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It didn’t take long for whoever registered and to get them up and running.  There’s an announcement on SL about the former.  All the talk on ETT about both made me curious.  They were both live when I checked this morning.

In case our favorite Italian meatball is reading this, no, I don’t own either one of those domains.  Whoever got them registered and hosted, however, should be prepared to receive death threats, and demands to turn them over for free to the Nickster, as well as pay for hosting for him, for the duration of the registration period.

41 thoughts on “New Websites

  1. hahaha I don’t know what’s funnier: The post on Shocklines, Janrae doing what I did, or the thought of her keyboard covered in beet juice!

    LAWL I just clicked on the link…lololol I’m leaving that tab open so I can save that screenshot when I get back.

    Eh I don’t think Nicky is going to see that though. He appeared to be completely offline yesterday so I’m assuming either Kim cut the cord again or he’s in a building with padded cells and people who care…

  2. Yeah, I figured that after the outburst that happened over the past couple of days, Nicky had either exhausted himself into another period of silence, or poor Kim and Mike had to drop everything on their hands to get Nicky back into the proper facility for him.

  3. Neither did I damn it. I’m not going to lie Rusty I’m jealous and feel hurt I was left out, but….it’s so beautiful…they should have sent a poet…

  4. I, too, suspect that Nicky is passed out somewhere from the exertion of typing so much over the last few days. Although, if memory serves, his manic periods used to last longer than just a day, so maybe this is progress if those periods are getting shorter.

    How long do you think that post on Shocklines will last?

  5. His swings were getting more and more erratic over the years. Back 03-05, he had three days on and three to four days off. By 07 they would last for a month or more non-stop.

    It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

  6. I wonder whether he made it the Earthen Grave thing. He mentioned something about not having a printer to print out a copy of a free entry pass.

  7. And…Nicky found the Shocklines thread linked to above. He has this to say:

    “That isn’t the real Ethereal Gazette — just some tool who got picked off Matt you better have a look at this. The real Ethereal Gazette’s website is almost done and I am using my official website’s skeleton to design it. ”

    I’m impressed. Not a cuss word in sight.

  8. I just read the Shocklines thread, it appears that Nicky has been sending them death threats. At least that’s what their reply seems to indicate. Given the fact that this is Nicky we’re talking about, I can’t say I’m surprised though.

  9. Let’s take up a collection to help Nicky buy the domains shall we? I’ll chip in….oh the 7 cents sitting on my computer desk.

  10. Regarding the new announcements for submissions, Nicky accused Beero of impersonating a horror magazine. How does that work?

    I have a mental image of someone who looks a little like W.C. Fields, parading up and down the street wearing a pair of wooden boards connected across his shoulders, with the front and back covers of a magazine painted onto them. Good ole-timey advertising . . .

  11. I was reading the other day, getting a trade mark in the UK is fairly cheap. Applications starting at around £120.

    I can smell it now… Ethereal Gazette ™. First the site and then the trade mark lol.

    Mind you, thats real money and would anyone really care that much?

  12. Vern, I know in the U.S. it’s a few hundred dollars to get a trademark, and you have to prove that it hasn’t been in use for a similar type of product.

  13. In theory, the name hasn’t been used over over here. Mind you, I’d prefer to save the money even if the lulz were priceless.

  14. I’m half ass tempted to write a book of short stories called “Ethereal Gazette” and get an ISBN for them.

    That means he couldn’t use the name for his shitty little crap if he didn’t get an ISBN before me.

    Same with “Lake Fossil Press” could be an excellent little book of short stories. Then… Oops, couldn’t use that either.

    Aw, so sad. Nicky think up new stuff with Random Crap Generator.

  15. In the U.S. (don’t know about U.K. laws), I believe you have to show that the name/image/etc that you want to trademark has not previously been used by someone else for the type of product that you want to trademark it for. It also costs several hundred dollars and takes a few months. So while it would be lulz-y, I doubt the pay-off would be worth the effort and $.

  16. And with all the hoopla over the Ethereal Gazette and Lake Fossil Press, little Nicky never bothered to check (or for that matter).

  17. Oh dear, at this rate the only project he’s going to have left is Pathetic Failure At Life Press… oh wait… that’s not a publishing project… that’s his life. ;D

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