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OMG, Nikita

Hat tip:  Just A Guest This is comedy gold: Skip ahead to ~19:30 Holy hell!  He mentions Brian, Kealan, Mary, and Angeline.

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Not Again

Ms. Koehler is back in Mr. Pacione’s crosshairs. He can’t tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Can we trust him to tell the difference between real life and his invisible pink bunny friends? Obviously not. The bitch been adding … Continue reading

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Revisionist History

What’s up with spreading false rumors?  Doesn’t anyone bother to do his or her homework before sitting down in front of a keyboard? She’s a very bitter soul who seems to think there’s nothing wrong with pedophilia — at least … Continue reading

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Pearls of Wisdom from Pacione

On the topic of fan-fiction: One thing I will say in the planning process of Tabloid Purposes V — there will be a whole new load of topics I have yet to step into and the community who wrote … Continue reading

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We have a double-header, folks. Saturday, November 03, 2007 Calling my house and listing my address…. off limits You bastards might think it is a game to list my phone number and list my address. It’s not even funny the … Continue reading

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Tabloid Purposes 5

Wasn’t there some talk on MySpace last winter or spring about trademarking the Tabloid Purposes name?  I wonder what became of that. Friday, November 02, 2007 drawing up the guidelines for Tabloid Purposes V Tabloid Purposes Five is going to … Continue reading

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Good Points

I found this interesting.  It makes some very good points that I was a bit afraid to make myself.

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