

    This is Stephen W. Roberts–Owner and editor of TDFS.

    I wanted to adjust one minor error with your post, that being that Nickolaus Pacione will be in our first issue. Contracts were signed quite a while ago and all signed authors must be used due to our contract.

    The future is yet to be seen, but I certainly do hope that Issue 1 doesn’t ignite a fire based on a misunderstanding.

    The last thing we aim to do at TDFS is make enemies, therefore we want all to be able to see and know what we’re about and what we aim to do.

    We want to publish good fiction and embrace the literary communtiy, not battle in some sort of internet blog flamewars.

    We take no pride in being mentioned in a poor light, for that’s not who we are at all.

    Stephen W. Roberts

    • Rusty says:

      I was merely quoting a comment someone left on my previous entry. That’s why I used blockquotes for it.

      By “reconsider its position,” I meant in light of your previous knee jerk defense elsewhere of Nicky’s writing and behavior in which you said you’ve known him for a long time, etc.

      Please note that I don’t know Letitia any more than I know you. The majority of commenters on this blog, some of whom know Nicky in real life, have had to deal with his shenanigans for many years. Some of my readers are professional authors, with contracts from real companies (Leisure, among others), who earn real money from their writing. Most are not.

      This particular blog exists as a virtual water cooler. It gives people a place to gather, point, laugh, and compare notes about the Legion of Nitwits. Pacione is not the only Nitwit in that Legion; he’s just the most maniacally obsessive. After several years, this blog continues to get an astonishing daily readership and participation.

      Bear in mind that over the years, more than one publisher has gone down in flames after publishing Pacione’s work without significant editing. We’ve seen it happen.

      I don’t think anyone wants to see you fail.

    • PG says:

      “I wanted to adjust one minor error with your post, that being that Nickolaus Pacione will be in our first issue. Contracts were signed quite a while ago and all signed authors must be used due to our contract.”

      Are you a kid or something? What kind of Mickey Mouse contracts do you have that you don’t offer any sort of non-publication clause? Pay him a kill fee, don’t use the story, and move on.

  5. cussedness says:

    Okay, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    They are not dropping Nicky on the grounds that there is a legally binding contract.

    I’ll reserve further comment on this until I see it.

    • khkoehler says:

      Which is why I always tell authors and publishers to be certain an opt-out clause is in your contract, with no kills fees. And if there isn’t, be sure to have one put in, no matter what kind of good relationship you have with the other party. Alas, they never listen…

    • Al Kilyu says:

      They could still use it but goof on it. Like say “Behold the freak of nature that is…The Guy That Thought This Story Was Interesting!”

      I am very confused though. There was a contest and only the top one of three gets paid…but they HAVE to publish him after accepting it?

      Maybe someone with knowledge of this stuff can help them out?

    • JupiterPluvius says:

      Well, given the low rate of payment for published stories, it’s not like a kill fee would break them, either.

  6. Mike Brendan says:

    I’d like to know where Nikki got the idea that I’m involved with Angry in Illinois and Lake Fossil Press, because that is clearly not true.

  7. 50 Foot Ant says:

    I feel kind of bad for those guys at that magazine. Now they are stuck with printing ol’ Sparkle Pony’s story.

    However, they could send it back for a rewrite, because let us face it, that story isn’t ready for publication at all. And if he refuses to do any reasonable rewrites, HE’S in violation of the contract, not them.

    Or they could publish it, with an editorial about how other publications should watch out for work such as his.

  8. TBoonetales says:

    Never done a favor?

    Never misunderstood a situation?

    I know the people with TDFS and they’re good people in a bad situation. I say this now and I know hundreds of people who would agree.

    This Nickolaus Pacione Jackhole has pulled them down and they don’t deserve it.

    I, for one have no clue who this Nick character is, but I have enough reason to be pissed based on his harming the names of my good friends.

    Ask around to people who know Daniel, Steve and Stacy, and all you will hear is good things. I promise this.

    Time will tell.

    T. Boone

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Wished I had seen that thread when it got awesome, because that is fantastic.

      Nicky himself has admitted that if someone critiques his work, he will respond with “Can you do better?”

      Not “That’s not true he’s a writing critic who says it’s good” or “Thank you for the advice I’ll take it under advisement” or anything like that…

    • Mike Brendan says:

      Color me surprised — given who has the last word in that thread.

    • Rusty says:

      Every thread he starts over there gets locked when he inevitably loses his shit.

  9. CritGit says:

    “If you’re get a piece of junk, don’t wash it and try to call it diamonds.”
    Quoted, as they say, for FUCKING truth!

    Nice people or not, if anyone thinks that is a story good to publish, they need to rethink their standards.
    Just seen it. The first two sentences alone need reworking!
    “actually ran by actual witches”??? How do you let that go?

    Respecting a writer’s work is fine and dandy but you need to tell them what is wrong.
    Man, the battles I’ve fought with Janrae over a single line!

    • cussedness says:

      Debbie Moorehouse, one of the editors at GUD, also did the edit on my novel Blood Dawn. We fought for three days over the conclusion.

      And them I found a compromise from the insights I gained in our running battle. 🙂

      And the conclusion became much better for it.

      Writers have editors for a reason.

      But even with the new breakthroughs in genetic engineering, you still can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear last time I heard.

  10. Al Kilyu says:

    I’ve been saying it for years–When it comes to Brendan, Nicky always gets pissed to the point he wants to fight him. Always.

    “I will not let some FUCK make a mockery of my company — and that is something I will fight you man to man over. ”

    And his latest rant on his wf about Angry is loooong.

    • Mike Brendan says:

      That’s not the first time he’s wanted a piece of me. The sad part is Nikki thinks that everybody reacts to negativity the same way as he does — even when evidence says otherwise.

  11. Hello all,
    So why did this Pacione conversation continue on this blog? Don’t you guys and girls have stories to write and research to do? Why waste time with Pacione? I know he’s horrible, but listen and listen for the last time.

    HE SIGNED A CONTRACT BEFORE WE KNEW ABOUT HIM! We didn’t take the time to research him, we didn’t know; simple as that. All of the editors at TDFS don’t want to waste time with this drama! It’s not worth it.

    The second we hear Nick Pacione has crossed the barrier, we will excommunicate him, until then he rightfully signed the contract! I promise all that we at TDFS knew nothing of his history. Now we have to pay for it, because of these bloggers.

    We are sorry this happened, but it did, and not for PR, like some snarks like to say. It was simple ignorance to a man’s reputation. Wow, forgive us for not having our noses in everyone’s business. Once again, let us be and relax. Nick Pacione is under control at our e-zine. If he didn’t sign the contract then we would have let him go.

    Unfortunately we can’t since he did, unless he openly threats someone on our time, then he’s out.

    All the best,
    Daniel Fabiani, editor TDFS

    PS…that cached version is highly unedited. I assure you will be pleased with the final product, sans Pacione…I know I know…he’s the devil right?

    • Mike Brendan says:

      None of us knew your market existed until Pacione started crowing about it. Furthermore, we’re not under any obligation to warn anybody about anything.

      Lastly, Pacione’s lack of basic grammar and writing skills should have raised a big red flag with the words “DO NOT PUBLISH” on it. Regardless of Pacione’s behavior, the quality of the writing alone justifies rejection.

    • Neve says:

      Hi Daniel and Stephen,

      This Blog is dedicated to tracking Nick but monitors other nitwits as well. It’s saved my bacon a couple times as an editor so I do consider it a resource rather than just a slag or cruel Lol-fest. Nick and the others mentioned here really ARE a menace to others.

      I know that this entire mess hit you and your publication like a freight-train and that all of you are struggling to do the right thing as well as stay professional. I have to commend that. It really is tough to behave ethically when you ‘know’ what you are dealing with and I’m not just talking out my bum.

      A certain nitwit showed up in my slush pile for another project and I agonized over telling my boss at the time that the submitter was bad news. I forced myself to read his submission objectively and yeah, it was pretty damn bad but I could have broken it down and sent it back for a serious re-write. It would have taken months of hard work but it ‘could’ have been decent. I mulled it some more and decided to ask the folks here at the Rusty Nail.

      It turns out the jerk had already submitted it elsewhere that had exclusive rights on it for a year which violated the submission guidelines for our project. I let my Boss know my opinion on the piece, how long I thought it would take to get into shape AND that the submitter was playing us false.

      So please take a deep breath and step back from the heat of blog posts and emails to look at this site and the people involved with it objectively. I sincerely doubt anyone is trying, at this point anways, to persecute you directly. I would respectfully suggest that TDFS look at this as a rather painful learning experience rather than a vendetta.

      Wishing you all the best,
      C. A. Keller (Neve)
      Editor and Chief ~ FSM

    • PG says:

      Both Daniel and Stephen sound like they’re about 12. I’d love to see one of these “contracts”. Their editorial skills are in question simply by accepting this story, “unedited” or not. But to then play the “He signed a contract” card. What sort of contract doesn’t include a non-publish clause or some sort, or offer a kill fee?

    • Rusty says:

      Don’t you guys and girls have stories to write and research to do?

      No, Daniel, I don’t. I have a garden to tend, veggies to pick, orchids to photograph, snags to chop down and feed to the mulchmaster, and dinner to prepare. I’d be mowing the lawn, too, if it wasn’t already dormant.

    • raingod says:

      Not doing your research is no excuse, it’s simply lazy. If you can’t bother to do a cursory google on someone, then maybe you need to do something else, oh say, basketweaving.

      And if you have a contract you can’t break, it’s a piss poor contract then.

    • cussedness says:

      his college major was UNDERWATER basketweaving, Scott.

  12. Lewis says:

    Nicky’s been leaving his little love notes on VF profiles again.

    Only one for Baupdeth.

    “I fucked your wife last night. She can’t get enough of the old Italian Sauseech.”

    Fizzgig gets a couple but it’s worth visiting and reading the conversation rather than me copy+pasting them.

  13. Lewis,
    Give me that link…I beg you. Please. If I see it with my own eyes, it’s for the best.

    Daniel Fabiani, editor TDFS

    • Al Kilyu says:

      What he’s doing on Jenny’s VF page is pretty bad too. Let me also test my htmlz I have been learning

      Jun 27, 2010, 01:51pm
      So you go and leak the story before it’s release date, you realize you FUCKED me out of having a story published because of that little stunt? That’s right you decided to start an AVOID LAKE FOSSIL press thread and promote the bullshit covers that AngryInIllinois are putting out there. I will be holding that dropped contract over YOUR head for that one. Are you fucking proud of yourself you faceless cunt?

      Jun 27, 2010, 05:22am
      You had no right to go looking in the google cache for Witch’s Party. What the fuck were you trying to do? Sabotage the publication of that story. You stole my characters, telling people to avoid Lake Fossil Press then you write FAKE versions of Tabloid Purposes and it’s planned sequel. COME UP WITH YOUR OWN FUCKING CONTENT YOU FACELESS CUNT!

    • Rusty says:

      So, Nikita knows he’s been given the boot. Yeah, Nicky, go ahead and blame Jenny for your vile behavior. Look, my little sugarplum — nobody’s responsible for your behavior and its consequences but YOU. As they say, suck it up, princess.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Ya Rusty look he’s officially locked on to Jenny over there now

      “You did a fucking thread to tell people to avoid Lake Fossil Press yet you promote your FAKE books and a bogus domain. IF you’re going to fuck with Lake Fossil Pres, put your real face on the site you fucking bitch.”

    • Al Kilyu says:


      Look at the awesome cover! Look at the name on it! It’s a kaleidoscopic of victory!

  14. Dave says:


    I can’t speak for everyone, but putting aside Pacione’s reputation, I’m puzzled as to who read and saw value in that particular ‘story.’ You could clean up every single error and it would not change the fact that it is not a story. No conflict, rising action, climax, or resolution. There’s no dialogue, no setting, save ‘a party.’ There are numerous asides about things like being ‘a baker’ that have no bearing on what is happening in the story.

    As far as I am concerned, the question is not why a publication would publish a person of questionable character, but how a publication with even the most minimal standards could find this particular piece of writing worthy of publication.

  15. Dave,
    There is nothing more correct than what you said! I completely agree, but you do know that I’m not a solo act and I work with a team of 3 right? If they liked it I cannot argue. I wasn’t fond of the story, but my team was. So hence, their votes against mine I suppose.

    So who will help us out now? Why weren’t we forewarned? I can’t help but to feel victimized before issue 1 even is out :/

    SO Dave, do you have any advice for what we can can do?


  16. Lewis,
    You have saved me. Thank you! =] This is what I needed to see for proof!


  17. Stephen W Roberts says:


    It’s time I said this so people will stop with the “how could you like his story!?”

    Here it is…I put over Nick as a writer and both the editors looked the other way as to do me a favor.

    We had a solid 9 and I think they wanted to give me this one to “help a friend” as I was open to discussions about the top 9.

    Want to know why we picked Nickalous Pacione?

    To piss off the owner/editor of SNM horror magazine, Steven N. Marshall.

    he is the man who went out of his way for days to attack me about writers and al lthat trash, he is why I blindly attacked Letitia and he is why I picked Nickolaus Pacione.

    The despise eachother.

    **brushes off chest**

    There. This is done and we can stop saying that we’re illiterate or accepting poor stories due to ignorance or whatever way you’ll word it next.

    We are guilty of one thing and that was of being goated into a flame war with another press who didn’t like that we left his publication for our own.

    I said it.

    It’s out and over.

    Stephen W. Roberts

  18. Stephen W. Roberts says:


    It’s time I said this so people will stop with the “how could you like his story!?” or “You’re just like him!?”

    Here it is…I put over Nick as a writer and both the editors looked the other way as to do me a favor.

    We had a solid 9 and I think they wanted to give me this one to “help a friend” as I was open to discussions about the top 9.

    Want to know why we picked Nickalous Pacione?

    To piss off the owner/editor of SNM horror magazine, Steven N. Marshall.

    he is the man who went out of his way for days to attack me about writers and al lthat trash, he is why I blindly attacked Letitia and he is why I picked Nickolaus Pacione.

    The despise eachother.

    **brushes off chest**

    There. This is done and we can stop saying that we’re illiterate or accepting poor stories due to ignorance or whatever way you’ll word it next.

    We are guilty of one thing and that was of being goated into a flame war with another press who didn’t like that we left his publication for our own.

    I said it.

    It’s out and over.

    Stephen W. Roberts

  19. UPDATE:
    PAcione has been asked to leave TDFS. End of story.


  20. Rusty says:

    Check out this exchange. Holy moley.

    What strikes me as odd is the suggestion that Cuss has any obligation to pass along another author to take Pacione’s place. I don’t think that’s the way publishing works.

    • Mike Brendan says:

      It’s applying hindsight to a process that revolves around a bad decision, and feels like a knee-jerk defense.

    • Jenny says:

      Yeah, I think they’re feeling a little raw and are scrambling to find another story. I’m still inclined to give them slack since they’ve been honest about their reasons for accepting Nicky’s story.

    • Alice says:

      I’m seeing an enormous amount of entitlement in that exchange. Why in the world would Cuss have an obligation to warn each individual startup about each nitwit, and why would she take personal responsibility for finding a replacement, especially since one of the owners confessed that they picked Nicky’s story out of petty revenge?

      Daniel, Stephen, et al,I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt at first and even sympathize with you over the whole trainwreck, but honestly, this kind of immature and unprofessional behavior doesn’t sit well with me at all. I hope you take it as a learning experience and do better in the future.

      (LOL @ “goating” /immature)

    • khkoehler says:

      Well at least the editors see the error of their ways. Now let’s all fry some Eye-talian sausage.

    • Rusty says:

      I’ve got eight different kinds of peppers growing in the garden. What kind would you like to go with that sausage?

    • khkoehler says:

      I’m a big fan of mild red peppers myself. 😛

    • Rusty says:

      Hmm . . . mild . . . we have yellow banana, and both green and purple bell. The green bells and yellow bananas will eventually turn red, if I don’t pick them first, but they’re not quite there yet.

    • autoaim.cfg says:

      Everybody who’s got Naga Morich, Black Scorpion Tongue, Bolivian Rainbow, Starfish, Pepper Pot, Cherio Amareia, Omnicolor, Large Brown Habanero, Short Yellow Tabasco and Cayenne growing right now, please raise your hands. ;D

      (having nagas is going to be so awesome I’m at a loss for words)

    • Rusty says:

      I’ve got:

      short yellow tabasco
      long straight cayenne
      purple bell
      green bell
      yellow banana

      Didn’t bother with jalapenos. Serranos serve the same purpose.

    • baupdeth says:

      Oh what the heck,

      Rusty snip my pepper comment earlier and keep this one.

      Anyway we have:

      Green Bell peppers and I think one plant of red and yellow peppers as well.

      The garden is my wife’s domain.

  21. Drew says:

    Yeah, this really doesn’t seem like the behavior of professionals at all(on TDFS’s part). I mean hey, good for them that they dumped Nikki, but the way they’re going about this whole thing just sort of raises hackles.

  22. autoaim.cfg says:

    All is well that ends well…

    Personally, I think it was decent of them to admit to the debacle, come clean in the end, boot Nicky Cuddlecakes out the door and ask for understanding.

    Fully prepared to smile and nod at them, myself.

  23. autoaim.cfg says:

    To clarify, let’s not show needless animosity – they fucked up, they know it, they admitted it, fixed it and are trying to mend fences – for me, that’s all cool and the end of it.

    Hugs? ;D

  24. Al Kilyu says:


    Look at the cover, then look at Nicky’s comment on it.


    Oh man I laughed so hard so fast I scared Officer Kitty.


    He’s mad at Angry’s new covers, yet links people directly to them?

    • Al Kilyu says:

      “At 1:23pm on June 27, 2010, Nickolaus Pacione said…
      What the FUCK are you trying to do to my beloved magazine? ”


    • Drew says:

      Haha, I’m blinded by the colors!

      Also, you named your cat Officer Kitty? 😀

    • Al Kilyu says:

      There is another cover where the unicorn guy is showing the camera his butt, and Nicky just said

      “~nickolaus 1 minute ago
      That. is. not. the. cover. dumbass.”

      No Drew I don’t own a cat. Outside my bedroom window is the roof of the porch. Normally there is a gang of roving squirrels that run around, and they are totally like a gang with two following one who yells at them.

      One day I heard them out there, heard them chattering like they were all upset, then I heard them scatter over the roof. Then about a minute later, some cat sticks his head in my window! I know it sounds weird but since he wasn’t trying to get in, it reminded me of a cop stopping by to see if everything was alright, and I lol’d because he had a look like “Good morning I’m Officer Kitty just checking in to see if you’ve had any problems with a roving squirrel gang in the area…”

      So I call him Officer Kitty.

    • Lewis says:

      I took the liberty to reply to Nicky on Angry’s behalf regarding “That. is. not. the. cover. dumbass.”.

      “Well it is and it isn’t, you see until the cover is finally decided each possibility is both the cover and not the cover, it is only when the votes are tallied that the waveform will be collapsed and we will know for sure.

      Though of course that assumes that there is only one universe. If we bring parallel universes into play then this could very well be the cover, though not the cover for this universe. However to then say it isn’t the cover would be a display of anti-parallel universe prejudice, and I know how big a fan of political correctness you are Nicky, you differently tall, alternative odoured, special snowflake so in honour of that I think that if this cover doesn’t make the cut we should refer to it as the cover for issue 12 in the mooning unicorn universe.”

      Sometimes I just feel like spouting nonsense.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      hahahaha I love it! Quantum Physics calls that the “Multiple Gay Unicorn/Man-Hybrid Cover Universes” theory btw.

      Speaking of that and hilarious… from Angry’s WF

      “You ugly sack of shit trying to turn my magazine into something CUTESY — I should be kicking your motherfucking teeth in for that but I got me an artist to work with for the real magazine. You don’t have access to the e-mail addresses that are needed to run the imprint and there will be no way in FUCK I will let you have those. I am not about to let some faceless asshole turn the imprint into a sausage party for Rob Halford or a rug munching convention for Otep.

      1) he is really upset over those covers
      2) those covers do not contain half the gay that the above paragraph does
      3) Nicky is still angry at Rob Halford for supposedly trying to seduce his uncle.

    • Rusty says:

      I got me an artist to work with for the real magazine.

      From what I can tell, the guy’s ignoring Peaches, so no, he doesn’t have an artist working for him.

      The guy should ask Nicky how much he’s willing to pay for cover art. Nicky will either go away or claim he fired the poor guy for being too hard to work with.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      LOL Rusty that’s true!

      You remember the old Scooby Doo cartoons, whenever Shaggy and Scoob would get scared and cheese it, and for a few seconds their feet scrambled in mid-air before zooming away in a cloud of dust?

      G: “By the way, how much would you be paying me for my cover artwork, and how soon can I expect to be paid in full?”
      N: “Zoinks!” *zoom*

    • Mike Brendan says:

      Al, Officer Kitty sounds like a LOLcat in the making.

  25. Al Kilyu says:

    That poor guy is getting suckered into the Nicky vortex.

    “Say I was wondering — would you be willing to do the cover of my magazine’s 11th Issue since it’s local. You have the talent and the future with painters are magazines on the small press and semi-professional level.”

    Here’s hoping he’ll google Nicky before agreeing to do anything with him.

    Does Nicky still try that scam where he tells people if they want to submit to his projects they have to buy his back catalog?

  26. baupdeth says:

    This is a late facebook update from last night earlier this morning.

    Peaches: FUCK! Some twat did a google screen snap shot of the upcoming story for The Dark Fiction Spotlight — it’s officially leaked now.

    Subject S: WTF indeed! We have a release date and these bastards…what? Hack my site?

    Subject S: I have no idea who did it or why, but it shouldn’t ruin a publication over an attack for one man. It’s in poor taste.

    Peaches: I agree — there are two people who “reviewed” the story. It’s not just this one they were trying to leak my exclusive for The Ethereal Gazette. Check your e-mail because I sent you the cache. If you need an alternate story — I got one, I was going to save it for my profile page. I e-mailed Dan and you with the google cache.

    Also the artist’s name is Robert Essig, and the Photographer he was rambling about is Jeff Sandberg

    • Al Kilyu says:

      What’s the exact time of the replies to his message, Baup?

      I’d like to compare when those were said to the statements they’ve made here and on Jenny’s blog…

    • Jenny says:

      Nicky still doesn’t seem to understand that *I* didn’t put the freaking story out there for Google to catch and cache. The TDFS staff did that. They’re responsible for the leak.

    • Lewis says:

      He has a new wordpress entry out, according to him “They said I leaked the story myself on my own website which was against the contract, I didn’t do a single thing of that nature.”.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Oh lol this one might be worthy of it’s own entry over here!

      “The fact the bitch and her playmates are trying to say that Lake Fossil Press would publish a book on hats”


      “Fuck them there in the ass with a crossbow aiming for their anus.”

      W T F

    • Rusty says:

      The thing is that it’s really obvious from the page that it has the TDFS design all over it, even with the highlighted search terms. Either Nicky’s making it up that they claim he leaked the story on his own website, or the TDFS staff is not too bight, either.

  27. baupdeth says:

    Um, I believe his comment “FUCK Some…” was first posted around 5:45. with other comments coming from Subject S around 7:40 and again again after 8:00. Pickles last reply ws after that, probably around 8:30 or 9:00.
    All of these are pm times.

  28. Stephen W. Roberts says:

    Good lord…

    Am I being watched now? lol.

    Subject S.?

    I said that because I didn’t even know what this google cache stuff was and was confused as to how we leaked stories that we hadn’t published yet on the site.

    My first assumption was–could we have been hacked?

    I saw the site up here and assumed Jenny was at fault. I’ve been to this site and discussed it all since then.

    • autoaim.cfg says:


      I’m honestly trying to think of another way of saying this, because I KNOW how it will sound and I honestly don’t want to sound like a condescending arse to you, but… here we go:

      “When I was 23 I also thought that I was the bees knees and was seven shades of awesome… at 37 years I have learned that this might not always be the case and sometimes I too am quite wrong, I fuck up and I make bad calls, I learn from them and I try to get better all the time”.

      That’s it, really. Don’t take this the wrong way, but… perhaps you should take a deep breath, take a step back and not berate the people who are doing good things.

      It’s ok to screw up, as long as you don’t dig the hole deeper, you know?


    • Al Kilyu says:

      I asked Stephen because at the moment Nicky is aiming all of his anger and blame at Jenny for not being accepted in your magazine. She’s a tough girl who can take it and dishes it back to him five fold, however I was just curious how his rejection from you guys was handled. I didn’t know if you told him the truth, which is that you didn’t want him in there, or if Jenny or whoever actually found the cache (AngryInIllinois) was being specifically blamed.

      Turns out that facebook conversation took place before you guys came over here to talk to us, so my suspicion was incorrect.

      And ditto what Autoaim said. I’m 36 and thought I was teh shiznit when I was your age myself. That was many mistakes ago that I’ve learned from.

    • cussedness says:

      Maybe you had better hide now, Stephen. Your male dom left a comment on my blog.

  29. AngryInIllinois says:

    Baupdeth please check your (great) gmail when you get a chance.

    On another note, while I don’t wish to take away from my cover artist’s work, I would love to have Adam Senft’s cover artist in my stable as well. At the very least let us know the name of that font!

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Guys named Mike and Lewis.”

      I see what you did there… >.>

      “Darkest Pacione”

      Many people don’t know that joke came from the fact that years ago he actually wrote the phrase “I am one who is darker than dark” only I don’t remember where he said that.

    • baupdeth says:

      Received and replied my good sir!

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Did you see this?
      Sort of the same thing but now he’s taking digs at TDFR by calling them “fledglings”. He does the same thing when he gets kicked from a VF cult.

      So the fledgeling magazine dropped my story because they didn’t want the entire community wanting to crucify them for be being so openly offensive to every group there is.”


      ” I am not going to express ill will towards the fledgeling mag, but I will say they aren’t exactly prepared for someone who is highly controversial on a lot of levels. Especially when they figured out about my bias towards the GLBT community as in I openly disagree with them and quite vocal about it. In some ways if Otep caught wind of this she might be writing another anti-man song with me in the crosshairs. “

      That’s his sour grapes. He’ll fight to stay in a cult til they kick him then he makes some comment about how it was already dying or dead.

    • autoaim.cfg says:

      The “faceless bitch” and the “fuckstained faggot” is trying to make him do a “book about hats”. You heard it here folks. Oh, the humanity… oh, the horror…

      Yes, Nicky… Using terms like “fuckstained faggot” is sure a great way to persuade people to take you seriously as a writer and editor. Love you, kitten.

    • Rusty says:

      These two are worth a new entry. I’m going to have special fun with the bit where he states that he’s biased toward the GLBT community . . . as opposed to biased against it.

    • Mike Brendan says:

      THat guy’s more delusional than Kim Jong Il. Nikki, your story isn’t controversial. It’s just poorly written.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Ya for Rusty making a post about those!

      Also I just realized something: PissOffAlready

      sounded familiar to me so I went and looked at the page for LakeFizzle (I saved a screencap of it) and it’s deleted as expected, but here’s the admin’s little note

      Reason for Deletion: Piss off already.”

      hahaha awsome! PG you guys are great!

    • Rusty says:

      That new entry will have to wait until morning. I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.

    • Lewis says:

      PissOffAlready is gone, Reason for Deletion: Refer to username. LAKEFOSSIL fanboy.

      And Nicky updated his shortlist post on VF.

      “Got dropped from the magazine because some snarky cunt blogger reviewed a google cache of the story. This isn’t the first time where a magazine was pressured by a bunch of snarky bloggers to drop a story, I go into detail about this on my personal blog on wordpress. I might make the story a freebie read on my profile or post it on a horror writers group on “

  30. Stephen W. Roberts says:

    “When I was 23 I also thought that I was the bees knees and was seven shades of awesome… at 37 years I have learned that this might not always be the case and sometimes I too am quite wrong, I fuck up and I make bad calls, I learn from them and I try to get better all the time”.

    I don’t take offense to this and know it to be the truth. To be young is to be naive. I live and I learn, but I also view mistakes to be the curse of our existence. We will all make mistakes again and again, but the point is to learn from them and not repeat them.

    • autoaim.cfg says:

      Cudos! I think you’ll find that nobody in here is out to make any enemies, that we don’t need to. You’re quite right – we live, we learn. There have been some snarky remarks, which you probably *get* that we’re pretty much entitled to pass, since we’ve been dealing with this waste of space for such a long time now and you did come off rather badly, initially. But I’m all for a friendly approach and I’m sure that everyone else thinks the same way – we hold no ill feeling towards you, we’re only rather interested in keeping this little thing in check and preventing him from harming some more people. Our little Nicky’s quite the guy for making unsuspecting girls cry, you see. If you hit Google, you’ll find a heap of shit about this. It was only for the best that you decided not to let yourselves be tainted by his being. The stink that Nicky Pacione leaves is hard to remove.

      Honestly, the best thing for everyone would be that Nicky would be taken into some sort of group home for the disturbed and be medicated under the supervision of trained medical professionals 24/7, however this probably won’t happen until either his grandmother (in who’s basement he is currently living) tosses him out or he actually commits an act of physical violence against someone (which won’t happen since he’s a complete coward in real life).

      In any way, I hope that this will in the end result in a mutual understanding and that we can all be friendly with each other. Let’s all remember the bottom line.


    • autoaim.cfg says:

      Also, lol, ready a couple of posts up in this thread… he’s now starting to have a go at you as well… classy guy, isn’t he?

  31. cussedness says:

    Okay, so now Daniel, who was told that I would leave him alone unless he provokes me goes and insults me on Jenny’s Lair.

    H’okay, a new post is up on my blog.

    Maybe it was growing up around pros, but my daughter had more sense at 14 than Daniel.

  32. Al Kilyu says:

    I just noticed

    “I watched these trolls take apart a story that was written YEARS ago like it was their story to write. That is typical of the white thrash that is SomethingAwful.c0m or forums.”

    Hey you white thrash! Don’t thread on him while he’s on hitatus!

    Trash – thrash
    Tread – thread

    Oh man Nicky types with a lisp!

    • baupdeth says:

      But I like thrash metal! Wah… Where is my chocy milk

    • Lewis says:

      “You don’t know anything about Midwest Italian-American slang — we say Sauseech referring to our dick you moron.”

      Ah Midwest Italian-American slang, truly the language of poets and statesmen. After all who among us will ever forget JFK’s patriotic speech, “Ask not what your country can do for your sauseech, but what your sauseech can do for your country.”

      Or the legendary soliloquy Shakespeare wrote for Hamlet, “To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether t’is nobler in the mind to suffer the sauseechs and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

      Oh how I wish I too could understand the intricacies and usage of Midwest Italian-American slang, then I could construct wonders equivalent to dear Nicky’s… Alas I fear I’ll have to make do with plain old English and cry myself to sleep at night with the thought of what could have been.

    • Rusty says:

      All those times over the years when folks would ask whether English was Nicky’s first language, he lied, and said it was. His first language is really Midwest Italian-American! It still doesn’t explain why Italian-Americans from the Midwest can’t understand him any better than the rest of us can.

  33. baupdeth says:

    Anyone remember when Peaches wrote Accident Revisited, his crappy personal injury story about being run over by a Lexus, which is why he lost his job at the College of DuPage?

    Turns out the real reason why he lost his student employment job, “My job at College of DuPage I was forced to quit because I didn’t enroll in the next semester at the college.”

    Yeah shocking.

    Also I found a multi-page rambling rant of his which is filled with the usual ‘Woe is me’, although it has some funny stuff in it. Who wants it?

  34. 50 Foot Ant says:

    I wanna see it!

  35. baupdeth says:

    As a warning, prepared to be bored to sleep as this is a totally tl:dr type post

    However I will leave you some tidbits:

    “I responded, “Let me see that HTML book. I am going to see if I can build a website.” ”

    “I was doing open mic nights in Elmhurst, Downers Grove and Des Plaines, Illinois, I was doing Christian coffee houses in mid-1996 but they discovered my Gothic subject matter so they wanted me to read that live. So I did not knowing how they would respond. This was when Deitiphobia would sit in the coffee house, they were kind of turned off by the fact I listen to Black Sabbath. “

    • Rusty says:

      Ah. That was the “article” that got Nicky booted off of Associated Content, and possibly Helium, too.

    • Melany says:

      *yawn* Still going on and on about stuff that nobody gives a shit about like it happened yesterday. Still thinks he was stabbed because he ‘knew too much’ about Jodi Huisentruitt (possibly spelled that wrong, she was a news anchor who disappeared years and years ago in Mason City, Iowa and of course Nicky knows who did it or someone thinks he does or whatever)

      And is anyone else laughing at him calling himself blue collar…when he doesn’t have A job let alone a blue collar job? And last I checked pretending to be an author isn’t blue collar?

    • baupdeth says:

      I found a copy of his stabbing story. If it goes up I get to redact names again. Yay me.

  36. Hi says:

    Things will be better if someone can convince nick to always wear boxing gloves.

  37. cussedness says:


    I think you all should take a better look at what is going on here. We don’t have a pair of innocents.

    They are trying to run a game on us.

  38. johaha says:

    Personally, I think daniel fabiani is dagstine.

    Just my opinion.

    He did say he was getting involved in a publishing venture; he never said he’d use his real name…

    Hello, ass-clown! Wassup?
    Making a mockery of yourself over at TTA are you? Notice the responses you get? I can hear the crickets…

  39. Hi says:

    seems I’m stuck in moderation.

  40. cussedness says:

    Let’s have a look at the patterns here and consider the tone of the comments.

    And take a long look at the comments on Jenny’s blog.

    Stephen Roberts and Daniel Fabiani concentrated their fire over at my blog and at Jenny’s, while saying far less on yours.

    Fabiani has appeared with Dagstine at Pillhill, in their anthos.

    Their reason for feuding with that editor who supposedly offended them into pubbing Nicky is almost verbatim stolen from your long ago discussion of Blue Phier.

    Then, after I told them that I would not make another post unless they provoked me, they went over to Jenny’s blog, posted a link to mine and insulted me, clearly in hopes that the sympathetic people over there would come after me for being too harsh or something.

    The language they choose to use is very flippant and over the top for someone with a genuine desire for help.

    Buying a story from Nicky is how Dagstine got people’s attention over at literary boner.

    All of their various reasons for not being able to get out of their contract with Nicky are implausible. And, their initial “contractual obligation” excuse to run Nicky’s story was the same bullshit Daggy used for publishing his infamous interview with Nicky.

    They are clearly running a game on us.

    • Rusty says:

      Check out one of his blogs. The thing’s chock full of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Reminds me a little of Kristy Tallman, who brushed off such criticism with the excuse that she doesn’t have an editor go over her blog, like she does her books. The problem, of course, is that this guy is an editor at TDFS. Way to show off those editing skills!

      Anyway, there’s some interesting stuff on that blog. He’s as much into 4theluv markets as Daggy, with the same reasoning that it’s how he’s going to get his name out there. He’s willing to self-publish his first novel if nobody wants it, for the same reason. Damn, is this guy off to a really good start at burying himself in obscurity. The debacle with TDFS is merely the icing on the cake, so to speak.

    • cussedness says:

      Someone who writes 1500 ways to mangle a body then weenies on Nicky?

      I say they studied us. I also say that someone who claims to have as much internet experience as he does knew about the google cache.

      I saw the google cache when it first came out as it was up long enough to send me an alert on it.

      They also had a bio of Nicky on the page.

      When Dagstine put the interview with Nicky up, he acted in the same manner. Saying something and then contradicting it in the same comment. I suppose he thought he was being tricky.

      Then when the intended victim made contact, he tried to isolate her and went to her blogs to talk and used PMs and email.

      Now, so far I have not gotten either email or PMs unless it ended up in my spam folder which I just cleaned out without looking at what was there.

      I went to find something I needed from warcraft to reset my password as I think the account may have been hacked.

      So much for relaxation.

      Re-read what they have said. The oily flippancy is stylistically similar to Dagstine. So if they are not being directly sent here by them, then they are doing a very fine imitation.

  41. Daniel says:

    Looking me up within my college and posting it here. Yikes. I don’t get it. How about you leave my little wirthless self alone. thanks. You guys are blowing this up.

    Pill Hill? I have one anthology with them, I don’t know who Dagstine is.

    I’m the one who needs to be filled in here because I don’t know what’s going on


    • Rusty says:

      Aw, honey, it’s called Google. No fu needed. Now, if you’ll just click on the Butthurt Report tab up top, you’ll find a form you can fill in, and mail to St. Rita of Cascia.

  42. Daniel says:

    There are psychotic theories going on within this place…god help us all.

    I’m officially done, and cussed, you are right. I bad mouthed you after I said I wouldn’t in Jenny’s blog because you forget that you were once young and naive and a rookie and called me such. Sorry, truth hurts.

    Now I won’t say another word. Have fun looking me up, bashing me for no good reason. I’ve done nothing wrong, other than say one thing about YOU cussed, and you called me a quean (prostitute?) and got very aggressive and for no reason. You called me a stupid rookie, I don’t even know you, nor do I care. It’s fine in the end, I don’t care what you waste your time with anymore.

    This is my first life lesson on blogging wars, and now, I’m keeping this memory well and alive with me. Consider the ROOKIE well learned.


    PS…please don’t even waste your time thinking that I am conspiracy with some Dagstine character. Who the hell are you talking about?

    I’m a simple Journalism student in NYC who lives, breathes and loves his city. I don’t play with this garbage of Pacione or Dasgstine, and you can turn the words around in anyway you want. You all are so obscenely rude and obnoxious, I cannot believe it.

    My time is spent, I have a real life to get back to.

    Perhaps this could have all been avoided if I just would have said right away to you guys and my team that…”YOU ARE ALL RIGHT! FUCK PACIONE AND HE’S GARBAGE!” I wish that I would have said that straight away. But I didn’t, but know that after all of this. I feel that way now.


    • cussedness says:

      Darling little Danny boy, you’re not the normal rookie by a long shot.

      As I have posted, I was never like you.

      You’re a pompous arse.

      And you’re back to playing games with me. I think semantics ought to be outlawed. You play one semantical game after another.

      Sooner or later that will come around and bite you on the arse.

      You are acting like a quean in a lacy gown and no underwear.

    • Mike Brendan says:

      Personally speaking, I don’t see any connection with you and Dagswine… but I know when someone’s trying to play people. For the record, you’re not doing a good job of it.

      That’s the second time you’ve said something to the effect of “I’m done here, now I’ve got a real life to get back to.”

      Perhaps this would have never have happened if you acted like a real editor and rejected a piece of work that would’ve have gotten an “F” in fourth grade English.

    • Hi says:

      I agree with Mike on all accounts

    • Hi says:

      you sir, have no real life to get back to. If you did, you wouldn’t be constantly checking these blogs.

    • Neve says:

      Bloody fucking hell, if I’ve been rude. You seriously need some lessons in manners and professionalism not to mention you could do with a pocket dictionary, Mr Editor. The bare facts are: You ARE the Noob. You participated in a manipulation that justifies part of Nick’s persecution complex AND You have the balls to whine about the results?

      I really don’t care how ‘hard done by’ you feel over the Nick situation. Go away and stop riling my boss.

    • cussedness says:

      quit putting words in my mouth. I never called anyone a “stupid rookie” I don’t talk like that. For one thing I never use the word ‘rookie.’

      How about you go sell it on a street corner, Bozo.

    • Hi says:

      What Neve said. I can’t think of a better way to put it. Thats it right there. Good one Neve.

    • Rusty says:

      The kids expressed interest as their eyes and hands were glued to their creations, touching them up with last minute repairs before each round.

      We have body parts glued to Lego, folks! We want the facts, man. What color nail polish did they use when putting on those finishing touches? What type of glue was used?

    • Neve says:

      Oh and I am no longer a ‘faceless cunt’. Please feel free to visit or request a space on the blog roll for Anomalous Thoughts folks =)

  43. johaha says:

    Danny boy….Bye, bye

  44. CritGit says:

    Always love seeing someone get involved in a flame war online while acting as if they are above it all.

    The repeated declarations of ‘I’m not doing this any more’ and ‘I have a real life’ don’t work when you keep posting and posting.

    Does remind me of the stupid pomposity of Dagstine and Tallman. Maybe it’s just something you do when you’re an arse?

    • Mike Brendan says:

      It’s definitely something that symptomatic with Nitwits…

    • Lewis says:

      Now, Critgit, isn’t that a bit insulting, to arses? An arse is an incredibly useful thing after all, while a nitwit is not. Perhaps an appendix would be a more appropriate analogy, you never notice them until they burst spewing poison all over the place and have to be excised from whatever community they’re currently annoying. Though it does still lack that certain je ne sais quoi, I suppose I’ll have to think on it and get back to you.

    • Hi says:

      Lewis, thats a hilariously accurate analogy.

    • CritGit says:

      Very true, Lewis. I profusely apologise to all arses everywhere.
      In fact, I love arse!

    • Hi says:

      then write an irsh ballad about it. they sing better than brits.

  45. Victor says:

    Popcorn. That’s what’s missing. Popcorn.

  46. Lewis says:

    Meanwhile Nicky makes ptaylor’s thread in writer’s corner all about himself again.

    “My published work is better than this. (See The Typewriter) You like to urinate on my work and call it a critique, now it’s my turn. This one actually blows ass. So your novel is a far different from my Avarice then, mine is set in a span of years (1984 to the mid 1990s which is where House of Spiders is set, 1997 for House of Spiders and House of Spiders 3, 1993 for Bite of the Spider.) ”

    First reply from Izzykitty.

    “please stop self promoting and being butthurt.

    Give him constructive criticism rather than speaking out of your ass ”

    Then from pigeons after quoting Nicky’s post.
    “yeah but see you’re insane and your butt smells. “

    • Al Kilyu says:

      From Blood_Orgy666’s profile

      “Hey man I am letting you know that I extended the deadline to the magazine until Mid-August because EVERYONE is still writing their stories for it. Myself included (mine right now is 26,110 words and climbing. I am trying to find some ladies to be the models for the cover and for the story’s character’s magazine. The novella is inspired from a rivalry with a few magazines I have over the years — having a little fun with the idea of having one set of contributors drop like flies while the writers on the other magazine writes about their grisly deaths.)”

      >”The novella is inspired from a rivalry with a few magazines I have over the years — having a little fun with the idea of having one set of contributors drop like flies while the writers on the other magazine writes about their grisly deaths.)”

      What?! Game Over is Nicky’s fantasy about killing off people in the industry he hates?

      Next you’re going to tell me that HE is Zorn!

      “Especially where they claim that they’re doing an unauthorized re-write of GAME OVER trying to make the character I torment the hell out of the hero and takes over In The Depths”

      >”the character I torment the hell out”


    • Mike Brendan says:

      Dear Dumb-Ass Pacione,

      This statement:

      “You’re shoving Shrunk and Whites down my throat; you need to pick up Danse Macabre by Stephen King if you want to do horror right.”

      is proof of how little you know about writing. Strunk & White’s is an essental for any writer to assist with their command of the English language — but you fail miserably at that already. “Danse Macabre” might be a good book for writing horror, but PTaylor is writing science fiction.

      Way to be illiterate.

  47. Al Kilyu says:

    Hey baupdeth congrats on your first book!

    Is that you on the cover?

    • baupdeth says:

      Um there has been some airbrushing/photo manipulation,

      My thighs aren’t that hairy in my glory region, and I have a little paunch from drinking.

      Thanks to my wife for the photo, and my daughters fairy wings.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      “Lake Fossil Press — this is my publishing company. Home of the Tabloid Purposes anthologies and Ethereal Gazette magazine. People talk the most shit about this company yet they don’t read the anthologies. ”

      See, that’s proof that he knows that his books never sell. ETT was right: He only puts them together so he can pass them out at events and appear to be a celebrity.

      I feel bad for Robert: On the day of the announcement about his book deal, Nicky attempts to ruin it with unkind words

      “Why don’t you grow some balls and say that to my face you fucking pussy. I already know you came to this site to cause trouble. Your faux Christianity is pissing me off and here you’re showing your true colors, you motherfucking goon. Goons get what goons deserve.”

      I hope people are reporting him leaving nasty comments again…

  48. johaha says:

    Cuss said; “How about you go sell it on a street corner, Bozo.”

    Doesn’t sound like he could sell the clap to a hooker.

  49. SNM's Dark Lord says:

    Poor, poor DFS.

    I told Stephen not to leave his home. He insisted that he could go out on his own and align himself with those dipshits, Daniel and Stacy.

    I told him to stay at home and grow before he ventured out into the world of shitheads.

    He’s still welcome with open arms.

    Unlike Super Dan and Spacy Stacy, who instead can fuck off and die.

    I will have my vengence…just wait and see.

    Daniel is a piece of trash and needs to be burned, while Stacy needs to come clean before I do.

    -Dark lord.

  50. cussedness says:

    The editor they were supposedly fleeing was in reality Stephen Roberts’ male dom and mentor.

    Stephen and Daniel are bottoms. This entire fight and gimmick was the result of of a queanie little pair of bottoms, trapped in a BDSM relationship with the editor of the other publication, who were trying to revolt against their master.

    I told the master to fuck off.

  51. autoaim.cfg says:

    Nicky’s all over Writers Corner and he’s as classy as ever. ;D

  52. baupdeth says:

    So in addition to hating chocolate milk, hats, and the SF Giants, Nikki also appears to hate being called a drama queen or drama whore.

    Who knew?

    • Rusty says:

      Mention his days as a featured guest on LJ Drama, and he’ll pee himself in rage.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      He’s just jealous because you have a book coming out.

      I sure hope he doesn’t keep up his rampant commenting on there, otherwise he’ll get another suspension!

    • baupdeth says:

      Oh that would be a pity.

    • Hi says:

      i’ll buy your book if it has a raging queen.

    • baupdeth says:

      Fuck off! You plagiarized my novella. I will not rest until you and your friends are tossed off this site. I already had a few of your friends tossed already LakeFizzle and PissOffAlready are gone and so is House_Of_Spiders. I never took a loan out on Lake Fossil Press and I refuse to publish homoerotic subject matter with the imprint. That little faggot AngryInIllinois is a mockery of the real Lake Fossil Press. I dare you to say that Lake Fossil Press isn’t my company to my face, and while you’re doing that I will be having a heavy metal smash party with your car. As in I will charge $20.00 per smash on it you fucking asshole, you are a disgrace to Veterans everywhere.

      This is my official website, and I do have anthologies for purchase.

  53. Al Kilyu says:

    This story sucks. Bottom line, he’s a poor excuse of a writer and a human being. You started a fight with me Paul with one thread saying Worst writer: Nickolaus Pacione, but you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth here. I don’t like this story or the character development in the story so for that, you lack a lot of concept with the story. There is no research in this. You’re shoving Shrunk and Whites down my throat; you need to pick up Danse Macabre by Stephen King if you want to do horror right. The characters here are 1D (in other words, they’re flat, and the plot is something lacking here.)
    The fact you finally grew the stones to post something of yours up, well it’s trash. I am not talking as someone who got butthurt by the prick, but as someone who publishes short stories for a magazine or an anthology, and this story will never make the cut.

    Edited by: LAKEFOSSIL at June 28, 2010, 07:05pm”

    >”as someone who got butthurt by the prick”

    >”butthurt by the prick”

    The air in that closet is running out fast and he’s clawing to get out and breath. It’s like he put up a dam to hold his homoerotic desires in but it’s so worn away at this point nothing can keep it all back!

    • Jenny says:

      Haha. Nicky’s so transparent.

      And Paul’s just ignoring him completely (which I knew was the plan if Nicky posted because Paul let me read the whole story last week and said that was what he was going to do).

      And then Nicky responds by violating the forum rules again: by posting another thread, by posting a link to his work instead of his work, and by putting up paragraphs of self-promotional crap.

    • Rusty says:

      They haven’t given him another vacation yet, have they?

    • Jenny says:

      I don’t think so; he’s on-line over there right now. I think it might time to report him again to the admins. DownWithPVC, buapdeth, fizzgig13, and I have all asked him to stop posting on our profiles over at VF, and he has ignored us. However, I’m worried that the admins are so sick of Nicky that they’ll delete all of us along with the little dumpling.

    • baupdeth says:

      Yeah, one of he reasons why I’ve been letting him dig his own grave. If they are adults, they act like a bunch of angsty-emo teens.

      Christ it’s like dealing with an online persona of my 13 year old.

  54. Jenny says:

    Oh wait….Nicky has a new journal entry up at VF. To wit (warning LOOOONNNNGGGGG):
    It happened again, another magazine lets me out of the contract because of the snarky blogs reviewing a story the blogs incidently leaked. So that means I am going to have a fuck of a time selling Witch’s Party to magazines because some cunt reviewed it on their blog. The bitch created the domain for her so called “parody” of Tabloid Purposes, well the bitch stole characters of mine from the stories in Tabloid Purposes.
    This isn’t the first time a magazine let me out of their contract with me. It happened with Sinister Tales when members of a message board decided they were going to fuck with the publication. Now this bitch is intentionally are trying to promote the piracy of my novella that isn’t even finished yet. They and some others harassed The Dark Fiction Spotlight and now they were sending me a string of e-mails saying I threatened them, well I didn’t.
    The fact some people might find what I do in bad taste in the days of when a socialist is in office. I saw the post about them not being bullied, well they were bullied and gave in. The reason they were going to run my story was revenge to another magazine they had a beef with. Then the editors are begging the trolls to protect them from my wrath.
    The troll brigade started their bombing runs on another website where they were starting a fight with me on about my imprint. They were passing the lie around that I took a loan out on the company and the troll picked up the aftermath of it, well I never took a loan out on anything.
    Then I get these so called “fanboys” — hey admins these bastards aren’t fans. Fans don’t go around shitting on your name or lighting your books on fire on They will check your book out from the library and return it on time or spend the money on the trade paperback of the anthology that you’re in instead of maliciously reviewing the .pdf of the book that you’re in. Authors can’t sign the pdf copies or have a way to sign them.
    Fans won’t go around starting threads saying “Avoid Lake Fossil Press” then throw the videos on of the books being torched. They don’t go harassing the magazine or publisher to get your story dropped. The fact that Ray Garton is on a crusade to put my imprint to rest once and for all. Well he gets paid for jacking off to Buffy The Vampire Slayer. He gets punched verbally in An Eye In Shadows (please ignore all the user tags they used on this book and the rest of the titles on my imprint.)
    Yeah I am about to see that fledgeling e-zine in the light I see James R. Riser who took a bribe to drop my story from his anthology. The fucked up thing there was I was about to get paid $25.00 for the story (my first higher paying sale if that went through.) The fact this happened four times with Spectral Exile (the short story that is the most badly reviewed on one site but on another people fell in love with it.) Well Witch’s Party was the non-fiction counterpart to Spectral Exile. I am not bashing the magazine here, but bashing their judgment and reasons for publishing the story. Like them, I caught hell from Stephen N. Marshall but he gave me shit because of an interview that was done of me on a rival magazine at the time. I published the editor of this magazine twice on my namesake anthology then on the sixth issue (this one is home of the mysterious contributor named Lloyd Phillip Campbell who showed up on to speak up on my behalf because I refuse to go on a site full of /b/tard wannnabes causing shit for an author.)
    I would rather deal with Jehovah’s Witnesses than those assholes. I noticed how some asshole said I haven’t posted anything new to AuthorsDen in years well I have new material on there known as Gothicism on Trial and Inquisition Revisted which are linked to (Readers will need to sign in to read them because how explicit they are with the language. I have different hosts for Writings From The Grave because of the level of graphic violent content.)
    One magazine decided they were going to drop me won’t keep me down for long. I almost got accepted on another magazine, if that was accepted it would been my third time in the magazine. My attitude with the industry is fill this place with blood. Some of my Tabloid Purposes One crew are looking to reunite for 6 (I am excited about that one, but I am not sure if I will see a full reunion of the first Tabloid Purposes. One of the authors came out of retirement for his new stories, good luck man.) I got a few from Issue 3 looking to reunite for Issue 12, as in Alex Rivera might have a new story for this one. There might be a Tabloid Purposes 3 reunion there. Lake Fossil Press has the rotating line up, and they’re all loyal!
    And for those PUSSIES who have Lake Fossil Press as their dislike list and the link of the sites that say avoid Lake Fossil Press, they don’t have the stones to say that to my face. Have you even read a Lake Fossil Press title? They start threads on (that’s the troll brigade on here. They would go as far as reviewing pirated books and novellas that aren’t finished. When I did Issue 7, I didn’t realize that some of my long time friends wanted to join in the fray for it. So Issue 11 will have stories written by friends of mine from pre-Writings From The Grave too. One of them was the editor of the Prarie Light Review who helped in the start of Writings From The Grave. His site was the cousin for the layout of the original website when it was on Tripod. I want to thank the guys of tripod for keeping me for the past 13 years.)
    Writings From The Grave and Lake Fossil Press refuse to be denied, and that is my mission for the imprint. I want to publish fiction that doesn’t follow the trends in horror and science fiction these days. I appeared on with a very challenging poem called The Seasons Of Black September — I actually was dark about 9/11/2001. I actually pulled in overall 600 postive reviews on that site. When I launched the story Halloween Girl, it became my most well received short story on both FictionPress and The Fandom Writer became the most hated story in my catalog, but that is the funniest thing about the story — I wanted to write a hated story by the communities that get off on making Harry Potter into a flamer. I wrote a Sherlock Holmes story using original ideas and concepts (making it a Mythos story, but I got one guy saying, “You’re damn good, but this is not the kind of story for you because your Cthulhu Mythos background and swearing like an American.”
    That reviewer was right about that one. I refrained from writing stories with characters in the public domain that aren’t my strength, but when I did Darkness From The Skies, a lot of people really took notice because they saw a writer who did a Mythos story as strong as Lovecraft. I knew the raw power it took to write that kind of story or a story like Ghosts In The Tornado. I actually went back and rewrote Darkness From The Skies in 2007. Terry Vinson went holy shit when he read the rewrite of this short story. The original was 2400 words, the rewrite was 3500 words and a lot more muscular than the original.
    It takes a certain kind of publisher to run a Nickolaus Pacione or similar authors who don’t take any shit. Withersin was drawn to this attitude from the beginning. She said on the phone, “You’re the first author I read about that gave the HWA President the finger.” I would love to imagine if I won a Stoker for one of my stories. I would actually say “FUCK YOU” as an acceptence speech. I got in trouble a lot for telling people off on the boards, but that was me. Professionalism is mixed with my infamous razorwire charm.
    Carol Sullivan got a laugh out of my profile picture on facebook along with the owner of Rightly People actually get into fist fights over my name early on. Those are the Nickolaus Pacione fans! They will punch someone and say, “Nickolaus Pacione said hello.” My name is sort of like SLAYER in the industry being I have that similar attitude, going for no matter what I want to do for the shock. What makes it funnier is that I am not trying to shock people. I am just being myself, and telling Witch’s Party, that was just a back story to what I would later do with my website.
    My step-father wanted me to take Writings From The Grave down, but I told him in a lengthly e-mail when I was 20 “Writings From The Grave stays up. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.” I wrote Lake Fossil for him as a birthday present and this one is the namesake of my imprint. House Of Spiders Press doesn’t ring right but that one is my signature story. One writer on said in a review, I am a horror writer of the old school. So when I started my imprint I was looking to publish like minded authors. The only other editor to get this much shit is the owner of Lame Goat Press because he’s a Christian — I saw that P&E was picking on him because he doesn’t do the contract thing (same with me on some publications. P&E hates my guts, but I openly ask them, “have they even read the titles on Lake Fossil Press?”)
    When I am at the most hated, that is when I go into the mode of doing the anthologies with the pissed off rage and gasoline in the veins. While other horror writers tend to go more into the eroticism and vampires sucking each other off.
    (I applaud Stephanie Myer for changing the rules though my favorite author hates her! I respect her, my story “Blood Contender” is a little bit of a vampire romance in terms of the vampire outliving his various wives over the years. He produces a son and his son is in the same situation in the terms of the MMA ring. I wrote this one with fans of “Rocky” in mind. Stallone is a good writer, I am waiting for the man to come out with a novel. Actors normally aren’t writers, so when Sly emerged that was something new. He will never be out of work because he’s always writing something. I am still waiting for his movie, POE to come out because he cites Edgar Allan Poe as an influence.)
    I see getting dropped from The Dark Fiction Spotlight as a blow to every writer who waves the banner for traditional horror everywhere. The novella GAME OVER is, without apologies, traditional horror with some stones behind it. I barely write zombie stories but the closest thing to that for me was Shadow of the Gathering. I actually pitched The Pattern of Diagnosis to Reader’s Digest in 2007.
    (I wrote the story in the tail end of 2006 in a matter of three hours. A 5,500 word true story. I am billed as the only traditional horror writer and the only heterosexual author in Dark Gothic Resurrected. I didn’t promote that one because of the association with a brat that been an asshole about taking his story out of Tabloid Purposes IV. He gave the book the wrong kind of description with it’s original size being 600 pages. I changed the book to its perminate line up in 2008, I had a line up change again there and I almost didn’t get Tabloid Purposes: Book Five out on time. I will say this much, I didn’t want to be a knock-off of BENT Magazine. I would send jagoffs to that magazine if they broke the rules of the submission guidelines. I had the house rules but I didn’t document the house rules until I did the new site for The Ethereal Gazette.)
    I saw the lies about the “loan” so I reactivated the blog for imprint and using for getting the word out on everything. In 2007, I actually employed, If I can get on a faster connection I will use again for the GLS. I am fighting to get Issue 11 larger than Issue 7 and bigger than Issue 10 (this issue is 248 pages, larger than Issue 5 and almost the size of Issue 1.)
    For these so called “fanboys” coming on shitting on my name, I will not mess with you comment wise but I will do something else. One thing about Lake Fossil Press, the patients run the asylum when it comes to the books meaning they all have a say to how the book is laid out. I design the book according to their input, but the magazine depends if I get the artist or model (which I am hoping to do with Issue 11 and 12, no it won’t be the fuck wearing the unicorn horn.) When I saw what they said when they decided to drop my story, I kind of knew it was coming but it’s not going to get me down. I am thinking about putting the story up as a page on here — yeah it will be on me this time around. If you don’t like the fact I don’t allow certain kind of things in the magazine such as the things that are on the current trend in horror, boo-fucking-hoo asshole, go cry to your mother about it.
    I am not about to change what I write or how I write either in the short stories or the blogs just because someone is uncomfortable with my whole package. Some people whoreship Lady Gaga while I show a strong respect for Billy Milano and Uncle Ted Nugent. Milano and Nugent speak their mind. The shocking line in Witch’s Party is comparing the party to a feminist rally. I already know I will piss a lot of feminists off with that line, and that is funny too. I wasn’t trying to be scary with Witch’s Party. I am saving the horror scares for GAME OVER. I usually save my most abrasive posts for my Blogspot or WordPress blogs, namely because they have a high tolerance for what is content on there. I’ve seen the most hateful blogs appear on; and those blogs call me bigoted. I am tempted to write something really bigoted just to prove a point, but part of me keeps me from doing that because I don’t want the whole Rick R. Reed fanboy committee pissing down my back.
    Some people call what I do really offensive, it’s not like I fucked their wife or something. I am just being myself and that bothers a lot of people. The hate sites were pointing the possible magazine to my blogs on (the one that’s still there but I don’t post to or the’s most offensive entries relating to Poppy Z. Brite, Brian Keene, or Ray Garton.) Some of you will read the interview that I saved from (the site is now defunct, but they did a double interview with me and Philbin. We actually compared notes about not towing the party line. Even Philbin wanted to get out of the way of An Eye In Shadows.)
    I haven’t read this yet, just copy-pasta’d it.

    • Melany says:

      Actually Nicky we’d be more than willing to tell you to your face what we think of your ‘publishing company’ and so called ‘stories’. We just can’t be bothered to waste time, money, and gas just to see you run away giggling like a little girl in abject fear of us :p

  55. Al Kilyu says:

    The predator has another 16 year old in his sites again…
    First look here
    Where Nicky falls for her poem and suggests she turn it into a story, even after someone says it needs work (like that ever stopped him!) checking out the poor girl’s profile shows Nicky already moving in

    “Greetings, I read your poem on the writers corner and I really think you can turn this into a short story. Take each part and flesh it out in a prose format. I really think you can turn that one into a story if you really worked on it — if you are trying to find somewhere to try the story version out on go to Withersin Magazine. You might need your parent’s permission to sign the contract there. My kid sister is writing a horror story after reading something of mine in a magazine I gave her for Christmas.”

    See? His kid sis even. He’s got this thing for younger people because they don’t know any better (that he has no talent and has been failing the whole time) and once again, he’s trying to get another young teen into his bullshit.

  56. Jenny says:

    Help. Long post stuck in moderation. Feel free to delete this post after you find it, Rusty.

  57. baupdeth says:

    If my comment gets baleeted, I said “Thank you for posting this, there looks like there is some good stuff in there. :-)”

    • Rusty says:

      None of it’s an actual story. It’s all background info and links, none of which the powers that be want there.

    • baupdeth says:

      And of course, its about him. Although I wasn’t yelled at:

      “A lot of us actually got recognition because of that website. Lake Fossil Press actually was born out of my co-editor duties on The House of Pain. I actually launched the career of M. Lovell Jr who was active with the rival website. For the record, I never took a loan out and used the imprint as a coladeral. While other writers were bragging about publishing credits I was learning how to be a publisher from the owner of CyberPulp Books.
      I got many of the books as e-books to see how they were done, but I bought a lot of books on so I can learn how they designed their books and how I can make mine rival the mass market. Open Office was my weapon in this. I wrote Gruesome Cargo all on Atlantis. My Diary-X catalog were written on a program caled Yeah Write (which was a journal program.) While other publishers were doing the whole trend horror, I went against the trend and published the stories I actually want to read as a fan of the genre. It helps to be a fan of the genre if you’re a publisher.”

      I guess he forgot I was a goon, or that he slept w/ my wife

    • Rusty says:

      I remember Michael Lovell from the old Xanga days. He struck me as a pretty nice guy. I wonder why Nicky’s bringing up his name after all these years.

    • baupdeth says:

      Ileike pizza is back!

      Lake Fossil Press? My friend just got a story accepted there! The new editor & chief is really professional and sooo nice! He’s already paid her (pro rate!) and even sent her roses on her birthday last week!

      And the cover? Lake Fossil has really improved in the last few months because the cover is AMAZING looking. She even asked them if she should rename her story and they told her if she wanted it called “Witches Party” then that’s what it would be called, and it is!

      Thanks for having her on your roster LAKEFOSSIL! Although I don’t know why they call you “AngryInIllios” because you have been the biggest sweetheart to her!

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Michael Lovell and his now ex are very dear friends of mine. Weird as it is to admit to all of you, the two of them are still mentioned in my prayers every night, if that gives you any idea of what I think of the guy. Actually his ex gf is a former best friend of mine but that’s a whole other thing…


      Michael, before knowing Nicky’s true extent, admired the fact that Nicky never gave up, plus his friendship with him was to piss off a certain website (sadly that’s how Nicky gets most of his friends) but Michael soon saw the light. In fact Michael found out Nicky used a story of his in a book he charged for and not only never paid him for it, he never got his permission or told him he was using it.

      Here’s how nice Michael is: He told Nicky he’d let it go and not force him to pay him or alter the book or sue if Nicky stopped trying to harass ***y’s son.

      He’s also somewhat close to 7′ tall so I wouldn’t anger him lol

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Haha hey baup: Nicky saw Angry’s new cover before he saw pizza’s post…Do you think he’s going to flip out extra hard on VF now?!

    • Al Kilyu says:

      ” Lake Fossil Press? My friend just got a story accepted there! The new editor & chief is really professional and sooo nice! He’s already paid her (pro rate!) and even sent her roses on her birthday last week!

      And the cover? Lake Fossil has really improved in the last few months because the cover is AMAZING looking. She even asked them if she should rename her story and they told her if she wanted it called “Witches Party” then that’s what it would be called, and it is!

      Thanks for having her on your roster LAKEFOSSIL! Although I don’t know why they call you “AngryInIllios” because you have been the biggest sweetheart to her!

      [forum info]
      Posts: 640

      By Way Of The House of Pain — GRUESOME CARGO! June 28, 2010, 11:37:pm

      She didn’t write that story, and I am not accepting any stories from her either. That’s one of my short stories and the person who did that is a troll, as you are iliekpizza. I am reporting you to the admins to that one, and that company is my company — still my company. She’s not on the roster as far as I am concerned and I just opened an account with for the imprint for the non-fiction anthologies that are planned. I publish the Lake Fossil Press catalog on and I still own the imprint, I got a submission for DYERS EVE on the official e-mail address for it and I still have the keys.
      I will NOT publish that kind of stuff on the company. I am pure against the trend traditional horror and modern day science fiction, but sometimes publish anthologies of true stories because one of my influences is Readers Digest. I am trying to get a story sent to that magazine and the one that leaked on a dropped acceptence is going to be sent to the other magazine though I doubt they will publish the story with the language. “

    • Mike Brendan says:

      It’s there’s some switch in that mess of grey Jello that’s Nicky’s brain. If nothing negative goes in the earhole, nothing incendiary comes out.

    • baupdeth says:

      Yeah he saw the dustcover… check out my profile for his latest rant.

  58. baupdeth says:

    I had 7 pages open up:

    Insert years 1998-2004 between / and index to get the years. He polluted 2004 with three stories

  59. Al Kilyu says:


    The non-Nicky responses are as funny as his! And look at his post on Angry’s profile where he challenges him to a fight! He must think Angry is Mike now or something

    ” WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS! You’re not authorized to use the name of Lloyd Phillip Campbell either you fucking prick. Bullshit you asshole. I will not allow this, and the fact you are fucking liar about the company. I got a horror submission that isn’t erotica to the lake fossil press e-mail address. “

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Nicky also discovered Baups new book cover. He’s sure been WTFing a lot this week

      ” What the fuck — that’s not your book to write you asshole. Lake Fossil Press isn’t your company. You are a piece of shit, and I will not let some asshole publish a plagiarized novella. I wrote When Angels Wept Blood and it’s a spiritual warfare novella that is a cross between Frank Perretti’s This Present Darkness and James O’Barr’s The Crow.

  60. PG says:

    Lloyd Phillip Campbell has joined VF. Nicky is not amused.

  61. 50 Foot Ant says:

    Want to read the funniest thing?

    “One of the stories in the magazine actually borrows from Metallica’s One about a guy who lost his limbs, sight and hearing in a war and he describes the macabre nightmare of such in detail.”

    That’s from Game Over. Apparently Nicky is so stupid, he didn’t even know that Metallica’s “One” is based off of Jonny Get Your Gun, that’s why they used scenes from that movie in the video. LOL

  62. Al Kilyu says:

    Nicky is lying through his teeth today. First he said he started Lovell’s career (omg so far from any truth) then here he really goes crazy

    Should someone pipe up about how he’s not allowed to EVER see his son again?

  63. 50 Foot Ant says:

    I think it’s funny that Pacione is referring to everyone else as “Fat Horse”, so it makes it look like a schitzophrenic screaming at himself in his posts.

    Talk about something to warm the heart.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Look what he left on DownWithPVC’s page

      “How many drugs have you’ve been taking you junkie whore? GAME OVER isn’t done and the version that the fucker “rewrote” isn’t authorized. Lake Fossil Press NEVER had a new owner and the cunt that is being “published” plagiarized my story and it isn’t a turd burgler hued story. The fucker is making a complete mockery of my publishing company I started from the ground up, and I never took a loan out on the company as the faceless faggot claims. Baseless attacks, the bitch is reading an unfinished and pirated novella and posting spoilers on the fucking website like it’s an unfinished Twilight novel. I hope all those drugs KILL you.”

  64. Rusty says:

    Oh god. He just inflicted himself on another community

    Here’s the comment he left for the admin:

    Let’s do it. I got some asshole trying to pass my imprint off as a alt romance publisher and I am trying to set the record straight of what I run. I am ready to raise a little hell. I am trying to think how to nail the other websites hard with the Consevative Gospel. So they want to play the liberal agenda there — let’s play god with them

    Sounds to me like he’s trying to incite harassment of a third party.

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