JFC Switching Cell Carriers

We like our 15+ year old flip phones, but 3G is going the way of the Titanic, so we had to upgrade phones at long last, to be compatible with 5G.  Okay, fine, but switching over is proving to be a lot more complicated than it should be.

We have nifty new unlocked phones, and just need to get the SIM cards to pop in, then activate service.  No problem, right?  But, even though I plugged in all the info for our current cell numbers, and the IMEI ones for our respective new phones, I could not get the payment page to load.

Shot off an email about it since it was after hours to call.  Should get a call back tomorrow to fix it all, inasmuch as when I initially inquired about switching to them, someone called me back the next morning to discuss my plan options if I did decide to go with them.

Hopefully, this will work out well.  We seldom use our cell phones, and usually don’t even bring them with us unless we’re going away on vacation, so all we want is a talk and text plan.  I’ve already got both phones hooked into our house wi-fi, so we don’t need data plans, although we’d be on our computers here, rather than our phones for internet stuff.

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