Verizon Cell Service, Begone!

We finally were able to sign up with a new cell phone service, on our new unlocked phones.  The new company made it easy peasy, but Verizon gave us the run-around, and made it as difficult as they could, making us drive to a corporate owned Verizon store 45 minutes away to get a transfer PIN.  Sheesh.

Anyway, when we receive our SIM cards from the new carrier, all we have to do is swap out the ones that came with the phones for the new ones.  We should be good then.  It should happen later this week (3-4 days?).

The fun part is going to happen when we have to learn how to use the new phones.  Our previous ones were 15 year old Motorola Razr models.  The new ones are also Moto flip Razr models, but they run on 5G, and will take some getting used to, since we’re not used to smartphones.

Anyway, we signed up for the base unlimited talk/text plan.  We’re not connected to our cell phones with an umbilical cord, so we don’t need or want more than that.  For half the price of Verizon with the same coverage nationwide, into Canada, it’s worth the switch.

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