Gofundme Update #6

Three and a half months, and six updates later, the Nickster has raised $0.

Author Pacione's Expense Fund by Nickolaus A. Pacione - GoFundMe 2015-11-10 16-22-07

For some odd reason, Nicky thinks it’s possible to be fired from a company that never employed him.  Aside from that, does he think getting “fired” makes him a more sympathetic character?  “Poor me.  I got fired.  Don’t you feel sorry for me?  Gimme money!”  I’m not sure with finding a new printer for his drivel has to do with a fundraising appeal to pay his past due bills, yet he seems to think it’s worth a mention in an update.

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9 Responses to Gofundme Update #6

  1. marc says:

    This is the email I received today

    You pulled a bait and switch — get your ex-publisher evicted and the faggot who published you published the cunt who ripped Lake Fossil so I might shut down this publisher knowing that. Eye for an eye motherfucker as I learned another contributor of mine had to be buried and I am not playing games with you — your career kiss it farewell. As I learned your publisher worked with CreateSpace.com too.

    I think he’s going to start on Jeremy Hepler now for no other reason that he has a story in Not Your Average Monster. It also sounds like he’s gunning for Pete the editor. How dare he publish stories by people Nicky doesn’t like

  2. Ablert says:

    He’s certainly regressing of late. A few months ago he went out of his way to make sure CreateSpace knew he was “only joking” about being employed by them. Now that he’s been booted it’s as if it never happened. Nicky’s memory hole is almost as big as his ego. And speaking of which, he just posted a 15 minute video on FB where his ugly mug is plasted across multiple tv screens at a train station like some kind of backwoods Goldstein in 1984. In typical old school Nicky style fashion however, there is no sound on the video, only a high pitched whining noise.

    Oh the irony.


  3. Naaman Brown says:

    I followed the link and got Update #7, including the ever hilarious line “I was in the ER two months ago for a health scare where I was gagging on Porky Pig.”

    • admin says:

      His audio drivers are still jacked, and he probably doesn’t even know it. It’s like watching a silent movie, but instead of interstitial captions and dramatic musical accompaniment, it’s nothing but a high pitched whistle.

      The Porky Pig line was from the original plea in July, not in the updates, which makes sense since his last ER visit was in May. You can see all the updates by clicking on the “show more” right below the video.

      • Naaman Brown says:

        I was seeing all the updates w/o headers until I clicked “show more” then it added the headers. :confused: I’ll guess that’s what comes of running an old browser with out-of-date and maybe out-of-sync updates.

        • Naaman Brown says:

          Went back and looked: going in cold I get Update #7 with header and Update #1 (original post) without header. My browser doesn’t need an update: my head does.

  4. Melany says:

    Oh this is funny. I was just watching the evening news, and they did a story on gofundme scams. One of their tips is avoid the ones with lots of spelling and grammar errors!

  5. Naaman Brown says:

    GoFundMe Update#8 18 Nov 2015. He is now directing people to the Wikipedia article on “Esophageal stricture”. The Jul 2015 GoFundMe spiel blamed his problems on his May 2015 ER visit: “I was in the ER two months ago for a health scare where I was gagging on Porky Pig.” According to the article, a minority of untreated acid reflux patients can develop strictures.

    He couldn’t be bothered to chew his bites of porkchop so he wolfed “Porky Pig” down and got a chunk stuck in his esophagus. But NAP 30 Aug 2015: “I have changed the way I ate as in I don’t wolf my dinner down anymore.” So his gagging on “Porky Pig” problem is over, but not his problems with bills or verb tenses.

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