Inflation Bites!

It’s bad enough that gasoline and groceries cost a lot more than they used to, but office supply type stuff from Staples is through the roof, too.  I needed one ream of printer/copier paper, and I wasn’t even looking for high quality, ultra bleached stuff.  Couldn’t find anything less than a 3-pack of reams.  Also needed some manila envelopes, mailing envelopes, and binder clips.  I used to be able to buy envelopes in quantities of 20 or 40.  Nope.  Nothing less than packages of 100 was for sale.  The binder clips were reasonable, though for 25 of them.

The bill came to nearly $55 for those four items.  The good news, I guess is that I now have a two year supply of printer paper, and a 10 year supply of envelopes.  Fortunately, I didn’t need any printer cartridges.  Those would have been much cheaper to buy online, anyway, from some wholesaler on eBay.

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