Nicky’s been rather quiet lately — at least publicly.  Much of his venom has been spewed in private emails.  This morning, however, I awoke to old-style rapid-fire tweets from Nicky.  Evidently, he has a problem with STS.  Where I come from, STS is what Somerset Tire Service calls itself.  It’s a regional automotive service chain.  I’d like to suggest he file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

To Nicky, it means “small town shithead.”  Dumpling is so clever with acronyms, isn’t he?

npacione_-_Twitter_Search_-_2015-03-23_part1 npacione_-_Twitter_Search_-_2015-03-23_part2

This brings us to Nicky’s Social Security number.  He’s laboring under the impression that his has been stolen.  Never mind that’s the only thing at which he’s labored in his entire life.  There are only two classifications of people who could posssibly have a use for Nicky’s SSN:  illegal aliens, and criminal elements in Eastern European countries looking to file phony “paperwork” with the IRS in the hope of getting someone’s tax refund.  Since Nicky doesn’t even report his book sales income to the IRS, and he’s on the dole, he won’t be paying any income tax, let alone receive a refund for overpayment.  Anyone in Bulgaria or Estonia stealing his SSN won’t gain anything.  As for illegal aliens, stealing an SSN is potentially a ticket to gaining employment.

Nicky is really worried about his bank account, which, if he is to be believed, is overdrawn as often as not.  He left this gem on Karen’s blog.


He has more than one bank account?  A lot of people do, but it’s hard to justify having multiple bank accounts when you’re perpetually broke, and desperately waiting three more weeks for your next SSDI check, the way he is.

Nicky’s identity hasn’t been stolen, unless some foreign national got hold of it.  Cosplaying Nicky at conventions is a whole different kettle of fish.  How many people have dressed up as Freddy Krueger for Halloween?  Same thing, really, since neither one exists IRL.

As for the video to which he linked and embedded in his tweet above, I’ll just leave you with a link to it, rather than embed it here.  The text that accompanies it is worth a read.  Do click on the “more” link to expand it to its full glory.

It also appears that his public Facebook napacione page is gone.  Although I don’t know for sure what happened, I can guess.  So can you.

ETA:  the video on YouTube was removed late this morning, Eastern, because it violated YT’s TOS.

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16 Responses to STS and SSN

  1. JupiterPluvius says:

    On his Uncle Fossil thing, he has a rant about a toddler’s tragic death in Chicago, which includes his asseveration that Tabby Jones’s “roster” should learn from him how to do research, since he is a trained journalist unlike Anderson Cooper.

    What could Peaches’s journalism “training” amount to? A high school class? He’s never had a job of any kind, has he?

    • admin says:

      He did once work at Burger King, and at some factory job. Neither lasted more than a few weeks.

    • Naaman Brown says:

      To quote NAP: “… Tabatha’s camp …” Oh, Tabetha’s camp are already exhibiting “research” skills akin to NAP’s. Really inept and nasty, doesn’t hold up to testing, and full of misspellings and bad grammar.

  2. Melany says:

    I did more work Friday night than Nicky has done in years, and I didn’t get paid for it! Well I did in a beachball, and a credit card shaped bottle opener thingy with the band logo, AND met the band, but I was just happy to get into the show for free and have a great view of the stage from where I was working. :p

    And nicky the size of our town is NOT the reason we hate your disgusting ass.

  3. Stinkycat says:

    He needs multiple accounts for his multiple names: N.A. Pacione, Lloyd Phillip Campbell, Sparkle Pony….

  4. WOWNinja365 says:

    The last time I checked, the population of Morris IL was under 14,000.

    Nicky Pacione.

  5. SpicyPixi says:

    He is still flapping his greasy gums on Twiter. Hilarity continues…but with added howler monkey sounds 🙂

  6. Naaman Brown says:

    “…more than one bank account?” Well I keep a checking account and a savings account at the CU. NAP probably has a PayPal account, if that counts. It would not be hard for him to have three, him being a big time publisher and all.

  7. Scott Colbert says:

    “Since Nicky doesn’t even report his book sales income to the IRS…”
    You can’t report what you don’t have. 🙂

  8. Ablert says:

    Every now and then among the tedious dross of Nicky’s endless lies, the truth slips out. From his Dirty Black Winter post on authorsden:

    “Some in the business say I am the way I am because of jealousy, no, it’s flat out hatred.”

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