Warning: Destiny Rane, Dark Storm, and Tabetha

Lepplady’s got the lowdown.  The gist is that Tabetha’s starting a new company, only it isn’t hers, but it really is …

Get out your scorecards.  This one’s going to get interesting.

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26 Responses to Warning: Destiny Rane, Dark Storm, and Tabetha

  1. Lepplady says:

    What’s even more fun is that even as i was posting caps to prove it, “Destiny’s writing me PMs insisting that it’s not. She just makes it so easy. More to come by the weekend. 🙂

  2. Melany says:

    It may be bad of me, but Destiny Rane sounds like a stripper/hooker name not a real one.

      • admin says:

        Announcement: It is with my pleasure to announce that Dark Storm Publications has bought out contracts from a company with some very prospective authors.

        Interesting use of the word “prospective” in the context of publishing contracts. It implies that either the authors or their works (perhaps both) don’t yet exist, even though the contracts allegedly do. File that under “things that make you go ‘hmm’.”

      • Naaman Brown says:

        Duh, the perils of posting before proofing! ERRATA:
        “Destiny Rane sounds like an unreal name….”

      • Naaman Brown says:

        Dee Jones took some photos of a Salena Sablan with Tabetha Jones in a cemetery gothy looking and all (Phoenix Effect Photography 24 Dec 2014 “Gore Goddess” album).
        Is this another case of Tabetha cloaking an alternate personality with a model’s photos (as with Sky) or is Sablan a flesh and blood patsy?

        • Lepplady says:

          That is an excellent question. I had several chats with both “Destiny” and Salena via facebook PM yesterday. Both contain all of Tabetha’s tells, from the tone to her verbatim terminology, grammatical errors and glaring typos.

          I’d be interested to see if the real Salena really is on board with all of this, or if it’s a case of Tab running the show on both Destiny and Salena’s profiles. If Tab’s speaking for Salena, that’s impersonation and identity theft. Aren’t those federal offenses?

          I really hope that the actual person isn’t involved with all of this, because if/when Tab goes down for fraud, anybody in bed with her is going down, too.

          With PF, at least Tab used her own name. with DS, she’s not even using a real name It’s fraud up, down, and sideways.

      • Robin E. says:

        When I clicked on the DestinyRStorm Facebook page link there is nothing there. Was it removed? And if it was, why???

        • Naaman Brown says:

          Today, you have to be signed up on Facebook to see the DestinyRStorm page.
          That was not the case yesterday.
          I suspect DestinyRStorm will soon show up in “People you may know” so I can click “Add Friend” if I wish (I am using my late wife’s FB so I keep my use to a minimum).

          FB DestinyRStorm is promoting the Book Inferno site.

        • Naaman Brown says:

          DarkStormPublications Weebly site is still public BTW.

          • admin says:

            I’m not sure those free hosting sites like Weebly and Wix allow for restricted viewing. Even on FB, although it can be set to various levels of restricted viewing, setting it friends-only or private, as opposed to must-be-logged-into-FB, defeats the entire purpose of setting up a “company” page to lure in unsuspecting newbies.

            • Naaman Brown says:

              On the desktop I was not logged-in to Facebook, and got to it yesterday.
              Today I was not able to get to it from the desktop, but on the laptop logged-in to Facebook I got to it.

              You have to be logged-in to Facebook to see it (not friends-only or private). I guess I was not using the terms correctly since I don’t have a lot of FB time. But other sites I have visited (logged-in) do send to the personal FB page “People you may know” with “Add Friend” option (which I don’t ever click).

      • Naaman Brown says:

        DestinyRStorm at Facebook was down/removed when I checked 22 Mar.

    • Lepplady says:

      But… but… how could that not be real? *eye roll*

      Thanks to a bit of detective work from a “prospective” author, we now know without a doubt that Tabetha is Destiny.

      I don’t know who she thinks she was fooling, but the lid’s blown off her latest scam before it ever began.

  3. khkoehler says:

    We need to get this girl and Nicky together.

    • SpicyPixi says:

      Oh, I thought they already were “together” 😉

      • admin says:

        They danced together a couple of times, but never went out on that “hot date,” so to speak. They couldn’t agree on terms. Neither one has a legitimately registered company, and they both have really shady (probably to the point of being illegal) “business” practices. They should be two peas in a pod, but I think it was Nicky who balked at Tabby’s terms, not the other way around.

        • Lepplady says:

          I can’t speak for Nicky’s company, but Tab’s companies are flat-out illegal. She founded PF with a name that’s not hers and (reportedly) hasn’t paid taxes since day one. She claims the business as a sole proprietor but brings partners on board and has employees. It just doesn’t work that way as a sole proprietor. And I’m told that she didn’t close PF at all to open DS. All she did was switch the accounts over. I’m no accountant or business expert, but isn’t that illegal?

        • Robin E. says:

          They’re together, and they’re not together, Tabetha and Nicky. The reason why they can’t work together is simple, both of them want to be the boss lady!

  4. Lepplady says:

    Oh dear. It looks like Nicky’s all up in the new company, Dark Storm. He’s in their “secret” fb group and he’s chatting away on Tab’s newest alts’ profiles… you know. The new “authors” she’s making up to bolster the company roster. Complete with stolen model pics as profile pics.
    Here’s one of them:
    Scroll down to see his comments on pics.
    Also note Tab talking to/about herself, to he own alt, with her own name and another alt (Destiny). It’s just sad.

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