Pulled for a Third Time

Legend Keeper has been pulled for a third time.  This morning, the third version he uploaded was still available from Lulu.  As of early afternoon, Eastern, it’s gone.  The rest of Nicky’s books are still there, however, which means Lulu didn’t close his account.

ETA:  Having had his book pulled three times from Lulu, Peaches uploaded it to Scribd, where he has it for sale for $2.50.  Naturally, he didn’t fix any of the typos.

Legend Keeper Typos

25 thoughts on “Pulled for a Third Time

  1. Got a love letter from Nicky through my band’s old Bandcamp page(we changed our name, for various reasons, but that one’s still active because better to give people as big a chance as possible of finding us).

    “it won’t let me do a penny or $.50 payment because what your intellect is worth. That money you’re panhandling for well that went to Revocation.

    This message was sent to you through the contact form on your Bandcamp page at thesilentorder.bandcamp.com.
    Some info about the sender, Nickolaus A. Pacione

    My favorite part(aside from how apparently my little grunge/metal band is in competition with an established, major label technical death metal band, in Nicky’s mind) is how he can’t spell his own email address right on the contact form.

    • Nicky projects his hatred and anger onto everyone else — if it pisses him off, then it does the same to everyone else. He actually believes that James Hetfield is mad at Weird Al Yankovic for doing “Enter Sandman” as part of one of his polka medelies.

      Yes, he’s that dumb.

      • At one time if I was a famous singer or in a famous band I would have been thrilled to have a Weird Al parody of my song I loved his stuff.

        • It’s kind of the mark of “You’ve made it” to have Weird Al parody your stuff. He always asks permission, he’s never an ass about it, good dude.

          Also, I hope I can be that energetic on stage at his age. Dude does like a 2 hour show!

      • I also love that he’s projecting “panhandling” onto us. We’re selling an album. He’s trying to do a Gofundme and asking for donations. Which of us is panhandling again?

        • GoFundMe
          Project For Classmate’s Publishing Gig
          Created by Nickolaus A. Pacione
          Started 2 Apr 2014 with a goal of $3,000
          As of 14 Jun 2014 11:16pm:
          Recent Donations (0) $0 raised by 0 people in 2 months.
          Be the First to Donate!

  2. The idiot still doesn’t get that it was the LIBEL against famous authors who are his imaginary enemies that got his book pulled not his use of real places.

    • I’m sure he meant denunciatory, but it would have been safer to stick with derogatory, which works just as well in the context.

  3. “As I have the mind I a mind I have now in the body of me when I was 12-13 years old.”

    Move over, last words of Dutch Schultz! There’s a new word salad in town!

  4. Forgive me Lord I have given in to the temptation to visit the scribd upld.

    “…your history had crossed their fucking t’s and dotted their ‘I’s’. …”

    Ok. I can see crossed their t‘s and dotted their i‘s. But not crossed their t‘s and dotted their capital ‘I’‘s. Unless the capitalized ‘I’ is a reference to their egos. Is it a subtlety or a typo? With Pacione you never know. You would have to climb inside a mind of illness and wander the halls of the ward for 21 days observing with Damnation as a guide.

    (I must agree with admin: “Sadly, there are a few people out there who think that because they don’t understand Nicky’s stuff, it must be “deep.”” Yep, that which is profound is often obscure, but that which is obscure is often just muddled.)

    • Legend Keeper at Scribd: “The signs of the nation as those belonging to the Folk and the People; our Crypts and Bloods in a densely populated version of Castle Rock where the underlying madness of The Latin Kings and Gangsta Disciples are in waiting.”

      Our Crips and Bloods are street drug gangs. Pacione’s Crypts and Bloods must be gangs of ghouls and vampires. Or another typo.

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