David Boyer Is Back

I haven’t looked at Shocklines in ages until today.  It does seem rather comatose compared to its heyday, but I did notice this one gem that was stickied at the top of the general discussion section:  http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/23114/New-David-Boyer-alias-Jana-Moore

He’s back.  We have Jeani Rector to thank for the discovery.  Remember Jeani?  She struck a deal with Nickypoo, after he used one of her stories in a book of his without her knowledge, to let him continue using the story, if he’d leave her alone and stop mentioning her name.

To see how well Nicky’s kept up his end of the bargain, check out the comments here.  That blog, if not run by Tabby under one of her many aliases, is run by a crony of hers.  Judge for yourself.

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3 Responses to David Boyer Is Back

  1. Naaman Brown says:

    Jana Moore, “Life is a Scream: Behind the Camera of Indie Horror”
    David Byron, “The Scream Queen Diaries: Confessions from Behind the Camera of Indie Horror”
    Both apparently now gone from Amazon.

    If it turns out that “Hot & Horrifying: the First Ladies of Horror” (Bear Manor Media 8 Dec 2011, kindle filesize 3460 kb 3.38 mb) listed at Amazon “by David Boyer,” is not the same book, different cover, I would be suprised. No, shocked. Look Inside! what passes as a title page is “The First Ladies of Horror by Jack Sawyer” and “Edited by Jack Sawyer and Nicole Kruex”. The cover says edited by David Byron and Nicole Kruex.

    • admin says:

      Jack Sawyer was another one of Boyer’s aliases. He had a lot of them. The funniest one, I thought, pretended to be a dotty old “cat lady” from Wisconsin. Cat Lady’s cover was blown very quickly.

      Like Tabby, he always uses free-hosted blogs and websites when he sets up a new alias. Freewebs was one of his favorites. Why pay for hosting when you only expect the ruse to work for a few months at most? I understand that not every author wants, or can afford, to invest $5 a month for domain hosting, but a publisher that can’t cough up that sort of money shows a lack of commitment, as well as a lack of finances. If not outright a red flag, it’s certainly a day-glo yellow one.

      • Naaman Brown says:

        It seems that I gave up keeping a list of Boyer aliases as an exercise in futility. So the Amazon listing of a book by his alias is under his real name? Besides the cover, is the book “First Ladies of Horror” different from “Behind the Camera of Indie Horror”?

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