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Boyer Despises SL and Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers

In addition to posting on SL about bottom-feeding losers, Tin Foil Dave showed up on Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers to spew his special brand of love.  I happen to be fine with bottom feeders; catfish, flounder and sole make for … Continue reading

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“Butthurt” Boyer Strikes Again

I received this in my morning email, with permission to post it for the lulz.  Bet you didn’t know the B in David B. Boyer stands for Butthurt.  Note his demand to remove “any negative blog posts or other slanderous … Continue reading

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Who’s A Petulant Whiny Boy Now?

A few days ago, Phailbin (who else?) posted on SL about Chimeraworld 6.  As of yesterday, if there was any drama, I missed it.  At the time, the thread contained nothing but Mikkake’s original post, two days old, with no … Continue reading

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Prank Calls and Internet Trolls

Hat Tip:  Jenny Nicky has his Associated Content article about internet “trolls” posted. The person is about 32 years old, a grown man but the mentality is never really leaving high school. That describes Nicky perfectly. I got phone calls … Continue reading

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New Videos

There are two more Pacione videos. Belch.  I spewed coffee out my nose.  Really, I should know better by now than to watch these things with a beverage in hand. I couldn’t understand a word he said other … Continue reading

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HTML Performed by Theo Wolfe

Mr. Pacione’s 1999 story “Loss of Blood,” explains why he used the alt TheoWolfe for a while. It was one I hadn’t seen before ExposeTheTard reeled off a list. This story explains the details of when he was assaulted in … Continue reading

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Call a Waahmbulance, Part XXXV

Sure.  Blogger’s going to shut down ExposeTheTard at Mr. Pacione’s request.  He’s been trying for years to get them to shut down other people’s accounts.  If the email is real, and if they bother to investigate, they should notice how … Continue reading

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History Repeats Itself

ExposeTheTard has quite a collection of archival material on Pacione. I think I’ve seen the journal entry from 2002; it looks familiar. I haven’t before seen the one from 2001. Some people need to get a godmotherfucking damn life and … Continue reading

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The Tard, Exposed

Mr. Pacione’s latest screed on Blogspot targets Exposethetard. Stealing older works of fiction when there wasn’t a creative commons on the damn thing. Quit stealing my shit you piece of shit. Pacione obviously finds the person annoying, but Exposethetard isn’t … Continue reading

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More Gothicfest

So, Zippy the Pinhead sold a whopping two copies of TPIV. This is from his latest on Blogspot. I had managed to sell off all my Tabloid Purposes that I had at the event . . . I had just … Continue reading

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