Nicky’s Lament

Hat tip:  Autoaim

Someone revived an ancient thread on SL.  The stuff that Nicky shares on a public message board would be unbelievable, coming from anyone else.

I have jokers trying to create domains off my companies and magazine then my family getting mad because I am fighting back. They’re threatening to stick me in a home and take away my internet for good.

Maybe if you behaved yourself online, Peaches, and didn’t spend your waking moments leaving PMs for people on Shocklines, nastygrams on their blogs that have nothing to do with the entries on which you left your comments, or posting your own blog entries threatening people with your hunting rifle and hollow point bullets, your family would feel a bit different.

Maybe, just maybe, if you had legally registered your company and domains, you wouldn’t find that others have already registered them.  Sure, it’s annoying to find domains taken, but similar names are available.  Go register those instead, even if you only pay to have them redirected at some free website at, or whatever it is.

In short, save your family the grief you’re causing them.  You treat them as if they’re a hindrance and burden to you.  They have your best interest at heart.  Don’t ever forget that.

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  1. I actually take some good out of that as it shows he is being warned and not just being allowed to run riot, as he has in the past.

    Could well be why he is behaving much better in public though. One big wrong move and that could be it.

    And yeah, for controversial articles read libelous bullshit.

  2. I’ve debated my response to this… Several times…

    Ok, conculsion. IF this wonderful, modern and civilised (yeh right) society really cared, Nick would have received proper counciling, medication and supervision. The reality, part time care it seems, meds that are obviously not checked upon (or even taken) and a rapid spiral into a walking target.

    Perhaps not fully responsible for his own actions but people only tollorate for so long and now his online antics are finally coming back to kick his ass.

    If only all this passion for his projects, agression towards others were channeled into something positive and productive, people may (and a HUGE may) start to offer a little understanding.

    Until then.. the lulz continue! Now, wheres that bloody gerbil gone? 😀

  3. “The stuff that Nicky shares on a public message board would be unbelievable”

    This is the guy who repeatedly stated that his mother is only fourteen years older than him. I don’t remember him saying it recently, but he’s said it multiple times.

  4. “I would rather be on my own before that happens.”

    Didn’t his mother tell us that he didn’t care for how things were in her and her husband’s home and that’s why he was homeless?

    I had got the impression from her that it was over rules or something, now I wonder if he was threatened with being placed somewhere and that’s why he chose the streets.

  5. I think Nicky’s self-inflicted woes (yes, little Nikita, you brought this shit upon yourself) pe in comparison to some of the real problems other posters to that thread have faced.

  6. I agree with you, Mike.

    There are so many of us struggling to keep on going and we’re not getting any younger.

    I still froth at the mouth over Dagswine’s comment about my disability when he suggested that polio was equivalent to “feeling a little sick.”

    If it were a matter of ‘feeling a little sick” I would still be hiking and doing martial arts instead of fucking wheeling myself around in a cripple’s cart just so I can shop at the mall.

    Pardon my language, but I’ve been cussing a lot lately. One of them recently admonished me about self-pity and I replied that what they were hearing was anger and frustration. I’m experiencing a lot of that lately.

  7. Actually I think that since Daggy’s so used to to the taste of bullshit he should be employed to keep cow’s asses clean, with his tongue.

  8. Quite probably Ser Mike but disintegration tends to be rather immediate and over far too quickly, at the very least he should be put to the pain ala The Princess Bride.

  9. We interrupt this latest skewering of Nitwits for an important St. Patrick’s Day message:

    Sliante Mhath!

    We now return you to your previous scheduled mayhem.

  10. Yes, as if having your internet taken away for good and being “stuck in a home” is going to be a big ol’ pain in the ass for ol’ Pacione, right?


    No internet. No TV. Nothing.

    Besides, I’m pretty certain that everyone else in the family that Nicky has regular contact with is pretty damn sick of hearing Nicky rant and rave about the mean people on the internet that are ALL OUT TO GET HIM simply by refusing to acknowledge (or be subjected to) this elaborate fantasy world he’s created. Nicky seems to be the only one on Earth to believe he has a writing “career”. Sorry. Doesn’t exist!

  11. Dagswine’s the only person to ever go after both Janrae and Nicky, trying to make each think the other is behind the nastygrams he sends. And yeah, he would just set up another sockpuppet.

    @ Mike: do dheagh shlàinte

  12. Oh sweet lord I’m reading the text on Nicky’s Tabloid Purposes website.

    “Welcome to the real official website for the Tabloid Purposes anthology series (pay no mind to the one that HorrorSow runs because that is a false website. There are no roadtrips with this one unless you’re taking a ride with Seth Miles, the bus driving horror writer in Passenger.)”

    Isn’t that cute? He tried to make a witty remark, and Jenny picks up another nickname from Nicky.

    “(R.I.P. Tabloid II and Barbara Malenky who was the heart and soul of the second book)”

    It makes me feel sick that he actually included the fricking book in that dedication.

    “If you’re the joker named Lewis Unknown, we’re collectively making you a horror target you plagiarizing fat sack of fail. People like you need to be eliminated like some termite or cockroach. ”

    I apologise for the blatant display of ego that made me lift this little section out, but to be a collective horror target just fills me with pride. I wonder if that entitles me to a contributor’s copy? I’ll drop Nicky a line and ask.

    “The people who go creating domains from a single man’s publishing venture then go raping the man with the names — using them to publish slash content, it’s a bastardization of what they were done in the first place. The names remain in the hands of the original company owner.”

    Raping Nicky… I can see some people are going to be trying to rinse their brains with bleach tonight.

  13. Jesus, how many times is he going to pimp his various websites? Why not wait until he’s got them ALL done, and announce them all in one big go?

    And why the FUCK did he use the font from the Diablo video game? Or is it the Planescape: Torment font?

  14. Wow so Dagstine is STILL screwing with Nicky? As in savageotter10 has gone after him more than once now? wtf kind of freak is he?! He wrote that passionate entry about how Nicky taught him everything and how he’s a friend blah blah (he’s since removed that) and now he’s going back to screwing with him?

    I mean…he’s doing it all over again. After being busted out as VV then being busted for going after Janrae. I…WE KNOW IT’S HIM WTF IS HE DOING?!? He seriously is a loon and he’s lucky autoaim and Ant haven’t targeted him.

  15. Well Nicky won’t be giving me a contributor’s copy, which means of course that I shall never experience the shame and torment of seeing my likeness handled by such skilled writers and their incompetent editor. Oh well, I’m sure Peaches and I will survive this crippling disappointment, perhaps we’ll engage in a Blackadder marathon instead.

  16. @Al he’s probably trying to use Nicky as a surrogate to take revenge after that fiasco last month as well as take the heat off of him. I hesitate to trust what Nicky says but in one of his Helium articles I believe that he mentioned savageotter10 had emailed him threatening to stuff broken bottles up his ass. Not the kind of thing I could see any one of us doing.

  17. I think I see now…he goes too far in his trolling, so much so that his family get the law involved and come after us.

    I see now what you mean. That’s why ValentineVegan went so far as to make it look like his family was in danger. It doesn’t matter this time if we know it’s him because he’s counting on Nicky trusting him again and is hoping the family will come after us regardless.

    Pretty sneaky Larry. Enjoy failing again.

    And I agree that none of us would go that far.

  18. Dagswine is forever contradicting himself. He claimed he made $5000 from his Coney Island booth last summer, which to you and me implies profit, but was in all likelihood stretching the truth beyond the breaking point, even for revenue. Then we found out that nobody using his name ever rented a booth at that flea market. He claims to love getting checks for $15 or so for selling a story here and there, but now claims $1200 for selling 15 stories, some of which are reprints. $80 each is a far cry from $15. I think he loses track of his own web of deceit.

    As for Nicky’s web design . . . besides looking like some 8 year old designed it for a class project on how things used to be done, the content of the text is highly unprofessional. It’s his classic over-reliance on one thing he sort of learned how to do. Plus, like many web pages from the mid-90s that used blaring music, flashing lights, and horrible day-glo colors, the fact that it’s technologically possible to do something doesn’t mean it should be done.

  19. Kody! Hi there. Oh, that’s a good one the munchkin left you.

    I pissed me off with the fanatic statement . . .

    I wonder if that’s anything like giving himself a golden shower.

  20. I liked where he called me a turd burgler, but said he ate assholes. I also likes how he asked if I ‘died tonight, what would I say to God,’ like it holds any relevance in my life, lol. Laying claim that he has any kind of career or notable credits is also great (not that I have really notable ones either, but… ehh… hehe.)

  21. Poppy has made it clear a number of times she doesn’t want her name used in regards to Nicky, truths or not.

    lol Larry
    “If you have cover art, editorial filter (very important), fan base, and marketing and promotion down…”

    “…and by down I mean stealing the art on the downlow so the artist doesn’t know you’re using their work for your own personal profit…”

  22. “Poppy has made it clear a number of times she doesn’t want her name used in regards to Nicky, truths or not. ”

    That’s the thing–I never mentioned him by name at all. He took words into his own context when I was blogging about Poppy being an inspiration to me.

  23. “I loosened myself up with a bottle of beer (at the time I was still underage. My 21st birthday was only a few months away.”

    Does your anus grow wider when you turn 21?

    I never knew that. ;D

  24. Well, as has been shown a number of times, it’s nearly impossible for Nicky’s and Dagswine’s targets to avoid being named. By them if by no one else.

    I have a feeling that Nicky’s last words when he dies will be “Poppy.”

    Back in 04 when I was getting Fandom Writer taken down all over the net, Nicky’s first offer was to take my name off the character, but leave Poppy’s name on it. I told him “no deal.”

    But that’s how we end up with the version that has neither of our names on it.

  25. I just stopped by Helium and noticed they took down his twenty page screed. I’m surprised he hasn’t been blogging about being “censored” or having his right to free speech censored.

  26. He did mention something about being miffed that Helium “was taking down controversial articles” somewhere on Shocklines. It was in one of his locked / deleted threads. Oh wait, that’s all of them. So I can just say it was in “one of his threads”. ;D

  27. I know why Dagswine had to bring up how much money he makes. I made a modest comparison of my ebook vs print sales. $30 royalties total on a book I sold to Wildside that came out in Feb of 04 vs a single month of the same book out as an ebook $100. That’s a comparison I often use in discussing print vs ebook.

    So he had to show how much more important he is than I am.

  28. Of course he hasn’t noticed it yet. He needs to have these things pointed out to him. Preferably in 48 point font with an embedded .mp3 that shouts “Attention!” every five seconds. Otherwise he’s unable to process the information. He’s too busy with other projects, like creating gothic anthologies about controversial diners.

  29. Interesting that Dagstine appears on TTA but not SL. Maybe he has been told to stay away for a bit.
    Well, apart from the alts he uses to stir up trouble.

    Really would not be surprised if a lot of Nicky’s tantrums and unprovoked attacks have been brought about due to being wound up by savageotter.

    Also I shudder to think how well Nicky writes on a bad day!

  30. Yes, Dagswine is making his usual threats. And RN Lee is just going very apeshit. What the hell is wrong with Lee?

    If Dagswine were taken out of the equation, I think that Nicky would be a lot calmer.

  31. Countdown until Nikita writes another gibbering blog with my picture to EXPOSE ME! Oh dear, I’m going to be EXPOSED! I’m going to be EXPOSED! By NICKY! On his BLOG! With a readership of ZERO!

    Oh, wait a minute…. ;D

  32. You know, reading all this shit about our dear Nicky… makes me want to either strangle myself, or him. I honestly do not understand how someone can be so f’ing clueless!

    It just… hurts my head too much sometimes.

  33. You’re right Cuss, Nicky would be a lot better off if Daggy left him alone.

    I can see where Lee’s coming from though, to just about every person on Shocklines it looks like Nicky is being dogpiled for no good reason. That’s why I decided to leave him alone there after the last thread, unless he brings up that Alternative Romance crap again or mentions something about me I feel the need to clarify. I was going to make a Norman Bates joke in response to his comment about Beero getting off on impersonating old women but decided to let it be.

    And on the bad days I feel like absolute shit for what I do to Nicky. I’d love for him to see the light and stop harassing people online again, but every indication is that until he explodes to the point where his family have no choice but to deal with him that isn’t going to happen. At the moment with their other problems it seems they just don’t have the time or energy to monitor him in the way he seems to require and having him stay somewhere where they can do that at least until the situation changes might be the best thing for him.

    Oh and Rusty I know you keep your correspondence with Kim private but if she’s indicated that he’s been taking his medication could you ask her to check that the brand hasn’t been changed in the last couple of months? I know someone with Bipolar disorder and if they take even a slightly cheaper version of the same medicine they start going off the rails again. I just thought it might be something worth checking.

  34. I enjoyed a long period of quiet from June of last year to February of this one, during which Dagstine and Nick both left me alone.

    It was heavenly. I got a lot of work done and I did not go through that ‘punched in the gut’ feeling I get every time they go after me or someone I care about.

    But I am fundamentally unable to back away from a fight. My grandmother always told me, “if you can’t beat them, write your name on their forehead.” And I’ve stuck with that.

    I’ve even used that phrase in my novels.

  35. Yeah. I get the whole ‘some just like to mess with him’ bit, because some have in the past.

    But when Kim came here and said he was getting treated, the response was a mix of well wishing and relief.
    Contrary to the opinions of the righteous, people do have much more to do with their time.

    Then he returns and starts his bitching and ranting and sending people messages in private or on their blogs.

    If you go round and fuck with a whole bunch of people, and they then come at you, that’s not ganging up, that’s just comeuppance! FFS!

    Oh and of course he has never hurt anyone. After all, someone can only suffer physically. Never mental or emotional abuse.
    Either he started attacking people for no reason, hence the ‘harassment’, or someone did provoke him, and there is an excellent number one suspect for that.

  36. Just wanted to clarify for Nicky if he’s reading this that by somewhere I don’t necessarily mean an institution it could easily be with other family members who do have the time and capability to provide you with the care and attention that you really need.

  37. He hates being drugged, but he hates being supervised even more. He requires less supervision when his meds are working. Seems like a no-brainer to me which is the lesser of two evils, but he doesn’t view his situation that way.

    And, yes, I agree that Daggy’s toying with him using various alts — valentinevegen and now savageotter10 — is what really sets him off at other people who haven’t given him a thought in ages.

  38. Dagstine uses Nick every time he gets into too much hot water.

    People ignored Daggy over at TTA and kept on discussing the subject with me.

    So now he’s back on SL stoking the fires.

  39. While Lee’s whole ‘it doesn’t hurt me, so it’s not hurtful’ attitude is pretty narcissistic and obnoxious, he does make some good points. There is and has been a lot of poking Nicky for the joy of poking him going on for years. It’s one thing to correct his libels by getting walls o’ text pulled or refuting his more bizarre personal attacks on public boards, but there ought to be a line somewhere beyond which folks will not go. He is seriously mentally ill, and if a personality disorder is involved, as I’ve suspected for years, medication alone isn’t going to do squat. I’m not sure anything can; personality disorders require the sort of in-depth psychological therapy that may be beyond Nick’s cognitive ability to benefit from. It’s certainly not therapeutic to treat him like a circus geek and throw things at him while he’s gnawing off the chicken’s head.

    No, he is not harmless, except physically, and yes, there are more ways to hurt someone than physically, but we all have done our share, and more, of gratuitous piling on. It might be cathartic, and probably is, but it goes past that into sadism too easily.

  40. It’s been a very long time since I became embroiled this deeply in a nicky situation.

    It would be nice if we could get some peace again.

    But it doesn’t look like it is going to happen any time soon.

  41. And yes, Dankstain is a whole ‘nother issue. He’s fair game, as far as I’m concerned. If a way to get him to crawl out of his cave without using Nick for bait could be found, I would be all for that.

  42. I meant, crawl out of his cave far enough for us to get a clear shot at his pointed little head. Boy could benefit from a good whuppin’.

  43. I forgot to keep up with the comments on this one, so forgive me for stirring the pot again. But watch me do it anyway…

    Yes, I can understand Lee, and others who have not had direct contact, thinking “All these people are heartless fucks who need their asses kicked.” Quite honestly, and both Cuss and Rusty can verify this, I’ve had that thought myself. So I vanished – until he brought me up again.
    I know others have said this, but I, too, think he’s happier when properly medicated. God knows that I go right in the crapper when my meds are off, and I never even realize it until Hubby or Dr stop me and say, “HERE! Eat these pills! Now!” I even think it is possible that proper medications and care could really help Nick become what he seems to what so badly to be: a better writer. The ability to focus, the minimization of paranoia, and actually being able to get some decent sleep due to control of mania, all can go a long way in making a person better able to learn and.. well, be less of an asshole.

    Damn. I sure have been chatty today. I better go check my own meds.

  44. The thing is, CJB, I remember a time when you were terrified of Nicky.

    Seems very long ago and far away now.

    But like so many of the other women from way back, you found your courage.

  45. Yeah, Cuss.. but being ripped to shreds by a pack of rabid rats online can put certain things back into perspective. 😉

  46. I’d left him alone, hell, I was still going to basically leave him alone.

    Then he started sending me emails.

    I refuse to back down to a bloated filthy manchild who once called an ambulance over an ice cream headache.

  47. See what cussedness said about Angeline getting an email out of the blue today?

    That’s what he does when he’s bored and no one is screwing with him; send random hate emails to women who have long since stopped talking about him. For people to say that the poking leads him to harass folks like that, they’re wrong. He’s going to do that regardless. But how many people who used to be afraid of him aren’t now because of the trolls?

    “Yes, I can understand Lee, and others who have not had direct contact”

    I believe he has been in direct contact with Nicky years ago. At one time they all made fun of him, but some just got tired of hearing about his antics.

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