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Generally speaking, I don’t mind if people post links to their own blogs in comments here, especially if it’s on topic.  However, this is not an appropriate place for people to link to their own unrelated posts, using the name of one of their characters, and talk about themselves in the third person, as if they’re fooling anyone.

Exhibit #1:  Joseph Rubas

About Joseph Rubas

I had a rash of visits from the Daytona Beach area last Fall, then again within the past couple of weeks.  The following screenshot shows only the past seven days.  Look at the high number of visits, especially for someone who isn’t a longtime, regular reader.  Also note the number of actions next to each visit.  That’s an awful lot of poking around on my blog.  Not even my regular readers do that.


Sure, that only shows an IP associated with an address in the Daytona Beach area, but nobody else who visits my blog lives anywhere near that part of Florida, unless Tampa and Pensacola picked up and moved while I wasn’t paying attention.


Those are all the comments left by “Sam Fallwell.”  Note that the IP matches the visitor from the Daytona Beach area, where Rubas states that he lives.  Note also that the comments outlined in red either point to Rubas’ own website or Facebook page, and/or refer to himself in the third person, as if he’s talking about someone else.  He even went to the trouble of doing a copy-pasta of his entire FB entry in comments here, despite the fact that it had nothing to do with my post about Nicky’s garbage bill.

So, how do we know that Rubas is posting as Sam Fallwell?  Simple.  Sam Fallwell is a character in his story “Magick Man.”  The name appears in the very first sentence of the story.  Until now, I’ve been rather patient, but this is getting tiresome.

MAGICK MAN by Joseph Rubas - Eschatology 2015-06-09 15-40-28

Cover.  Blown.

The excuses “I wuz haxxored!!11!eleventy!” and “it was a soshul spearmint” went out of fashion a decade ago.  Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

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14 Responses to Hello, Joe

  1. Robin E. says:

    Sad, I almost feel sorry for him in this predicament…Almost.

  2. no one special says:

    Wow. For someone complaining about other people being obsessed, he sure spent an awful lot of time combing through your blog and going to the trouble of making an alt just to talk about himself. Wonder if he’ll have the balls to drop in again and ‘splain himself.

  3. Thomas M. says:

    All these “Asshole Writers” and “Over-inflated sacks of self-important shit” just watched a guy shake his finger at them, yet the whole time he was using fake names to try to get more attention from it.

    And he got caught.

    In front of the Assoholes and Sacks.

    I imagine it’s like that dream where you’re in school and you realize you’re in your underwear, only for Joe it’s much worse and real. lol

  4. Stinkycat says:

    LOL..that is one sad lil attention who*e.

    • Thomas M. says:

      Ready yourself for an in-depth reply on all this, and how he carefully planned out this and that to make these points and to show blah blah blah. It’s going to be real deep and make many statements on society, but mostly us assholes.

      But I’m not going to head back over to his blog to read how he responds to this. I’m done giving this guy the attention he craved. I’m not going to ask what he said nor care.

      I have more interesting things to follow online, like how Nicky is going to pay his water bill this month…

  5. Naaman Brown says:

    While dissing EoNs in his blog, JoeSam also in an exchange of comments with NAP dissed NAP who had thought he had found an ally in JoeSam.

    One of the reasons people feel they have to follow NAP is that he is a tenacious stalker; if you slight him, he pursues; if you ignore him, that is his justification for return rage up to 8 years after last contact. He lives in a basement on a gov’t check and has lots free time to prowl the world wide web.

    JoeSam is now on NAP’s mental Rolodex where he may come up weeks, months, years from now, as long as NAP is alive.

  6. Sabledrake says:

    Kinda sad, yo.

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