Alienating Just About Everybody

Nicky’s most recent Blogspot entry takes digs at Cherie Priest and Shock Totem.  Evidently, Shock Totem rejected a story of Nicky’s, so now he’s out for blood, or something.

I guess Shock Totem became a rival now; and I welcome the spirit of competion as I love becoming the competition; it’s what I am really good at.

Never use more than one semicolon in a sentence, Nickypoo.  Break it up into a couple of sentences.  Also, from the mind of Nicky the Great, if there is no competition, invent one.  I’m fairly certain that the only thing he’s good at is baking frozen pizza, or maybe ordering a Happy Meal from Micky D’s.

He did a copy-pasta of this from one of his Facebook pages that included this:

This is how you ‪#‎alienate‬ a fanbase right Cherie M. Priest? Now you remember — that book was your first version of your novel 4 and 20 Blackbirds. I am going to give that readership you had then to my guys and gals on the roster because they are more worthy of it — you want to talk about this, have my e-mail address and you are welcome to comment here but don’t expect us to be polite though.

Us?  Nicky once again picks a fight with someone, and expects people to fight his battle for him.  AFAIK, Ms. Priest has been ignoring him — if he’s even a blip on her radar at all.  The best part is that he posted a selfie with one of her books.  Presumably, he at least paid for the paperback.

Click on his link to one of his FB pages, and you get this:

In other words from all of us on the Lake Fossil Press roster #fuckyou. Normally hate #webcams here but this want to show you something as you pissed me off here as this novel I bought of yours will be the #last book I ever by from you and I bought an #ebook of your stuff give me back my #fourdollars that I can’t have. #bitch.

So, wait.  Four and Twenty Blackbirds isn’t the only book of hers he has?  He also paid $4 for an e-book.  Now he wants that $4 back.  Because she ignored him?   Because he corrupted the file?  Who in the hell demands money back for an e-book unless there were technical difficulties with the download?  For a guy who gets $745/month, plus food stamps, from the government, bitching about $4 is nuts.  Four bucks will buy a couple of pieces of fried chicken at KFC, but he willingly spent it on her book.  He has a right to complain, of course, but I have just as much right to point and laugh at his antics, and his inability to spell buy correctly.


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27 Responses to Alienating Just About Everybody

  1. Melany says:

    Dear Nicky: to alienate a fan base you have to have a REAL one not the imaginary one in your head. All your face book ‘friends’ and twitter followers aren’t your fan base, and they probably want you to go away already just like the rest of us.

  2. Stinkycat says:

    Well, he has been blowing his money on music lately. Hmm…2 semicolons in one sentence. I think his counselor was onto something when she deemed him not college bound.

    • admin says:

      He wrote a story venting his rage at her, but she was correct. He later flunked out of junior college, which backs up her assessment.

      • Stinkycat says:

        It’s always someone else’s fault when it comes to Nicky. I have to admit the ole guidance counselor told me not to take the SATs so I missed out on college is a new one for me. It would appear Nicky’s parents didn’t think he should bother either, or they would have made him and paid for it. If I recall PSATs were mandatory. Guessing Nicky didn’t do well in math or verbal. That’s right, that’s the whole PSAT. Yeah, that was the indicator he wasn’t college bound.

        • admin says:

          When I took the SATs, math and verbal were the entire test, too. There was no third section, and a perfect score was 1600, not 2400 like it is now. Not sure when that changed, but I was unaware of it until a couple of years ago, and thought “Wow, I wonder when that happened.”

          We know his verbal skills are terrible. He also does a lousy job of keeping track of his finances. I’d be surprised if he could determine the square root of 25 without grabbing a calculator, let alone work out geometry and trigonometry questions. I don’t recall the math SAT having calculus questions, although it may have. Only those of us in AP math took calculus in high school; everyone else took it in college.

          • Stinkycat says:

            I think the math on it was only algebra, geometry and a little trig. I heard on the radio the SAT is changing again b/c the vocabulary is too hard and will include only words students normally encounter. Yep, words are too hard now.

  3. Phil Smith says:

    Off-topic, but at some point no doubt Nickolaus will go back on his “e-piracy” jag again. How that differs from regular piracy of copyrighted material I don’t know.

    Still, Nickydoodle, eternal opponent of piracy regardless of vowels, celebrates Easter… by linking to a pirated movie on YouTube. Oh, the irony.

  4. Minotaurman says:

    4 bucks would buy 4, 1 liter bottles of root beer! Mmmmm Root beeeer….

  5. No One says:

    Regarding Nick’s recent tumblr entry – does he not know that Bill Hicks is dead?

    • Scott says:

      Couldn’t help but remind him of that, not to mention he was an atheist and liberal.

      • admin says:

        Has he screwed up his comments messing around with the back-end? I can see a link to comments, but no comments. Doesn’t matter whether I’m logged in or not to Tumblr, so it apparently has nothing to do with him blocking me.

        • Scott says:

          I tweeted him, he doesn’t have comments set up on tumblr, at least I don’t think so.

          • admin says:

            Oh, okay. I think he selected a Tumblr template that had a placeholder to enable Disqus, but never completed the Disqus registration process to plug in his user name, or plugged it in incorrectly. That would account for it. For a guy who brags about how tech-savvy he is, he screws up a lot of fairly simple things.

            • Scott says:

              He thinks turning the power switch on makes him an IT Professional.

              • Phil Smith says:

                The best bit was when he posted an IP address, thinking it was one of his enemies, and encouraged people to hack it.

                The address in question:

                • admin says:

                  Yes! That was even better than when he posted what he thought was ValentineVegen’s IP addy, along with a satellite image of Yahoo’s Sunnyvale HQ. Daggy was outed when the rest of us found his real IP buried elsewhere in the full email headers Nicky posted.

                • Naaman Brown says:

                  (For the rest of us dummies: is “local host” or “this computer” or “home”. “There’s no place like” “, sweet,” Some spamming systems return if you ping them to get an IP address. Lucky no one used that to home in a drone strike.)

      • Minotaurman says:

        I like how he compares his humor to Hicks. I wasn’t aware Nicky had a sense of humor. He’s always trying to come off so dark, and gothy and scary, that I would think humor was a meaningless concept to him.

        Regardless, I don’t think Nicky has a clue what made Bill Hicks’ humor so dark. Because Hicks was dying, he literally had no fear. He could get up on stage and say whatever the Hell he wanted, and really what could anyone do about it?

        So Nicky saying that Hicks dark, death-bed (or death-stage) humor compares to Nicky’s written humor is about as big of a disservice that a human being could make to Bill Hicks. Here’s a guy dying of cancer and going out there with every last breath telling it like it is. And then there’s the little whiney troll, who calls an ambulance for his fucking infected fingernail.

        Just…boggles the mind.

        • admin says:

          Humor isn’t his thing. One of two things happens. If he comes across as totally unfunny and asshole-ish, he claims he was joking. When he’s trying to tell a joke, he feels the need to explain it. The only time he really is funny is when it’s unintentional.

        • Phil Smith says:

          Context aside, I can’t help wondering if Nicky actually listened to Hicks’s material at all! Whether it’s his position on abortion (“If you’re so pro-life, don’t lock arms and block med clinics: lock arms and block cemeteries!”), religion, war (“couldn’t we just… use that technology to shoot food at hungry people?”) or politics (Republican or Democrat Bill loathed ’em all) most of his targets were Nicky’s favourite sacred cows.

          • Ben McClellan says:

            Whatever Bill Hicks had to say, I’m certain that the intended messages within flies over Nick’s head, and he only laughs whenever Hicks starts swearing or lashing out at members of the audience who either aren’t getting the point, or they’re heckling him.

  6. Melany says:

    hmmm….so Nicky if all of your enemies are pedophiles what makes you so great around children? If you’re such a great father and role model for kids when do you get to see your son? Oh that’s right never.

  7. Stinkycat says:

    As his last video is incomprehensible, I’m guessing he’s blowing his welfare on booze and mixing it with his meds. He’s too doughy to be able to carry beer back to his hovel, so he’s likely getting cheap vodka and mixing it with his chocolate milk.

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