UPDATED Lake Fossil Press Anthologies: The Condensed Volumes

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Looks like Nikita may be back on Lulu.  You can click on the image to view it full size, without the blurry text.   The listing dives right into Pacione’s feud with Brian Keene.  Nobody would do that, except Nickypoo.  In fact, there’s absolutely nothing there in the product description about its contents.  It concludes with:

The controversial publisher and editor allowed this publication to return here because the layout was too complex for who he works with now This is so the truth can be set free as Pacione does some revealing truths in the introduction.

I take it that means he couldn’t figure out how to make his god-awful cover and formatting work with whatever printer he’d been using.




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It seems Nicky also added another listing for the same book, only modifying the last paragraph of the product description, and using Ray R. Wise’s name.  As if that weren’t enough, he started a “Bring Nick Back: The Decader” Spotlight page, using the name “Saul J. Iscariot.”  Both screenshots are clickable to see them in full size.

The last paragraph of the Ray R. Wise listing now reads:

The 2015 introduction shows a revealing truth about Questionable Content — the whole Global Consumerism is a joke.

I also heard that he was back on Goodreads sending out nasty comments and messages to people he dislikes, but Goodreads put a stop to that pretty quickly.  See what happens when he doesn’t have an uncle around to keep him in line?




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La Femme Nikita is still majorly ticked off at Lulu for killing his accounts because he violated their TOS multiple times.  His screed is here, in its full six page glory.

He spews his usual venom at, and bullshit about:  Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, Kealan Burke, and Ray Garton.  For good measure, he wants Karen Koehler dead.

There’s not much point going into too much detail about his epic screed, but I will post a few quotes that tickled my funny bone, along with my usual snark about them.

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Nicky’s Petition

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Our favorite mental midget thinks he deserves to have his Lulu account reinstated.  To that end, he visited a website called Ipetitions to make his case.  Among the points he makes is that Lulu published someone’s book about a boy who wears a pink shirt and carries a doll.  Why, if Lulu will publish such sacrilegious content as that, will it not publish his libelous invasions of privacy against rival authors?  That explanation is beyond his comprehension, so it must be because he criticized Obama.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Not, not really, but it just might place him on the Feds’ radar.

ETA:  Evidently, I forgot to add the link to the petition.  In the meantime, Lulu either sent Nicky whatever files it had of his, or allowed him to download them.  Despite this, he’s still trashing the company on Twitter and his FB.

On a related note, it’s amusing to watch him alternately flounder around with trying to use Createspace, and brag about being an “elder statesman” on the CS forum board.  Check out the profile and activity for illinoishorrorman on Createspace’s forum, if you want a laugh.

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Nicky Wants to Speak to the Manager

Irate Nicky is irate.  In the past four days, Nicky has posted nine times on Lulu’s Facebook page.  Never mind the holiday weekend.  All nine posts have gone unanswered by Lulu representatives, who are off-duty during the long weekend.

Here’s his latest.  He wants to talk to people higher up than those who handle TOS violations, or “Questionable Content,” as he puts it.  He wants to cut a deal with Lulu.

Lulu.com 2014-07-06

Also, he’s making quite a pill of himself over on the Createspace forum.

Lulu Gives Nicky the Boot

As we all know by now, Nicky has been singing the praises of Lulu.com for years, calling it his “publisher,” collaborator,” etc.  In reality, it’s basically a middleman between an author and Lightning Source, that offers some additional services to self-publishers, such as a storefront and ISBNs.

I might use Lulu or Shutterfly if I had a bunch of photos I wanted to turn into a calendar, but would probably choose Createspace, if, for some unknown reason I ever felt compelled to write a book and self-publish it.  Nicky hates Createspace











… and loves Lulu …


Alas, Lulu closed his account. Predictably, Nicky is pissed.


ETA: Nicky left a screed in Bingtalian on Lulu’s Facebook page, and he wants his files back, dammit!

Lulu.com 2014-07-03





















ETA 2: He left another screed on Lulu.com’s Facebook page.

Lulu.com July 3 screed

Pulled for a Third Time

Legend Keeper has been pulled for a third time.  This morning, the third version he uploaded was still available from Lulu.  As of early afternoon, Eastern, it’s gone.  The rest of Nicky’s books are still there, however, which means Lulu didn’t close his account.

ETA:  Having had his book pulled three times from Lulu, Peaches uploaded it to Scribd, where he has it for sale for $2.50.  Naturally, he didn’t fix any of the typos.

Legend Keeper Typos

Two Dudgeons?

From Helium, Roy C. writes about himself:

Dr. Dudgeon is the author of Common Ground: Eco-holism & Native American Philosophy and The Pattern Which Connects: Batesonian Holism & Postmodern Science, both of which are now available in 6 X 9, trade paperback editions from Pitch Black Publications, and as ebooks for those of you who wish to save some trees.

And, from MySpace, there’s this bit of info about Roy-Boy’s new book.

Well here it is at last, folks, my brother’s latest philosophical polemic is now available in paperback edition from my very own Pitch Black Publications. The Pattern Which Connects: Batesonian Holism & Postmodern Science is a book that only a hard-core philosophical junky would appreciate. But ya gotta love my bro, Dr. Roy C. Dudgeon, for producing this kind of shit…


Now, the funny thing is that the profile for “Dudgeon – Writer/Editor” lists all the same credits that I’d thought all along were from Roy C. Dudgeon:  Satirica, Phobia, etc.

If there really are two of them, I’m a little confused.  Which one’s the pompous dude who hangs out on the Silverthought forum?  The Dudgeon from MySpace has the usual suspects on his f-list:  Dagstine, Philbin, Cowboy Logic, Horrotica, Purpleverse, etc.

The Lulu storefront for Pitch Black Publications makes it appear that Roy C. Dudgeon is their only author.  If someone has to start a micro-press just to publish his brother’s books, it sort of tells me there isn’t a market for them.

Year-End Crunch

From Mr. Pacione’s DeviantArt, we learn that he’s cranking out the goods.

I got one more anthology to go with the editing and getting it ready by Christmas, Class In Session, will be ready on Christmas Eve and the magazine will be done by weeks end.

I don’t think editing means what he thinks it means.

I am almost done with the magazine, and when I finish Class in Session I am going to take a well deserved break from editing anthologies until about February, because that will start the next submission season and guidelines for issue seven are already posted via WritersCafe.org.

He’s taking off four weeks because all that reformatting he does to other people’s stories is exhausting.

I am going to be doing more paying and 4theluv showcases too — I am publishing both on Lake Fossil Press. The first 4theluv anthology is out there now and available for purchase.

At least he’s being upfront about his inability to pay his contributors, regarding the 4theluv one, but I doubt more than one or two authors in the other one will actually get paid.

. . . and yeah I didn’t have the good video camera yet (and even if I have a camera that is $100. This is in rebuttal to the loser who posts on WordPress.com.)

What rebuttal? I don’t see him denying the cost of the camera.

Bully Pulpit

Mr. Pacione is again using his status at LJ’s Goth community to ram his dung down the collective throat of the community.

The magazine is available for purchase and for those of you who like your horror how your like your heavy metal — HARDCORE. My story in this one is an exclusive, Damnation Observes.

If it reads like his other stories, the editor should re-examine his or her raison d’etre for the publication.

If you have a hard time working with trying to buy a copy from lulu.com go ahead and send your payment of the magazine directly to the editor & publisher of the magazine. $13.49, it’s priced to move.

Translation: it isn’t selling.

. . . that is the perfect compliment to a Tabloid Purposes anthology because there is another author from my series in there . . .

Promotional plugs are alright from time to time, but he’s trying to hitch his wheel onto the back of another cart that may be going nowhere just as fast as his is.

I am publishing him in issue six (reversed what the issues will be, issue seven will be the local author issue and the issue six one I am focusing on horror and bizarro. I got some damn good submissions (for the very few I got . . .

I thought Pacione still had a submission call out for issue 5 of his Ethereal Gazette. Did I miss something? Why is he talking about issues six and seven?

The story I describe so far from what I read of it is going to be a Lovecraftian horror story with the influence of Serpent in the Rainbow meets Charles Beaumont. It is an ambitious short story, and the cool thing is he giving it to me for free to publish in the mag.

That means that Pacione is thrilled to death to take any story for which he won’t owe the author money. He must be hurting for submissions.