Miscellaneous Hijinks

Nicky’s latest ravings of a madman are here.

I don’t appreciate when Blochett supports how Brian Keene went for my SSN. When my cousin is trying to brag about how he closed down Lake Fossil Press. So if you see someone crowdfunding for one reason or another — don’t intervene and be a cunt where you are asking for your privacy to be violated.

Nicky himself posted the first five digits of his SSN online, along with a link to a website on which SSNs can be looked up, in an effort to show his mad detective skills, and knowledge of how the system for assigning them works.  Who is stupid enough to do that?  Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

AFAIK, nobody has his SSN except the government, his doctors, dentist (if he has one), his bank, his mommy, and any other business that requires it on an application form.  It’s also possible the hackers who gained access to the SSNs of every federal employee have it, if they managed to hack the relevant SSA database.  None of the EONs have it.

As for the crowdfunding thing, he considers objections or comments to be an open invitation for him to invade your privacy.  He will search for your website if you have one, go read its Whois, and use whatever information he finds there to harass you, as he did with Jason Brock and C. W. LaSart.  Nicky’s not above leaving nasty voice mail messages, and/or sending a series of rapid-fire email messages to his targets.  And, if that’s not enough, he also targets family members of his perceived enemies.  He’s done that to Mary, Val, Robin, and Ben — perhaps more, but those are the ones of which I’m aware.  That’s been his m.o. for many years.  Far more often than not, the targets of his harassment have done nothing to him, and said nothing to him, although his name may have come up somewhere in an online conversation.

Blochett if you were on the street homeless in Chicago — begging for food or money for your food. That $10.00 in my pocket will be my dinner and I will eat it right in front of you.

Bad idea.  Does he have any clue how many germs are on the average piece of currency in circulation, plus residual traces of drugs?  Aside from that, a Hamilton has no nutritional value.  It would be far better spent on groceries than ingested, although he also gets food stamps.  If that’s what he’s doing with the money he gets each month for SSDI, no wonder he blows through it in less than a week.

“I don’t think anyone should crowdfund — if they need money so much why don’t they work at McDonald’s or Goodwill? They hire always hire a retard,” As I can see you and Elaine both saying because she filed a fake DMCA because she don’t like truth being told about her.

He’s making up quotations again.  Even he states the quote is imaginary.  Sure, various people over the years have suggested he get a job to supplement his disability check, because he is in no way physically disabled, but the simple act of filing a DMCA violation claim does not mean the person said any such thing.

I will not stop Crowdfunding to get projects together but if I go with Indieagogo with the ISBN funding — that’s an investment so I can get the ISBN in place for the Condensed Volumes to really get back on Amazon.com or iBookstore.com.

Most of his crowdfunding attempts have been to pay huge household bills that he let slide until the providers threatened to cut off his services.  Nobody contributes to those.  Why should they, when he makes no secret of it that he blows his SSDI on frivolous things, instead of paying his bills?  That said, IMHO, anyone who has to crowdfund to buy an ISBN to re-release his book has no business being in publishing.  But, wait.  Nicky wants people to fund ISBNs for him for 10 years into the future — not just the one to republish his book.

I am trying to see if I can crowdfund the ISBNS to help get more projects out there the next ten years; I would love to get an anthology out every six months along with the magazine. But the thing is I might have issues with Predators and Editors claiming victory. Victory as in the death of Lake Fossil Press — nope not happening.

Really?  Is Dave Kuzminski on his case again?

Brian Keene you fucking retard if you are going around and enabling my work to be stolen as I am telling you to return “Fifteen Minutes Before The 11th Hour,” the original story I wrote not the piece of shit that’s going around. You enable that work to be stolen I will put Kealan Patrick Burkes three stories I bought as the smashwords.com release and make them available on piratebay. So his work gets pirated or mine gets returned rightfully.

Translation:  “I blame you for letting this manuscript get out there, so find me a copy, and give it to me, or I’ll do something illegal to a third party who has nothing to do with any of this.”  Nice thing to say coming from a guy who “signed a pledge” to ban the r-word.

I signed the pledge to stop the use of the “r-word” and I have written it in a novella within the context of a very evil character based upon S. E. Cox. The cuntface repeatedly called me the ‘r-word’ and she’s no longer in the business … You want to still call me a ‘retard’ you faggot. I wonder if ‘moffie’ has the same effect in America as it does in South Africa.

He’s such a charming boy, isn’t he?

… Kevin of Smashwords.com blocked my IP.

I’m sure he’s not the only one to do that, given the abuse Nicky’s prone to heaping on people.

I am still in facebook.com jail; yeah it’s bullshit how someone got me blocked for a month because I told the truth.

I didn’t know that until just now.  Bwahahaha.  How many times has he been in FB jail?  I’ve lost track.

Lake Fossil is that controversial as it grew into being so as the sequels might easy become so too.

Whatever that means.  In any event, Nicky clearly does not understand that controversial and joke are not synonyms.

… I know a few were ribbing on me because I was gagging on Porky Pig. Being that I am close to having two anthologies done after undergoing an endoscopy as my cousin who makes claims about taking over my company, “You know I was praying for your death.”

I had no idea he’d made enemies with one of his cousins.  Of course, it’s a good bet that his cousin never said the quote attributed to him or her.  For a guy who claims that as an Eye-talian American, family is the most important thing in the world, he’s sure quick to throw them under the bus, and run them over a few times for good measure.

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32 Responses to Miscellaneous Hijinks

  1. Melany says:

    So he signs a pledge not to use the R word…then uses it on Brian Keene. What a maroon.

    And gee I wonder why nobody is donating to his obvious scams. Everyone should want to give money to someone who manages to scream asshole when he’s begging for money!

  2. Melany says:

    Oh and he also sent MY family, including my mother when she was alive, death threats so Liar liar nicky on your claim you don’t go after the families of your imaginary enemies.

  3. SirOtter says:

    I wonder if he knows that anything he gets begging online will be considered by the Social Security Administration to be substantial gainful activity, and will affect how much (if anything) he receives from them every month. And they are looking, Little Nicky. They are paying very close attention to you and your efforts to make unreported income by what they consider to be skilled labor – even if no one reads your tripe agrees. If you ever earn enough from crowdfunding or other means to lose your benefits, they will know and they will measure your proven ‘skills’ against jobs you could theoretically do. They won’t care that you have no talent in your chosen profession, just that you used your position as a ‘publisher’ to convince enough people to give you enough money that you no longer qualify for SSDI.

    • JupiterPluvius says:

      He has a huge margin between the $0.00 he currently makes and enough to affect his SSDI. I would be shocked if he ever got to $100/month, which would have no impact on his ca. $800 benefits.

      • SirOtter says:

        Oh, no doubt. He’s as incompetent a fundraiser as he is a ‘writer’, publisher, father, investigative journalist, Christian, human being, etc. It would almost be amusing if someone did make a sizeable donation, however, just to screw up his benefits. Let me poke around in my couch for some change here… ought to be more than enough…

  4. Robin E. says:

    Choking on Porky Pig…hmmm, how big is Porky’s cock anyway??? Nicky I’m sure with practice you can learn to control your gag reflex!

  5. Naaman Brown says:

    “As I can see [insert name] saying ….”

    He’s always seeing people saying something.

    Does he lip read?

    If he does lip read, did he learn lip reading by watching Toho movies like Godzilla or Rodan?

  6. Scott Colbert says:

    He makes having an endoscopy sound like a liver transplant.

    • admin says:

      He does. Then again, he went to an ER with a hangnail that he let get so infected that it was oozing. Both incidents were easily preventable.

      • Robin E. says:

        I have a theory about that. I believe he was on his way back from Baltimore when he took an ambulance from the train station to the hospital for his infected hangnail. I think nobody wanted to pick him up from the train station, or let him crash at their place until he could catch a bus home. It’s HIGHLY likely he didn’t have enough money to take a bus anyway. So he took the ambulance to the hospital in order for a family member to be forced to pick him up from the emergency room and take him home. He’s always looking for a free ride, in every sense of the word.

  7. Jenny says:

    Sadly, Dave Kuzminski passed away in 2013. I believe that P&E is now being run by Andrew Burt or critters.org fame.

  8. JupiterPluvius says:

    CreateSpace gives you an ISBN as part of its basic package. Why is Nicki so silly?

  9. Family members – alas, one more.

    “why don’t you call me feeble to my face and let your son do so and I will dislocate his arm with joint lock. I still know how to apply a rear naked choke Campbell; that’s feeble? Know I had managed to throw a mugger into the ground when I was 19. So think about that one — I had fought off two people when I was stabbed; so think about that one. My career or Burke’s now asshole as I had found his story The Clause on The House of Pain. Tell me — have you even fought for your country? Fucking treehugger.”

    My response.

    “+Nickolaus Pacione My son could not care less about you, Mr Pacione. Do leave him out of it, there’s a good buffoon. I must admit I didn’t realise you had had a military career. It changes my view of you not a whit, however.”

    • admin says:

      For a moment, I was impressed that he used a semicolon correctly in his second sentence, although splitting it into two sentences would have been more the norm, since one part’s a statement, and the other’s a question. Then he ruined it two sentences later by including “so think about that one” twice, accompanied by a questionable use of semicolon.

      Aside from that, I found the idle threat to Mr. Burke’s career amusing.

      • Scott Colbert says:

        I’ll be having the delightful Mr. Burke on my podcast next week. If Nikita doesn’t get him deported by then lol.

    • Warlord Ralts says:

      Except he didn’t FIGHT for his country.

      He got thrown out of basic training for:

      A) Sexually assaulting other male troops
      B) Crying constantly
      C) Couldn’t learn how to march
      d) Homosexual relations with another recruit.

      Take your choice. Those are the rumors.

      He claims it’s because he was too mentally disabled for the FUCKING NAVY!

  10. Naaman Brown says:

    Pacione has used Mike’s phone number to call the wife of Nathan Shuman and trash talk her.

    Nathan Shuman operates Lousy Book Covers and featured The Namesake back in 15 Feb 2013. http://lousybookcovers.com/?p=424

    • admin says:

      I knew Mr. Shumate’s name sounded familiar.

      • Naaman Brown says:

        I should not go on the internet until after my third cup of coffee. Shumate, not Shuman. I’m lucky I hadn’t posted Nathate Shuman’s name.

    • JupiterPluvius says:

      I love Lousy Book Covers! Somehow I missed that they had featured one of Peaches’s fine artistic endeavors.

      Well, I’m off there to click on ads or donate or whatever will help them make money.

      • JupiterPluvius says:

        Bought one of Mr. Shumate’s books (which has an excellent cover). He is also a talented artist; it would be interesting to see a show of his work with Billy Martin’s, as they explore some of the same themes and media, though Shumate’s work is sunnier.

    • Naaman Brown says:

      Pacione has gone primate doo-doo coo-coo over at Lousy Book Covers and has attacked Nathan Shumate for running the “Namesake” cover submitted by Russel Nayle back in what? 15 Feb 2013?

    • Melany says:

      The part about telling Nicky that HE called the person he’s currently stalking not the other way around and nicky throwing a fit about it reminds me of a time he contacted a friend of mine over an instant messenger when he used to go around ‘warning’ my friends about me. My friend kept pointing out that NICKY contacted him first, and nicky just got more pissed. It’s like he’s too stupid to remember HE contacted his victim not the other way around.

  11. Melany says:

    Nicky doesn’t want people calling his uncle’s number to harass him? Then don’t call up other people to be a douchebag who needs his mouth washed out with soap using that number.

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